How Sold for $252,500

When I was initially approached by the owners of to represent their domain with a price tag of $250,000 USD, my immediate reaction was, “Wow! Red Jalapenos! This opportunity is fire hot!”

Although their asking price was way above the top 4N .com sale ever recorded on, I still believed in the possibility of this domain landing in the treasure chest of another investor.

Top 4N .com sales (source: 225,000 USD 2015-11-15 Pvt Sale 180,000 USD 2015-07-19 Pvt Sale 148,000 USD 2015-10-15 Uniregistry 120,848 USD 2014-03-05 Private 106,000 USD 2015-02-04 Domain Holdings 102,000 USD 2015-04-26 eNaming 100,000 USD 2013-12-03 Sedo 70,000 USD 2015-08-24 Uniregistry 65,358 USD 2016-06-12 SnapNames 60,000 USD 2016-07-05 Sedo

After witnessing a tsunami of unprecedented CHIP (Chinese premium domain) sales in 2015, the industry saw a steep drop-off towards Q2-2016 that left a lot of people holding the proverbial bag. Nonetheless, I was confident that this particular domain would be an attractive commodity to those particular investors who were continuing to make waves.  The validation of chip sales previously recorded in the most recent quarters, compounded with the inherent traits of, cemented my conviction of a high caliber sale taking place.

Brandability/Easy-to-Remember: It’s a short 4 Number .com that consists of a sequential pattern, one that every child in preschool can remember…0-1-2-3.

Rarity (Combinations/Permutations): There are 10,000 possible combinations for a 4 Number .com, in which 14 may be sequential – with only 2 possible permutations for the numbers 0,1,2,3 with ascending/descending orders [0,1,2,3 / 3,2,1,0]

While marketing the domain through subsequent Flippa listings expanded its reach, no buyers stepped forward. But I remained patient, knowing that the right buyer was out there.

The turning point arrived in early August, when I received one of those cryptic Skype invites. As was the case so often, this could suggest a few different scenarios: it could be someone wanting to offer pennies on the dollar; it could be someone asking for help in developing their website, a request I receive frequently; it could be a spam-bot asking for a date.

I was reluctant to add their request, but for some reason my gut told me to take a swing. It paid off. On the other side of the world sat premium broker Sharjil Saleem, Director of Business Development for He was the acting broker for a serious domain investor stationed in China.

The first pitch of a grueling 45-day battle of counter offers was delivered and I was now “in for the close.”

First Skype Conversation

After a month and a half of emails, Skype messages and phone calls, we were both able to agree to terms to chart the highest 4N .com sale ever recorded, as well as the highest domain sale in Flippa Domains history.  

I’m certain that this 4N .com sale won’t remain at the top of the charts for very long. Yes, there are a limited amount of 4Ns available on the block, however, with a ton of buyers looming, a new trend of sales will propagate and prices will steadily increase.


The deal would have not been secured without patience, persistence and the effective communication of the Buyer’s Broker, Sharjil Saleem. As a result, both parties are extremely happy with the transaction.

Sharjil and I continue to receive a steady influx of buy requests for NL / LN / NN / NNN / NNNN .com domains — even more since the publication of this sale. My forecast remains positive for these types of domain sales and we look to rapidly fulfill these requests by year’s end. As long as pricing expectations remain realistic, we believe that premium investors will snap these domains up as if they came out of a shattered piñata.

I’ve provided a list of recently published Buy Requests in the comments below. Please don’t be shy — if you have a NL / LN / NN / 3N / 4N .com you’re seeking to sell, please share with me immediately

With the right exposure on Flippa, it’s definitely worth a shot! Who know’s — maybe your domain can be the next!

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  • Devoir Funches

    Hey Everyone! I’m currently working with several serious buyers that are looking for NN/NL/LN/NNN/NNNN .com(s). Please send me your domains ASAP! I’ve placed the buy requests below:

    ★ Buy Request ★
    Budget: $60,000
    Seeking: LN or NL (Letter/Number) or (Number/Letter) .com
    No 0 or 4
    No A / E / I / O / U / V
    With V ($55,000 USD Budget)
    example:, etc…

    ★ Buy Request ★
    Budget: $1M-$3m
    Seeking: NN (Number/Number) .COM
    With “0 or 4” $1M-$1.5M
    example:, etc…

  • URLU

    Congrats Devoir on this great sale! Definitely inspiring 😉 Anything is possible, keep up the good work man, am so glad you answered that cryptic call, I will now look more often into my Spam box lol. Congrats to Flippa too!

    • Kevin Fink

      Thanks much, Frans – Looking forward to our team brokering some of your domains soon, as well

    • Devoir Funches

      Thanks Frans!

  • Congratulations, Devoir — you rock!

    — Stig

  • Jana

    Good sale Devoir ! my initial reaction was Wow, Flippa is going to be flooded with chinese buyers, When i heard of the Deal just like Other platforms. maybe the language is the thing for less chinese persons

  • for sale 🙂

  • kartik is for sale

  • 1lgcom

    I have owned a 3nn since 2001. Never thought of selling it before, but you’ve got me curious about what it’s worth now 🙂

    • Chris Holle

      Hi there! Our domains team would be happy to help you figure out a valuation for your domain! Go ahead and email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

  • 1lgcom

    sorry what we have is an NLL .com not a 3NN.