5 Must-Listen Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

I don’t divide the world into the weak and the strong, or the successes and the failures…I divide the world into the learners and the non-learners.” – Benjamin Barber

Most successful entrepreneurs seem to share a curiosity about the world and an interest in finding out as much information as possible. While books and blog posts are helpful, there’s a ton of value to be found in listening to podcasts.

Why Podcasts?

They’re effectively internet talk radio shows that are highly targeted to specific niches. They’re easily downloadable to your phone/laptop/tablet and provide an excellent source of entertainment, mindset development, and strategies that you can apply to your business.

I’ve only been listening to podcasts for a few years, but I’m able to fill some of my “downtime” in the car, at the gym, etc with awesome information. When you’re struggling with procrastination, knocking out a podcast episode can often help you focus and bring yourself back to grinding through the work you need to complete. It can also help with that spark needed for some of your more creative work.

I wanted to share with you five of the podcasts I listen to regularly that can help you develop the right mindset, focus on proven strategies, turbo-charge your motivation, and more!

#1 Mixergy – Andrew Warner

Mixergy Podcast

Details: Mixergy is a high-impact, cut-to-the-chase interview show where Andrew sits down with successful entrepreneurs to help and teach ambitious upstarts. He’s had high profile guests on his show like Seth Godin, Paul Graham, Matt Mullenweg, and more.

Why You Should Listen: Andrew’s the master at getting right to the heart of the issue and telling a great story. He doesn’t shy away from tough questions for his guests and there’s something new to learn and implement in just about every episode. The show is extremely well produced and he takes his mission of providing helpful information to other entrepreneurs very seriously.

Favorite Episodes:

Maids In Black – Interesting interview where a guy copied an idea from others to bring a traditionally offline business model online.

Pat From SmartPassiveIncome – Hard-hitting and fascinating interview with a very successful online blogger and affiliate marketer.

Max Simon – What right does a failed entrepreneur have teaching others? This interview featured a bunch of tough questions the show is known for!

#2 Lifestyle Business Podcast – Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen


Lifestyle Business Podcast

Details: Dan and Ian have built an honest-to-goodness eCommerce business while traveling the globe. They freely share business ideas, entrepreneurial hacks, and give a glimpse into a lifestyle business that strives to be and do more.

Why You Should Listen: The hosts have charisma and clearly recognizable business chops. They share the nuts-and-bolts of building a bootstrapped business that doesn’t require Angels, VC funding, or $1M+ in the bank. Real-world strategies, tactics, and business philosophy for adventurous entrepreneurs.

Favorite Episodes:

Rip, Pivot, And Jam…how to start a business – Hosts cover their best method for breaking into a new industry. Updated episode here

Business Partnerships Are Like Marriages – The upsides and downsides of being in a business partnership (My business partner and I are on this episode as well!)

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Lifestyle Business Owners – What habits are important? Which can you emulate?

#3 Foolish Adventure Podcast – Tim Conley

Foolish Adventure Podcast

Details: Tim’s show provides a laser-like focus on helping new entrepreneurs find more Time, Income, and Mobility. Show episodes cover just about everything having to do with online business and Tim’s breadth of knowledge in the industry is a welcome break from the fake-it-till-you-make-it crowd.

Why You Should Listen: Tim hones in on the “business” approach to marketing rather than focusing on scammy, get-rich-quick schemes. He discusses real life experiences and strategies he’s applied to make offline businesses successful online.

Favorite Episodes:

Transition To New Industry Without Risking Everything – Balancing family and business concerns.

Building Your Content Marketing Playbook – Getting your marketing right before your business gets rolling.

Turning Your Business Into An Asset – An interview with James Schramko on building a systems-based business.

#4 Web Domination Podcast – Dan Norris

Web Domination Podcast

Details: Dan runs a no-fluff podcast that cuts through the noise to deliver highly-impactful insights and strategies related to content marketing. His focus on business metrics help track exactly where your best efforts are applied and he gives transparent and detailed information on his own journey through his episodes and the blog.

Why You Should Listen: I don’t use this word lightly, but Dan is an expert at content marketing. His in-depth and well-polished blog posts at Inform.ly always get a ton of traction and he’s a go-to for his peers and industry insiders. He shares all of his secrets, tactics, and strategies in his no-fluff episodes.

