AdSense Monopoly? No chance, check out these Google AdSense competitors!

A few weeks ago, we asked you how you monetize your websites. For 63% of you, AdSense is the go-to way to make money on the Internet — but there’s also a growing dissatisfaction with Google’s ad platform. Is there a monopoly in online advertising, and if so, does it benefit publishers in any way? Today’s post is written by Tal Nissenson of Qadabra, a self-serve banner ad provider. She argues that publishers have the freedom to pursue other options. We would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Like in any industry, competition is crucial for the market to flourish. Monopolies can often be counterproductive, leading to lower service standards and high prices due to a lack of business rivals. However, monopolies have also had a positive effect by actually giving way to the creation of smaller players.

Take for example AT&T, the American telecom giant: they dominated the communications industry as the main telephone company for many years and set the standards high for quality service. After its break-up in the 1980s, several small telephone companies emerged, giving better access to services to the US population. This resulted in a vast market of communication alternatives, healthy competition, which benefited the U.S. citizens with more competitive offers and the freedom to choose

Online advertising: The self-serve giant

It’s no secret that when it comes to the world of self-serve ad platforms, Google’s AdSense is considered to hold the monopoly. Like other monopolies, when not facing a threat of business rivals, it’s easier to neglect consumer’s needs and forget to continuously thrive for better service and rates.

However, those people who have experience with monetizing their inventory can agree that this is not the case, and that’s a good thing! The competition which arose in the last decade in online monetization has given the whole industry a big uplift and ensures that publishers are making the most they can out of their website real estate.

Competition= $$$

In a market where industry competitors abound, publishers are offered different possibilities and greater chances of monetizing their site inventory. This allows publishers to really benefit. First of all, they can shop around! There are no binding agreements: the publisher has the control and the power. They can simply remove the tag and replace it with another to find the platform that best meets their requirements.

Because of this, the ad platforms mission is to constantly improve, innovate and most of all offer an added value to their users. And who benefits the most? The publishers! They now not only have a wide menu of alternatives to choose from, but they can also leverage each of the platforms against each other to see where they are getting the highest revenues that they can.

AdSense Alternatives

Qadabra is one of the newer AdSense alternatives that emerged in the past year. Qadabra built itself with the belief that site monetization is every publisher’s privilege. Advertising and the Internet, after all, were made for one another! And therein lays the true magic of Qadabra’s brand proposition: the ability to help publishers exercise these privileges by quickly transforming any website with an audience into a website that generates ad-based revenue.

  • The privilege to leverage your website real estate for profit
  • The privilege to grab a piece of the pie
  • And above all, the privilege that should be allotted to all publishers to have access to this profit- with straightforward simplicity.

“I publish, therefore I am.” But today’s Internet entrepreneur aims to take this principle a step further and claims. I publish, therefore I earn…

So no, Qadabra isn’t the first, nor did we invent the revenue models that drive Internet-based advertising. We just made access to them magically simple and immediate for any website owner to pursue and enjoy.

Whether a website is a person’s main income source or just a profitable hobby, everyone who wants to make money off their site can enjoy a variety of solutions that fits their needs (others include Smowtion, AdSense, Infolinks). And competition can only flourish in a monopoly-free, healthy competitive environment.

Why? Because of the same reason that several product exist in a supermarket, and hundreds of fashion options in the mall: to have the power and the freedom to choose, and not be bound to one solution which probably doesn’t fit my needs and desires.

Because when it comes to monetizing website traffic through performance-based advertising, everyone deserves a little touch of magic.

Have you thought of trying a different advertising platform? Qadabra is offering a 10% bonus on the first month’s earnings for Flippa Blog readers. Click here to sign up.

Photo Credit: purplejavatroll

  • Thanks for all the info on this topic. I don’t feel AdSense has the monopoly, however it is well branded in peoples minds. I had a look at I think I will sign up for Qadabra, it looks good.

