Sell Your Domain Portfolio on Flippa

The Domain Catalog has been updated to your Flippa Domain Portfolio !

With over 60% more sales going through Flippa in 2015, it’s never been a better time or easier to upload, sort, filter and update your domain portfolio. Thanks to your feedback, here’s what’s new:




Easily upload 1 or 1 Million Domains

You can now add over 500 domains using our CSV Upload Service.



Improved Portfolio Management

You can now easily filter sort & search through your portfolio as well as bulk update prices across multiple domains.



Sell More

All listed domains include access to a free Domain Sales Page,  allowing you to redirect your domain’s direct traffic to increase visitors, bids and sales.



  • Tom K

    Kudos to you Kevin. You are working wonders at Flippa!

    • Kevin Fink

      Thanks Tom, but we’re a growing team behind the scenes – Alex (below) is point-man on this redesign and he’s totally rocked it!

  • kornett

    I liked this feature, you should include a link to it from the user’s profile and make it public so people don’t have to login to see it.

    • Kevin Fink

      We’re working on that next, thanks!

  • Alex Lunnon

    Would be great to hear your initial feedback after you use the new features @disqus_PBEGLrbA8N:disqus & @disqus_m1yx4LXnde:disqus

    • Joe Blanke

      Alex you’ve done a fantastic job. The improvements are like night and day. One final issue though is the sorting. I know I can sort by any heading but what is the default sort? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the default order of the names. The default should be either A to Z or by entry date. At present is seems to be a random order.

      • Alex Lunnon

        Thanks Joe! Currently the default sort is based on the Offer column however we are looking to add a ‘view’ column which (when implemented) would take over as the default sort. The idea here was to raise domains that are generating the most interest to the top of your inventory – if we had a view column and had it as the default sort what would you think? what is your preference around a default sort?

        Your comments about BIN and Minimum Offers make sense – I agree that we have some room to improve, hopefully this along with improving the buy now process is something we can tackle soon.

  • Looks very need. You just need to fix the sorting by the domain name. Currently it still shows them in a “semi-random” order.

  • what does the status open mean in My Domain Portfolio ?