Favorite Episodes:

Strategic Content Marketing – Dan sits down with Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute to discuss creating compelling content

Bloggers Vs. Content Marketers – Interview with Tim Conley and a great episode on why so many bloggers fail to make money

Making Your Content Actionable – How to get your readers/listeners/viewers to DO something

#5 Entrepreneur On Fire – John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur on fire podcast

Details: A relative newcomer to the space having only launched in September, 2012, John bring a high-energy show every single day of the week! He’s interviewed high-profile guests such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, and more. He asks the same questions of every guest and many of the answers are insightful.

Why You Should Listen: John’s a great example of someone dedicating themselves to the craft and absolutely crushing it just a few months later. He brings a curiosity and interest to all of the interviews that’s infectious and I really enjoy the energy he brings to the show.

Favorite Episodes:

Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz – Whitehat SEO with the best in the biz.

Drawbacks Of Trading Time For Dollars – The benefits of building a business.

Neil Patel from KISSmetrics – Solving the problems of others and giving them what they want.

Honorable Mentions:

There’s only so much time in the day, but here are a few of the other podcasts I have queued up in my (Android) Doggcatcher podcast player:

Internet Business Mastery – “Old School” internet business podcast with Jeremy and Jason.

Bright Ideas Podcast – Trent Dyrsmid with bright ideas for SMB’s and marketing agencies.

MultiMedia Marketing Show – Jake Hower showing you how to crush it with multimedia online.

Build My Online Store – Have or want an eCommerce business? Terry Lin’s your host – great stuff here.

The Awesome Podcast – Newcomer Tim Paige brings a ton of energy and enthusiasm – an up-and-coming show thatís definitely worth a listen!

Now…over to you! What shows do you have queued up in iTunes that you love? Did I miss any of your favorite shows or episodes? Let us know in the comments below – We’d love to check them out!

Photo credit: Nick Southall

  • Pat Flynn’s podcast (The Smart Passive Income Podcast) is also a great one, Chris Guthrie even though he did not record a new one lately, he made several great shows with his Make Money On The Internet Podcast. Another great podcast is Niche Pursuits Podcast from Spencer Haws. I have to say that I get why you did not put your Podcast in the top 5 list Justin, but it totally deserves to be there!

    • Justin Cooke

      Thanks, Bruno!

      Yeah, Pat’s podcast is good as well. I have it queued, but haven’t listened in a while – I think I usually prefer his meaty blogposts! Chris & Spencer have some good information, but they don’t publish on a very regular schedule, hehe.

      • Justin, his podcasts keep getting better. And from what I’ve heard from past guests, his audience is incredibly active. They go and check out what he’s talking about.

        • Justin Cooke

          Alright, you and Bruno have convinced me…I’m going to have to knock out a couple of episodes this weekend!

          Yeah, Pat’s audience is highly engaged. We got a mention on SPI a few months after we’d started and had a deluge of visitors and subscribers which was pretty awesome.

          • I listened to Pat’s podcast 1-65 in about 8 weeks. I honestly would have PAID Pat for the content in his Podcasts. I’ve also discovered a lot of awesome people to start following after listening to his show. Highly recommended.

  • TimPaige

    Wow, thanks for including me in your list! These are all fantastic shows that I listen to to help me through my journey. If you’re reading this and you haven’t gotten into podcasting… You’re really missing out. Especially that one about flipping empires or something.

    • Justin Cooke

      No worries, Tim…happy to include yours!

      By the way – stop slacking off and give us another episode! 🙂 I really liked your shows with John, Tom and the “cat guy” Steve…that episode was awesome!

      • TimPaige

        Awesome! Thanks man! Yeah this week there’s a new one coming that I think you’ll really dig.

    • Agreed, Tim. At the same time, there are so many podcasts out there that it can be hard to find the ones that are worth listening to. That’s why I loved this post as soon as Justin sent it in!

      • TimPaige

        Yes I agree. I always have to search and search to find quality ones. The beauty of this list is that they’re all quality recordings, with super solid, actionable content!