    • I’d be interested in hearing about your experience, if you feel like checking in next month, Peter!

    • Steve

      liked the Qadabra affiliate link placed in your post…nice touch 🙂

      • Robert

        It is not an affiliate link. And it’s not Peter’s affiliate link at all.
        It’s the signup link (from the article’s last line : “Click here to sign up.”) to get the 10% Bonus on the 1st month’s earnings.
        Man, glad you’re not working for or something. Peace.

        • And, to clarify, the link in the post isn’t an affiliate link either: it’s the discount link. We don’t make money from links in blog posts.

      • Yes Steve, thanks for the pickup, but just trying out good tools that work.

        So yeah, I did sign up for Qadabra and I am trying it on some of my sites. It is very easy to use. Anyway I am fine with affiliate links, I mean we all want to make earnings to support our love of website flipping.

        Thanks for the tips, will see how it goes.

  • Andrew

    Adsense is always going to be the preferred medium as long as it continues to pay better than others consistently (which it does) and provides a “non boring” view to people looking at the ads due to its targetting. In my opinion, I would be surprised to see anything better coming along.

    • Money’s always going to win out for ads, and you bring up a good point with targeting. Can another platform ever compete with Google’s targeting?

  • sunny

    Is it a paid post for Qadbara promotion ?

    • Nope! There’s plenty to question about the way web advertising currently works, and this is an interesting perspective. What do you think?

      • sunny tewathia

        Nopes, its the clear picture 🙂 and its going the same way, you just explained it.

    • Kevin

      I was wondering the same thing Sunny. Not even sure what I just read.

  • Veer Kumar

    I Think Three Adsense Are Best
    Google Adsense


    • You use all three on your website? I’d be curious to know how they compare, and if you’re running into penalties for having too many ads.

  • Veer Kumar

    See For More Detail

  • David Johnson

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    am very much excited to join this community. Its my pleasure to take
    part of the discussion. Good luck that in this path I will share
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  • Sunil

    Chitika may not be the exact alternative of Google Adsense. Google Adsense pays you many times better than chitika.

    I also find Infolink better than Chitika.

    • true but still prefer to do biz with others then with Google. they say what ever on their website but no real explanation on what you get as publisher/partner. loads and loads of shavings going on all the time for years and years. even court orders exist against them for BIG publishers/partners that google never paied them (just need to spent an hour or 2 on the web and you will be able to see yourselfs) so any other network then Google and you will be on better position to be treated as a partner.

  • Michael

    I tried Qadabra but they only pay high for the “annoying” ads, I don’t want pop ups and pop under’s appearing on my site.
    I used the basic banner ads and the CPM was 3 cents which isn’t even worth it for me.

    • Interesting, Michael. For comparison’s sake, are you getting a much higher CPM via AdWords?

      • Itakethemolly

        i usesd them all and adsense pays way way more than Qadabra. can have the same ads side by side and make like 30 cents a day from Qadabra and $15.00 from google thats a huge difference

    • Ken

      Interesting. Your website talks about having a YouTube proxy and doesn’t provide a link to it anywhere.

  • Mimin

    Adsense was BIG because they have captive market behind of them, Google. Im Workin FULL time with PPC in the last 8 years. And no one can beat Adsense. If Tal Nissenson or someone out there had a system like Adwords DO. They still need Google Search which bring established user, captive market!

    • The entanglement of AdWords with Google’s search definitely factors into why people are using AS. Which other platforms have you tried?

      • mimin

        Basicly, there are 2 monster ads network on a market. Google, and Yahoo. If you asked to me which one who pay me more for ad. Google ads network is much much better.

        Btw, when you have a plan visit my country ? I thought, there are a lot seller has come from here. Much more than LA nor Montreal, lol. I will make sure there are A cup of coffee are waiting for you, here..

