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Exclusive Competition: FREE Ticket to NamesCon 2014

by Tim Cooke -


Flippa has teamed up with NamesCon to give one Flippa user a free ticket to NamesCon 2014. Details on how to enter are are after our interview with Richard.


Flippa sat down with Richard Lau the founder and organiser of NamesCon to ask him about the exciting conference coming up!

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NEW: Enhanced Domain Search

by Tim Cooke -

Furthering our commitment to be the best marketplace to buy and sell domains, today we introduce a better way to search for the domain you want.

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New on Flippa: Buy and Sell iOS Apps!

by Ophelie Lechat -

iPhone Birthday

Thanks to Sugar Daze for this photo!

Since Flippa’s launch back in 2009, we’ve been known as the go-to place to buy and sell websites. Over time, our sellers also started listing domain names. Today, we’re adding a third option: you can now buy and sell iOS Apps on Flippa!

We already have several iOS app listings live — check them out here. Here’s a quick preview:

  • FramPix, a photography app with over 2,200 monthly downloads
  • OneVoice, a speech therapy app that regularly generates over $1000 per month.

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Can Bing Rise as a New Search Engine with Apple’s Help?

by Jim Stewart -

Going Down

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

The rise of Bing?

Although Microsoft spent untold billions of dollars on Bing you would have to say that it has failed miserably by any measure you care to use. Certainly here in Australia it would be lucky to attract 3 % of search volume despite what some surveys may tell you. I suspect most of that traffic is coming from users with a new PC that still have Bing set as their default search engine or home page. I also suspect those same people still have the plastic on their furniture.

This is odd, though, if you consider that at one point Bing’s algorithm was just as good as Google’s. And if you believe Matt Cutts, it was not only as good as Google’s, it was in fact Google’s. The search scene might become more interesting, however, with the release of iOS7.

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Bing and Yahoo About to Displace Google? Top News Links for Today

by Ophelie Lechat -

the Jenga

Thanks to Ed Garcia for the photo!

Bing and Yahoo closing in on Google

Google is still the top-rated search engine by its users… but not by much. Yahoo and Bing are both just one percentage point behind Google in the satisfaction rankings published on Search Engine Land. Time to pay some attention to the so-called “alternative” search engines?

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6 Web Business Links You Should Read: Friday Morning Edition

by Ophelie Lechat -

Fireworks #1Photo Credit: Harold Neal

5 Data Insights Into The Headlines Readers Click

According to this article on YouMoz, today’s blog headline should see more clicks than usual.


Nearly half of all website traffic comes from natural search

I’ve linked to this post on organic search traffic a few times this week already, usually when countering someone’s claim that “search is dead”.

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A SEO Declares Himself A Scam: Your Wednesday Morning Reading List

by Ophelie Lechat -

My first cell phone is in this photo.
Photo Credit: Ken Banks

A few good reads on this Wednesday morning:

Why I Think ViperChill Is Some Sort Of Scam… written by ViperChill’s creator. Now there’s a headline!

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A Starting Point for Entrepreneurs: Your Tuesday Morning Reading List

by Tim Cooke -


Photo credit: Taro Taylor

I hope everyone had a good summer or winter solstice! Here are a few articles that caught my eye over the weekend. Enjoy!

1. Bootstrapping Your Product Video Efforts

I absolutely love product videos. It’s a rare chance for your product to exist beyond a website – it can pick up on things like emotion and fun that you can’t convey with photos. Unfortunately, the cost in making one of these is astronomical, well, until now.

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Black-hat SEOs mock Matt Cutts: your Wednesday morning reading list

by Ophelie Lechat -

Oy Vey!Photo credit: Kaptain Kobold

Here are some of my favourite links of the day:

1. Black Hats Mock Google’s Matt Cutts with Payday Loan Hack

Last week’s payday loan penalty rubbed some black hat SEOs the wrong way. Their solution: a first-page Google result linking Google’s spam chief, Matt Cutts, to payday loan providers. Cheeky!

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Your Monday Morning Reading List

by Ophelie Lechat -

Mangroves Photo Credit: Christolakis

Happy Monday, everyone! It may still be Sunday where you are, but here in Melbourne we’re kicking off the week with some of our favourite reads from the last few days.

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