You Can Now Negotiate on ANY Unsold App, Domain, or Website Auction

We’re excited to announce a landmark change to the way Flippa works.

As of today, you can negotiate with a seller to buy anything that was listed for auction that didn’t find a buyer. Previously, when an auction ended unsold, the seller could only negotiate with the highest bidder for a week after the auction ends. That’s all changed. Now any interested party can negotiate – no matter how long ago it was, or whether you participated in the auction.

If the seller is open to offers, buyers will now find a ‘Make an Offer’ button to use on the listing page. This gives the buyer a direct line to the seller to negotiate and agree on purchase price.

This removes a major barrier to sale on Flippa, and shows that we’re committed to facilitating the sale of your digital asset, whenever it happens – either at auction or afterwards.

Sellers, for no extra fee you now have the ability to negotiate with all interested parties to make a sale post auction. You can either initiate a negotiation with them, or let them approach you. In short, we’ll keep hanging the “For Sale” sign on Flippa for you, until you let us know otherwise.

If you have any questions, leave us a comment!