        • Sloger

          Hi mimin, You mentioned 2 monster ads networks – Google and Yahoo. But isn’t Yahoo Publishers Network closed?

        • Noodles

          I’m trying Yahoo’s ad network at the moment ( and the CPM isn’t any better than other alternatives.

          • Ian

            I’m using as well. it’s not good compared to Adsense but they closed my account so had no choice.

            Year to date (January 01, 2013 – July 14, 2013): 28,831 impressions, ESTIMATED REVENUE $52.74

            Was getting over $100 per month from Adsense but that was for twice as much impressions (dropped off this year).

            My niche has always been a poor one though, as it’s for comics/cartoons/games so not a lot of high paying advertisers.

            I think would be ok for the higher paying niches as it uses the Yahoo/Bing network.

      • mimin

        Btw, here are what i got from qadabra as a test! I dont know whats other thought, but for me, its weird! Any suggestion Tal Nissenson ?

        • zawadi

          40 clicks and 9 pennies? is this real?

  • Ryan

    We’ve tried various monetization strategies in the past. Two + years ago, Glam Media was on fire in terms of cpm ad rates. However, lately they’ve completely fallen off a cliff. Burst Media often has decent cpm ad rates.

    • Do you combine these with AdSense? If so, how do they compare on your sites?

  • DomNics

    You are missing the point here people. Internet advertising and revenue is NOT about us, the lowly publishers!

    It is about the advertiser. YES, Google Adsense DOES have the monopoly as far as the advertiser is concerned. For almost every Adsense account, there is a corresponding Adwords account. Duh!

    I have been excluded from this because for some reason google has banned me from opening adsense accounts. I have had about 5 al shut down! I never click on my own ads or participate in any click promotion scams! And do you think the high and mighty Google will explain? NO. That right there is why Google has the monopoly. They can do ANYTHING they want without recourse. That is the proof of the pudding right there. Like a dictator.

    They launched YouTube on a totally illegal premise, paid the fines, and didn’t even have to say sorry.

    Wake up people… you have no idea what google has taken away from you already….

    • Alain

      Technically, Google did not launched YouTube, they bought it.

      But I too had my account banned for no reasons that I can think of. And in the process, they “stole” all the money I had left in my account. I appealed but nothing changed and never had any explanations.

      • DomNics

        Yes, like it was a “Technical” mistake that Google was collecting peoples WiFi data! AND then it as a “Technical” mistake that they forgot to delete it all as ordered by a court!
        I can think of hundreds of examples of why Google is bad for everyone but Google. Where info goes into Google and there is no response or acknowledgement in return…
        And now they want dotless domain names? They want to whole internet for themselves…
        The hundred dollars they stole off each of the “banned” Adsense accounts is but a drop in the ocean.

    • Gambling Man

      I think a reluctance to explain their reasons for banning a site, and refusal to respond to a sensible argument against a ban, is a real problem with Google. I have a site on which I am not allowed to place Google ads because in Google’s opinion the site contravenes Google’s T & Cs. I explained to them why that was not in fact the case, but they insisted on sticking to their original position.

      I look forward to the day when there are high quality alternatives to Google Adsense, but I think in reality that’s still a long way off.

  • William

    for the last few years i have been using since Google banned my Adwords account. since then i have been able to monetize all the traffic we get on all our 1500 websites. they might not be as BIG as Adsense but still very happy using them along with adbrites, and Chitika

    • Itakethemolly

      adbrite went bankrupt

  • Tom Thayer

    I have been using Qadabra for the last month. The problem I have
    with them is their reporting does not drill down to the URL level to let
    me know which URL actually generated the clicks. Unfortunately,
    without that capability, I cannot switch over to them. I very well may
    consider doing that, if that kind of reporting was available.

  • Mike at PricePlow

    Qadabra’s homepage doesn’t really leave me wanting to try it. No video demo, no screenshots, no case studies, no examples….. Not convinced to do anything besides close the window.