  • Matt Kaludi

    Are you kidding me~! If you don’t know about Thisweekin Startups then where have you been?

    ThisweekinStartups should be the first one in the list!

    • +1 it’s definitely my favorite podcast but I get the feeling you either love or hate the JCal.

      • Matt Kaludi

        Totally agree, there is no grey area when it comes to Jason. People either love or hate him..

    • Jason’s great, but what’s wrong with Mixergy being #1 on this list?

      • Fight! Fight! Fi…. I mean, I think we can all agree Mixergy deserves to be where it is. To be honest I haven’t listened to This Week In Startups much, I really should check it out again.

      • Matt Kaludi

        I agree i went a bit over the line, Mixergy is great and should be #1 on the list, no doubt about that. But TWIST surely deserves to be on that list somewhere.

    • Justin Cooke

      Thanks for the suggestion, Matt!

      I’ve listened to TWIST (and really like the pitch/idea critiques Jason does) but I feel like I get more out of Mixergy when it comes to ideas/strategies that help my business. Personal preference, probably…but thanks for mentioning the show so others can check it out!

  • Super pumped to be mentioned here thanks heaps for that

    • Justin Cooke

      Glad to include you, Dan…really dig the show and I get useful information out of it. Your interviews with Trent were particularly helpful/timely for me. I know you’re discussing Infusionsoft, but the strategies apply to Office Autopilot as well. 🙂

  • Justin, thank you for including my site on your list!

    • Justin Cooke

      Happy to include, Andrew – I should thank you for all the value I’ve gotten out of Mixergy.

      I like the fact that you balanced the VC-funded startups with the boostrappers – something for everyone. Your interview style and the way you dig into the stories is top-tier, man.

      • Matt Kaludi

        +1 for that!

  • Awesome stuff. These are all brilliant podcasts… I find myself going through stages where I’ll consume heaps on a particular topic for a few weeks then move on to the next one. Three of the top five here are staples for me on a weekly basis though. I’ll let you guess which ones 🙂

    Thanks for the mentions too, Justin!

    • Justin Cooke

      Thanks for the comment, Jake…happy to mention your show!

      Yeah, there’s quite a bit of content out there and I can’t keep up with all of them all of the time, either. Like you, I tend to take them down in gulps or chunks though.

  • Gonna have to start recording podcasts on the regular to knock that Andrew Warner guy down a peg or two! 😉

    JK – I agree his are not to be missed, love how he goes after the hard answers.

    • Justin Cooke

      C’mon Damian…gotta get to work if you want to dethrone him! 🙂

      Andrew definitely goes for the hard answers, but he’s nice and quirky enough to not be an ass about it which makes it even better…they want to answer/respond.

  • Hi guys, great post. Some new ones for me. Btw, what newsletter signup widget are you using? I like how it only popups up as you make it to the bottom of the page. Well done.

  • Great list. How can we cue those into a Podcast app like Swell?

  • Ian

    Cheers, thanks for including us Justin!

    • Justin Cooke

      Happy to include, Ian…The LBP is an awesome show!

  • Nick Loper

    Love eoFire and the LBP .. now need to check out the rest! One of my other faves lately is Meron Bareket’s Inspiring Innovation show — it’s pretty new but he’s come out of the gate strong.

    • Justin Cooke

      Awesome, Nick…I’ll have to check that show out!

      I was recently interviewed on the Entrepreneur Showdown podcast:


      They’re brand new, but ask good questions and have an interesting format for the show…worth checking out!

      • Dan Franks

        Thanks for the shoutout Justin! Our episode with you is one of our most downloaded so far.

        You mentioned some that I have not listened to before, so definitely will be checking them out!

  • My favorite is Startups for the Rest of Us – Mike and Rob put out a great podcast every week, and share their own ups and downs as they build new businesses.

    • I hadn’t heard of that one, I’ll check it out!

    • Justin Cooke

      Good recommendation, Phil…I probably should have included (along with TWiST) Rob’s a sharp guy and (from what I hear) puts on a great event for self-funded startups in MicroConf.

    • Agreed. Rob and Mike’s podcast (and conference which I’ve attended) are both top notch!