[It’s hard for new Flippa sellers to find success off the bat: it takes months of perseverance, both in terms of finding the right inventory to entice buyers, and the right buyers to connect with that inventory.  Like most successful Flippa Domain Sellers, Margie Reed (aka MainDomains) combined a utilization of Premium upgrades, Post-Auction Negotiation and a steady clip of relisting unsold inventory to achieve such success — albeit not overnight! Here’s a glimpse into Margie’s Flippa experience thus far…]   margie I just recently discovered Flippa.  What I’ve experienced is a refreshing change from the other marketplaces!

  1. Less Competition – With the other marketplaces, my domains just got lost in the millions of other names.
  1. Target Rich Environment – Both investors and developers use Flippa’s advanced search options to fine-tune their searches.  They can set parameters such as type, status, age, price, traffic, revenue, revenue sources, domain extensions, etc. . . . to assist in finding exactly what they’re looking for.
  1. User Friendly – Flippa flows, and is logical and intuitive!  And if you have any questions, just ask support or better yet, use their live chat option!
  1. Fantastic Support – Their Customer Success Team truly cares and it shows!  They are knowledgeable, personable and most importantly, helpful!
  1. Detailed Descriptions –  Flippa’s format allows detailed descriptions to share pertinent information about websites, domains, or apps for sale.  Share your vision!
  1. Communication Encouraged – Buyers and Sellers can easily communicate to negotiate prices and terms, answer questions, and complete the sale/transfer.

I’ve got 100% Feedback and a handful of Watchers.  Flippa’s business model helps users succeed . . . and that’s what it’s all about! Margie Reed is a Flippa Super Seller — check out her domain auctions here!