    There may indeed a market out there for a legit Adsense competitor, and I don’t think anyone’s come close to doing it yet. I don’t even think the answer is really even PPC ad based…

  • zawadi

    If they have popups and popunders… u can count me out. I never ever deal with this. If it annoying to me, it’s annoying to readers also. Sites like this just scream ” i want some money”

    • Ken

      They also scream, “Don’t visit us again.”

      • zawadi

        Sad but true.. and new webmasters are not the ones who do this. It’s people who have been in this game for years :/

  • Gary Nugent

    I used to make good money with Adsense up until 18-24 months ago, around the time Panda and Penguin hit. These days, Google are busy kicking my sites out of Adsense for “policy violations” that they will not explain. I am in full compliance with their policies – at least as far as I can see – but Google disagree. And here’s the nub of the problem with being an Adsense publisher these days: Since Google refuse to engage 1-on-1 with publishers (their affiliates) like they used to in the old days, there’s no way to find out what’s wrong with a site in Google’s eyes to fix it, if you believe you’re in compliance with their TOS. Google are completely unaccountable.

    I still have my Adsense account but it’s next to useless. What I’ve also seen over the last couple of years is less relevant ads appearing in Adsense (e.g. ads for wedding dresses on an astronomy site; pet-product ads on a photography site; most ads in an adblock being completely unrelated to the page content). It’s no wonder that Adsense revenues have dived for a huge number of publishers.

    Two things I’ve noticed with the sites getting the “policy violation” notices is that 1) I had recently added Google Analytics to them (previously I used the Piwik tracker) and 2) they ran ads from other networks. Despite what Google claim, it looks to me like they only want Adsense on sites, not to have it competing with ads from other networks.

    Google hate affiliate marketers. Maybe it’s because we divert funds to other networks rather than the Adsense coffers. And shouldn’t internet users be the arbiters of what they want to see appear in search engine results rather than Google itself who on arbitrary whims, destroy legitimate online businesses (and I’m not talking about affiliate marketers here) overnight?

    Google treat Adsense publishers in an appalling, contemptuous manner. It’s quite obvious now that they’ve gotten “too big for their boots”. Over in Europe they blatantly flout tax laws and they illegally hoovered up WiFi connection data with their Street View cars. Despite being told by European courts to delete that data, to date they haven’t complied. They’ve gotten so big, so monopolistic that they’re not even afraid of governments. I believe it’s ripe time that this monopolistic monolith be forcibly broken down into separate companies so that it does not wield the power it currently does. The only way any real competitor to Adsense is possible is if there’s a level playing field – and that’s not likely to happen any time soon. Google have become a nasty, self-serving in the extreme, organization.

    “First Do No Evil” (the original Google motto) – don’t make me laugh!

    • So have you considered any alternatives to Adsense? I would love to hear and compare notes.

      • Gary Nugent

        I’ve tried Chitika, Prosperent and Infolinks and none give revenue that’s close to what Adsense provides. Chitika’s ads never look clean so people, I think, are less inclined to click them. Prosperent is best suited to product-based sites. Infolinks had the most promise but again doesn’t attract clicks. I’ve been trying Yahoo Ads on my sites recently and have the same problem with them as Adsense – way too many ads unrelated to page content, so not much revenue there either. Other passive income sources I’ve tried are Kontera (I used to get a few dollars a day from this but now, most days its $0) – I think people may have become blind to the double-underline or dashed underline on their links so don’t click them. Viglink and Skimlinks have earned me about $0.30 in six months.

        I’d love to hear about any alternative that has shown a track record, even if revenues are only a fraction of Adsense.

        • I have tried Chitika, Reachli, Text-Link Ads, Infolinks amongst dozens of other advertising networks but found none of them as useful as Adsense. I am now inclining towards the affiliate model as I don’t have the traffic to apply for TribalFusion type of networks and CPC/CPM market for small/mid sized publishers is cannibalized by Google Adsense.

