Domain Portfolio Management Tools
Domain Portfolio Management Tools

Domain portfolio management tools exist, but they don’t get talked about that much. I came across a recent question on the Aussie domain forum that I help run asking what tools people use to manage their domain portfolio. The question seems to come up quite often. The common answer most people respond with whenever this question is asked is “Excel”, which after all, is the Swiss Army Knife of desktop data tools – and a valid answer. However, there are quite a few specialized tools that help with domain management, so we thought we’d take a look at what’s on the market in 2015. If we’ve missed any please make sure you let me know.

Who Needs Domain Portfolio Management Software?

Let’s first answer this question. You’ve probably heard people say “why would someone ever need more than one domain”. I don’t often come across businesses that just have one domain, even small-medium sized businesses can easily accumulate more than a handful of domain names. And once they start doing more online, that only increases. It makes good sense to keep tabs on these valuable digital assets.

It’s not just domain developers, flippers or investors that can benefit from dedicated tools to help them with their portfolio. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the average IT or Comms departments to be managing dozens or even hundreds of domains. These could be spread across different registrars, so providing a birds eye view of these assets can be very useful. It can also help reduce the risk of mismanagement causing domains to accidentally “drop”, which happens all too frequently.

If you ask experienced industry professionals what they use, many will tell you they’ve built their own custom tools, which is always a great option, but it’s not the only option. We’ll now jump into some of the off-the-shelf options available today.

Many of these tools are built for the .com/.net/.org extensions, so not all ccTLDs (such as or gTLDs are supported. Please do your homework and check what features the software supports before purchasing.

So let’s get stuck into the actual tools!

Watch My Domains/Domain Punch

Watch My Domains have been developing domain name portfolio management tools for a long time and they have, by far, the widest range of products in this category of application.

They have several versions that cater for all sizes of domain portfolios.

Watch My Domains

The Watch My Domains product range from Softnik seem to get mentioned quite often, and it’s easy to see why.

Here’s what the various products look like, the offerings start at simple desktop applications for Mac OS X and Windows all the way up to a feature-rich, self-hosted web application.

Watch My Domains Pro for the Mac Desktop

Watch My Domains Pro for Mac Desktop

Watch My Domains Pro for the Windows Desktop

Watch-My Domains Pro for Windows

Watch My Domains SED For Web Servers

Watch My Domains SED

For those looking for a serious solution, something from Watch My Domains would definitely be my pick.

More info:

DomainBrain 2

DomainBrain 2 is an updated version of their Mac OS X application. It’s a nice looking application, something many Mac users will appreciate.

Domain Brain 2

This application comes with some handy configuration options, as well as the ability to create custom categories with their own custom fields. See below for an example of a new category called “Brokering”.

Domain Brain 2 Custom Fields

More info:


Domainer is a very simple application, but if you’re not looking for all the bells and whistles, then this is something worth checking out.


More info:

DNS Portfolio

DNS Portfolio is a free, open source web application that is primarily focused on selling. However, it still has some portfolio management features, and since it’s open source, we thought it was worth including.

You can take the demo for both the admin and the user interfaces for a spin.

DNS Portfolio

More info:


While in beta, Efty looks promising and deserved to be included. We don’t know enough about this one yet, other than it’s a nice looking web app that has some nice features.


More info:

IP Neighborhood

IP Neighborhood isn’t just a domain management tool, it’s a complete competitive intelligence platform. Some of the features in IP Neighborhood are domain history, due diligence, IP reputation and intelligence, brand and trademark monitoring – and more.

IP Neighborhood

More info:

DomainTools Monitor

DomainTools is a popular domain intelligence tool, however they also have a little known feature called “Domain Monitor”.

DomainTools Monitor

More info:

My Domain Portfolio at Flippa

Some marketplaces have bulk domain management features. If you’re an active marketplace user this might be an attractive option. If all you’re looking for is a basic overview, this might be enough for those focussed on selling providing you keep tabs on renewals at your registrar.

Flippa has a new and improved portfolio management feature, you may have noticed some recent changes or read about the improvements that were announced here just over a month ago.

Flippa Portfolio

More info:

Domain Registrar Options

It’s also worth mentioning that some domain name registrars have developed powerful features targeted at large portfolio holders. There are way too many registrars to mention and all have their pros and cons, but I’d highly recommend shopping around if you have a large number of domains. Most registrars will offer you some sort of discount or incentive to get your business.

What Do You Use?

Have I missed anything? Does anyone use these applications, or have you rolled your own? I’m very interested to know what you use and hear your feedback.

  • Rob Rude

    As an original beta user of Efty, I have been using it for well over a year now and I think it’s excellent. I’m still waiting for some integration with additional domain marketplaces which will really amp up it’s value, but it’s still a great choice overall for a cloud based domain portfolio management system.

    • Thanks for the feedback Rob, glad to hear it’s working for you. Did you try any of the others before Efty?

  • Kevin Fink

    Great piece, Chris

    • Thanks Kevin 🙂 It’s great that there are more options coming on to the market, it helps push innovation for those who really need these tools!

  • I cannot recommend Uniregistry enough for domain portfolio management.

    It is basically a registrar and portfolio management software built into one. By using them as your primary registrar, you would not need a third party software to keep track of everything.

    They have super easy transfers, a smooth mobile app, and great support. Just for registering they’ll give you “Topcoin” which is a Bitcoin-like digital currency. It may or may not have value, but it certainly is a fun perk.

    But my favorite thing about them is the ability to categorize your domains in as many ways as you want. Unless you wish to sit there and scroll for hours looking for a domain in your portfolio, categorization is key.

    The other thing they offer is a marketplace and easy domain value estimator. You just select the domains you want to value, they’ll value them for you. Or you can sell them at whatever price you’d like in their premium domain marketplace. It is super easy.

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