Best Domain Parking Providers

What is domain parking?

When we refer to domain parking we are talking about monetising domains through platforms that create advertising pages displayed to search or direct type in traffic (for example see Providers differ: some offer single page advertising, while others have two-click implementations, showing a keyword that re-directs to a secondary page of ads.

How many domains are parked?

In 2009 Verisign (2009, p5) found 24% of domains were single-page websites, which included construction banner sites, brochures or monetised parking pages (based on a study across 92 million .COM and .NET domains). Verisign (2006, p5) found this number decreased by 2% between 2006 and 2009 based on a 2006 analysis across 57.37 million .COM and .NET domains.

Parked Domains

Looking at unique domain name server records (where domains are directing traffic) for .COM domains we can estimate each parking providers relative inventory size (Flippa, 2015)

[ip4]{ “template”: ip4.barChart(), “parentElement”: “#kcal”, “data”: { “reader”: ip4.dataReader() .data([ {“x”: “Sedo”, “y”: 1215413 }, {“x”: “DNS”, “y”: 1151170 }, {“x”: “GD CashParking”, “y”: 912864 }, {“x”: “DomainSponsor”, “y”: 622329 }, {“x”: “ParkingCrew”, “y”: 397487 }, {“x”: “Fabulous”, “y”: 387690 }, {“x”: “Rook Media”, “y”: 266728 }, {“x”: “Afternic”, “y”: 154980 } ]) }, “d3”: { “yLabel”: “Unique Records” } }[/ip4]

Full list? download raw csv

Who is the best provider?

We were curious as to which parking platforms our domains audience trusted and utilized the most. Can these providers be deemed as the best domain monetisation providers? Our results are as follows:

1. Sedo Parking (example parked page)

2. Go Daddy CashParking (example parked page)

3. DomainNameSales (example parked page)

4. ParkingCrew (example parked page)

5. Bodis (example parked page)

6. Voodoo (example parked page)

7. DomainApps (example parked page)

8. DomainsSponsor (example parked page)

[ip4]{ “template”: ip4.pieChart(), “parentElement”: “#survey”, “data”: { “reader”: ip4.dataReader() .data([ {“x”: “Sedo Parking”, “y”: 22.83 }, {“x”: “GoDaddy”, “y”: 22.04 }, {“x”: “DomainNameSales”, “y”: 11.02 }, {“x”: “ParkingCrew”, “y”: 6.29 }, {“x”: “Bodis”, “y”: 5.5 }, {“x”: “Voodoo”, “y”: 5.5 }, {“x”: “DomainApps”, “y”: 3.93 }, {“x”: “DomainSponsor”, “y”: 3.93 }, {“x”: “Other”, “y”: 18.11 } ]) }, “d3”: { “yLabel”: “Flippa Users (%)” } }[/ip4]Don’t agree?  Have a question? Leave a comment below


[1] “Verisign, ‘Domain Brief June 2009 ‘, p5,

[2] “Verisign, ‘Domain Brief August 2006’, p5,

[3] Flippa, 15th January 2015 ‘Data Analysis across all .COM nameserver records (raw file)

[4]  Flippa, January 2015, ‘Flippa User Parking Survey’

  • James

    What sort of revenue are we talking about with parked domains? Is there still money in it

    • Popo

      No. Not really. But if you can find an old retired domain that still gets residual traffic, you can leech off it’s remaining life through parking.

      But a never used domain with no traffic? Not a chance. Save your money.

  • You missed Rook who, according to the numbers you used has more than afternic. Also, what are your ratings on the best provider based on ? Just my 2cents but I’ve found Godaddy and Sedo to be the least productive providers. *PS you also spelled domain sponsor wrong on the pie chart.

    • Alex Lunnon

      Hi Adam – I’ve adjusted the graph to include Rook, bumping Voodoo (at 133,581 domains), interestingly Rook wasn’t as popular with our users like Voodoo, however it will be interesting to re-visit this data in 12 months and look at the trends across parking (specifically the increase/decrease of parked domains with providers like Sedo).

      We surveyed our domain users for the ‘best providers’ asking the question “Where do you choose to park your domains” (, the results are similar to domain name server records however don’t capture domain commentary, like yours, around Sedo and GoDaddy which was somewhat surprising.

  • Dukes

    Does it cost anything to park domains. Do they actually earn any money for the owner. Does it help to help the domains get “aged” or to get better rankings to have them parked.

    • Happy parker

      Not really the case if you put unique content and submit it all to Google webmaster tools. I have around 70 domains with Voodoo and you do make hundreds of dollars still on aged domains. Helps pay some back and make a bit extra. I also secure sales through the online sale form. Can’t complain

      • Dukes

        Thanks for the info. Will have a look at Voodoo. It’s good to have a reply from somebody who is actually doing it and happy with the results.

      • Sure

        Hi, I’m new to this and have registered some domains with one of the companies referenced in this article…just some domains I purchased after doing some keyword research but have done nothing with them. What is not clear to me, do I need to have a basic web page set up at all per domain? This may be a really stupid question, I know.

  • Vinod R

    Is this really an article that justify the title and contents? The article begins well, with details and ends in a very bad shape. How did you choose the best provider what were the criteria that was taken to get the results that you have written. Is it some sort of guess work? No details whatsoever is provided that would help a reader to choose the best one. It simply says Sedo is the best.

    • Alex Lunnon

      Hi Vinod, we wanted to find the top parking providers, by looking at the .COM zone file (nameservers for registered domains) we are able to see the inventory size each provider.

      We didn’t just want to base the ‘best’ platform on this data alone so we asked our users “Where do you choose to park your domains” in a survey (, the result and pie chart (%) that followed are based on that data.

  • Joe

    If you are looking for a supplemental parking revenue stream, check out MailboxPark (, a monetization service for domainers and domain parking companies that creates a revenue stream from email traffic sent to their parked domains. **Full disclosure: I am a MailboxPark employee.**

  • David Doten

    so which one pays out the best for the domain traffic? numbers please – the amount of inventory is irrelevant as some have been around alot longer – some less- the payout % per click is what matters.