          My current ad network mix contains:

          1. Adsense (wherever I’m allowed to use it)
          2. Text-link ads
          3. Reachli (works ok for US/Canada based traffic)
          4. Infolinks

          I also get sponsored posts / ads for some of my sites.

  • Stan

    I had made some reasonable money with Adsense and been with them for about four years. Out of the blue a few months ago they closed my account. No warning, no explanation, no recourse. It’s no wonder that many in the IM community have a severe dislike of Google and the way they operate. I started to use Adbrite but Site Scout have bought them and aren’t working with publishers. Comments from others on this page haven’t encouraged me to try Qadabra.
    I don’t agree with one comment that “Internet advertising and revenue is NOT about us, the lowly publishers!” without publishers the advertisers are limited in where they can display their ads. We’re as much a part of it as the advertisers. If we weren’t, programmes like Adsense wouldn’t exist in the first place. It’s about time publishers were treated a little better. At least allow communication.

  • While infolinks are not banner ads, they are probably the second highest paying adnetwork online that isn’t a niche site.

  • After i saw most of my fellow publishers in Google Adsense been banned in late 2011,i quit Google Adsense.As i thought maybe i could be next.I tried Infolinks and Chitika but the rates were low.And switched to monetizing my sites with CPL offers.Early in June this year,i found an alternative to Google Adsense,Dodoseek.Intergrated their ads as a test.And loved the decision i made.
    Their rates depends on the level you are in.I love the company as they pay every Friday as long as your earning is more than $1.No waiting for your earning for weeks or months.Have no pop ups or pop unders.Here is one of my site i have monetized the ads:


  • Steve B

    Many alternatives, but none come close to adsense. Unless you can find me an alternative that pays any where near adsense, I don’t want to hear about it.

  • Gerald

    I have purchased a few sites from Flippa over the years and I use M80 Marketing ( and for monetization options. M80 supplies display ad tags to replace Adsense and Bluelink can help with SEM. Full disclosure… I work for these companies so I am a little bias. If you have questions or would like to run a test to see how we can compete against Adsense please reach out and we can give set you up. Some of the site that we bought through Flippa and monetize are, and

  • Leslie

    Doubleclick Ad Exchange is the best AdSense alternative that has worked best for me! It is AdSense plus what AdSense is not. Google Ad Exchange has access to the biggest advertisers that pay the highest CPMs. I signed up via a company called MonetizeMore. My ad revenue has increased by 25% to almost double since I implemented it. You can sign up via MonetizeMore link:

    • Matt

      Can you still sign up for MonetizeMore if you have been kicked out of Adsense?? It uses Adsense to source its ads….

      • That’s a good question. My hunch is that you can’t, but I’ve asked them for clarification over Twitter.

      • Leslie

        Hi Matt, unfortunately you can’t. You need to have a clean record with Google to be approved. If you have another account never banned by Google in the past, you can sign up using those details. You always have a big chance of getting approved as long as you comply to the terms & conditions. Google Ad Exchange is worth giving a try!

  • Adsense has able to monopolize the market because there is no other significant alternative available, especially to the small-mid sized publishers.

    • Kristian

      Most significant AdSense alternative I know of that can cater small-medium sized publishers is Google Ad Exchange through MonetizeMore. It’s a lot bigger and better than AdSense. It’s exclusive to large websites but if you sign up via MonetizeMore, they can provide access and optimize it for you. Here is to sign up:

  • wealthwind

    You can sign up to Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (DFP for Small Business) directly here:

    • Matt

      Can you still sign up for Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (DFP for Small Business) if you have been kicked out of Adsense?? Surely not, as its basically the same system.

      • Amanda

        Thanks a lot Wealthwind and the blog, there are only a few like you helping out around the world… Kudos !

