New Feature – Watch Sellers

We’ve just implemented a Watch Seller feature so now you can keep an eye on your favorite sellers’ listing activity, including auctions and private sales. When you choose to watch sellers, you will receive a daily email update detailing any new listings posted by sellers on your watch list.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find an active auction or private sale and scroll down to the Seller Details box.
  2. Click on the Watch Seller link to add the seller to your watch list.
  3. Manage your seller watch list and view active seller listings by going to the Watched Sellers area of your account admin area.
    Screen shot 2010-01-11 at 10.14.04 AM.png

Watching sellers is a great way to get the jump on new listings posted by those you know sell quality websites and domains.

  • Awesome that Luke heard me on this one and followed through. Excellent job. (and feature!)

    However, it would be ideal if instead of receiving email notifications, we had the OPTION to simply follow along via a Flippa page. Like eBay does, via their “watch this item” and “watch this seller” feature(s).

    But good work nonetheless, thx guys.


  • Great feature! It would be kinda nice if I (as a seller) could:

    #1 See who is watching me
    #2 Send everyone that is watching me a message (like when I have an etra special auction)

    However, it is a great feature – I’m going to share this with our readers right now!


    • Thanks Ian – we don’t want this feature to be abused so we’re going to be careful with these sorts of additions.

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  • Dave

    This is cool. How about giving us back the ability (unless I’m missing it and I’ve searched) the ability to get email updates on an auction? I can’t always log in to check on an auction but can get the emails on my phone. Loved that feature from the old sitepoint.

    • You can click on the Add to Watchlist which appear to the top right of a listing – you’ll receive an notification when the listing is ending in 8 hours. If you place a bid on an auction – you receive more frequent updates.

  • Excellent new feature, thanks. 🙂 Any chance we can search by seller ID too?

  • Nice feature! And… I must say you guys are doing a great job on everything else…. 🙂

  • I read the headline and immediately went to the profile page of a person who sold me a site…but couldn’t find an option to watch seller.(now I know its on the auction page)

    Can you add the ‘watch seller’ feature in the user profile page?

    • You’ll soon be able to search by User which should solve this problem.

  • Excellent! 🙂

  • Excellent! Great!! and Nice !! feature…

  • Johnmclrn

    Thanks to your for this great feature idea. I read to your profile that is Excellent. I just implemented a Watch Seller feature so now you can keep an eye on your favorite sellers’ listing activity. Thanks


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  • Vic

    This is a great feature, but this feature is only a great benefit for buyers who wants to keep updated with the sellers they want to follow. For sellers, I really don’t see any great advantage except to earn some confidence that a user is watching in you. However, this watchers do not guarantee possible buyers. But anyway this is a great help for buyers.

  • yes,i have always liked this feature, it is very useful.
    it was in my wish list before it was introduced.
    thank you flippa.