If you’re new to buying and selling websites, we recommend you take the time to learn about due diligence tactics, valuation methods and transaction processes before you dive in and start trading. Finding websites for sale here on Flippa is the easy part, discovering websites that fit your budget and return on investment is the challenging part.

The 7 resources below are great place to start learning about the process of buying and selling website:

  • Website Valuation Guide – this comprehensive article by Clinton Lee discusses the accountancy behind the figures, the math behind the valuations, what adds value to a site, how financial statements are reconstructed for sale valuations, and the main business models and how they are valued by buyers.
  • Buying Online Businesses Based on Evaluation – A great post over at SEOmoz.org
  • What’s Your Website Worth – A great SitePoint article discussing website valuation factors.
  • Flip a Website Fixer-Upper – Using the real estate analogy, Peter T Davis writes about the website flipping process.
  • 10 Tips for Buying Websites – Some basic tips on SEOmoz to help you through the buying process . The Escrow recommendation is a good one for buyers and sellers alike.
  • SitePoint Forum’s – How to Buy and Sell a Website – There are a heap of great threads on this SitePoint forum. Many of the more experienced website traders who buy and sell websites on Flippa hang out here, so soak up the knowledge and read one of the greatest resources for all things flipping.
  • Clinton Lee also runs an Internet Business Forum with some very experienced members discussing the buying and selling of websites.

The above articles are a prelude to a resource section we will be adding to Flippa soon so if you have any other well written resources you’d like to contribute, drop it in the comments section below.

For our Australian friends, you might like to check out NetFleet for finding .com.au domains.