  • Shavkat

    I am too not an adsense fan but had to use it because they pay better than other networks. And I too was kicked out from adsense overnight having them keep over $3K in unpaid earnings (as a few people mentioned here: they “stole” my money). But that happens, OK, it’s part of business, you gain, you lose, I am not here to complain but instead I want to offer a solution for all of you not being happy with adsense but trying to find some better alternative. First and less interesting: there are better paying ad networks. I didn’t try much in that area but I know that niche-targeted ad networks pay better than adsense. For instance, someone told me that Blogher pays better for women-oriented sites. If you dig there a bit, I am sure you’ll find good alternatives unless your site is too common, but in that case you can divide it by sections and use different targeted ad networks per session, it’s not as easy as just placing an ad tag in a few places sitewide, but if you are banned and still need income, why not try it? So, try very targeted niche ad networks or even affiliate programs and forget adsense forever. At least before banning you, they’ll warn you, help you to fix things, and will work with you. Second and more interesting: you should know that it’s not Google that pays you, well only technically, but the advertisers: they pay Google for the ads on your site, and Google pays you an undisclosed part. BTW, other networks will at least tell you the percentage you’ll make. So, if advertisers pay Google more than they could pay you directly, why not approach them and offer to save some money with ads they are paying for anyway? It’s a win-win for both sites, and Google can finally start treating publishers better once a lot of us will start working with advertisers directly. I know it’s more work but it isn’t that difficult and you can easily see the advertisers, it’s a 10 minute thing to get in touch and a couple of days to make a deal. Try it and enjoy the outcome. I am already doing this on some of my sites and plan to eventually turn all of my sites work that way without adsense. I am also trying to get away from depending on Google’s traffic thanks to a lot of social projects booming in the last years but that’s a bit harder while Google is still so huge. Hope this helped you to at least get some encouragement. 🙂

    • I like your suggestion of trying a niche advertising network! BlogHer has been on my radar for awhile now, looks like it’s time to give them another look.

  • shao khee

    I just understand why can’t success. By the way, why don’t those big companies like Facebook, Apple and Amazon join and share the pie.

  • TLD Investors

    Because you have created a competitor does not mean Adsense is not a monopoly. Google most importantly has the advertisers that spend the money. Big companies base their advertising budgets predominantly around Adwords for their online ads. These smaller ad networks do not have the depth of advertisers. The best way to build your ad revenue is by direct advertisers, it takes a lot longer, its more work but much more money if you have a quality site and traffic. I agree fully that Google is not fair in how they deal with publishers and the lack of transparency would not be accepted by any other company. They just seem to get away with it. Google has said they pay out the following:
    AdSense for content publishers, who make up the vast majority of our
    AdSense publishers, earn a 68% revenue share worldwide. This means we
    pay 68% of the revenue that we collect from advertisers for AdSense for
    content ads that appear on your sites. The remaining portion that we
    keep reflects Google’s costs for our continued investment in AdSense —
    including the development of new technologies, products and features
    that help maximize the earnings you generate from these ads. It also
    reflects the costs we incur in building products and features that
    enable our AdWords advertisers to serve ads on our AdSense partner
    sites. Since launching AdSense for content in 2003, this revenue share
    has never changed.

    We pay our AdSense for search partners a 51%
    revenue share, worldwide, for the search ads that appear through their
    implementations. As with AdSense for content, the proportion of revenue
    that we keep reflects our costs, including the significant expense,
    research and development involved in building and enhancing our core
    search and AdWords technologies. The AdSense for search revenue share
    has remained the same since 2005, when we increased it.

  • lucianapostol

    First, I want to say that I am not using adsense on my sites ( except one where I have adsense in testings but I will also remove from there ). I think that some adsense competitors in the industry got this game wrong. Maybe they are trying to please publishers so much that they forgot that their money comes from advertisers. Having more advertisers means bigger payments for publishers, and they will follow.

    I am both advertiser and publisher ( with different sites ). As an advertiser I have tried to find several ways to bring traffic. Despite paid advertising is an expensive solution, it is the venue that brings me the most sales. I also need volume so I can make profit, not only very low rates. I know that there are others solutions to get traffic ( organic, email marketing, direct ads, forums, blogs, etc ), paid traffic is still the most targeted. I am buying traffic from display network only, because there are lower costs and the quality and targeting is almost the same.

    Every year I am trying to find new ways to get more paid targeted traffic ( I don’t need only visitors interested in a specific topic, I actually need visitors interested in a specific subject on that topic, at the right moment, so only websites that talk directly about my service, or who provide a free basic version of the service will match ). The first problem that I encountered is the interface. I am not talking about small advertising networks. I tried Kontera, Chitika, Facebook ads, etc, and the interface does not give me full control over the traffic I am buying. My computer skills allowed me to get over this and I ran the campaigns for several weeks but I hardly got that targeted traffic. Some of the networks ( small ones ) sent me thousands of visitors at lower prices than Adwords but I was hardly made a sale, while other networks sent me very few visitors at normal prices, but too few to make a sale.

    As far as advertising is concerned, Adwords not only provide the best tools, but the targeting is really working. It is hard to find another advertising network that can compete with Adwords targeting system. If there are many advertisers who thinks the same, then it is very hard for small advertising networks to attract the advertisers so they can fill their publisher ad spaces.

    As a publisher, I have tried many networks, including the ones listed above. I have even tried CPM based networks. In almost all cases, the revenue was 10 times lower than Adsense. The revenue from adsense was itself very low ( 1-2$ CPM ). I have to admin that I have not tried narrow advertising networks, but usually, to provide high quality traffic to the advertisers, they select the publishers carefully ( at least 100,000 page views a month ). It is not that high for a website, but if I have a website with 100,000 visitors a month I would really go with another monetization strategy.

    I am not using adsense anymore because I found other monetization options: affiliate marketing, product sale, service sale, subscription, not because there are better options. Usually, I tend to go with adsense on small websites or who do not have a clear targeting, but in this case, adsense also paying too low so I give up on those websites unless they get enough traffic to enable other monetization options.

  • Lokesh Yadav

    Qadabra is really nice Adsense alternative I use the same on my webiste

  • Lokesh Yadav

    I use Qadabra As Google Alternate On

  • The problem with Qadabra is the ads quality: too many flashy stuff that you normally find on untrusted websites, there’s very little premium ads. I’m trying out Adcash and Bidvertiser as well.

  • i am using on and the rate is good but not that good as compare to Google Adsense, i will suggest them to increase their rates a bit and they can become a real Adsense Competitors…

  • Itakethemolly

    Qadabra pays next to nothing . google pays 100 times more than Qadabra. I would honestly have to say that Qadabra is one of the lowest paying in the industry almost a complete ripoff.

  • Umair

    Hy I just try Monetisemore for Ad’s
    Frankly speaking it’s my first experience i’ll appreciate if you tell me Am i getting good payout or not for showing their ads
    my Stat’s Here

    Gross Earnings (CAD) = (11.49) Ad Requests= (49651) Clicks= (105) Cost per Click =(0.11)

  • I’m not sure why but I don’t trust websites which display ads other than Adsense. Only the highest quality and honest websites display Adsense. Adsense is the best!

  • Thanks for these list of Google adsense alternative, especially now that Google is being so strict on their publishers, banning accounts and disabling ads, i will surely consider few of these alternatives

  • Nice post, but I personally feel that media dot net has now emerged as one of the best google adsense alternative because their RPM is good and mostly importantly their ads are mostly CPM ads which means you don’t require any one to click on ads to make money you just have to show the impression of ad and you are going to make the money which is not the case with google adsense

  • From my personal experience Qadabra is very useful from high quality traffic from Asian. More relevant ads and more CTR with highest of returns. Thanks for the wonderful share.