5 Quick Ways To Boost Online Revenue Without Breaking A Sweat

This guest post was written by Victoria Greene, a freelance writer and founder of the blog site VictoriaEcommerce. You can follow her on Twitter @vickyecommerce.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to make the most of your new online brand, you can spend hours stressing and still see sluggish sales figures. Quite often, even the most well-intentioned ecommerce merchant can make a few mistakes and entirely miss the mark with their marketing strategy.

This is easy to do, as sites like Google and Facebook regularly change their algorithms and more often than not it’s in favor of the user experience – rather than your business. But don’t worry, this post will offer you five tips for boosting online revenue without even breaking a sweat.

Monitor The Online Chatter

Keep ahead of conversations online with social media monitoring tools. As well as setting up Google Alerts for important industry headlines, you should also identify terms to monitor on social media. Doing this will allow you to jump into interesting conversations and offer your help in the comments section.

Social media analysis tools will also tell you the major influencers in your chosen industry, as well as your audience’s preferred internet haunts. Use these insights to your advantage within your content management strategy.

For more on creating amazing content, check out this previous post.

Opt For Opt-Ins On Your Site

Your ecommerce site needs to capture leads, as well as facilitate sales. If you haven’t set up an email newsletter and email opt-in, get one set up on a site like MailChimp. The first couple of thousand subscribers are free; you will need to start paying for the service when your email list grows.

Your newsletter should present a marketing channel for your best customers. Your email subscribers should receive regular discounts and links to informative content. You can also introduce your new products and run competitions. Do all you can to look after your dedicated 1,000 fans with your email marketing.

Remember, the aim is to get more sign-ups, so use these quick tips:

  • Install a pop-up to appear when your customer lands on one of your pages. Alternatively, if you want your opt-in button to be more subtle, create an animated sign-up link
  • Create a button that includes a small movement or color shift every three-five seconds. This will catch the visitor’s eye without interfering with the primary task of the page
  • Your signup should include a small written Call to Action to give people a reason to click. This could be an offer like free shipping over a certain spend limit or special discounts

Get More Reviews

Reviews offer customers social proof before they buy. It is really the case that the more reviews you have, the more trusted your site becomes in the eyes of consumers. The comments you receive will also provide you with vital feedback on your services. You obviously want to do all you can to get your rating up to five stars.

With all ecommerce hosts, reviews should be included as a default option on all pages. However, to fill your sites with comments, you should also set up an auto email upon purchase. This will trigger your customers to leave a response when their product arrives.

  • Within the post-purchase email, you should also encourage your customers to share their photos of your products on social media.
  • Set up a branded hashtag and make the user-generated content fun to take part in. This will also help you attract views and hopefully reviews you can post elsewhere.

Double Up On Your Facebook Ads

With Facebook advertising, there are many options for brands looking to create a range of sequential advertising campaigns. This is where you ‘pull’ the reader towards your site through a series of ads that pique their interests. For instance, you may start with a video advertisement in your sequence, followed by a free PDF guide ad pushed to those that watched the entire clip.

You can further boost the individual posts by ‘doubling up’ on content. Add a product gallery below the video upload with the click of a button. This will give you the chance to promote specific products on film.

  • You should also look to advertising on alternative social media channels like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, even Snapchat. Instagram and Snapchat also allow you to experiment with video and filters
  • You can also set up shoppable pins (Pinterest) and galleries (Instagram) where customers can click and buy directly

Upsell And Cross-Sell

Customer lifetime value is a key sales metric you need to boost. The better a customer’s experience, the more likely they are to come back to you in the future and refer a friend. Return custom proves (to the customer) that they must trust your brand.

We are all used to seeing product recommendation tabs scrolling along the bottom of product pages. Set up automated tools that help you generate personalized recommendations based on your visitor’s past behaviors. You can find many applications to run from your online storefront, regardless of which ecommerce platform you use.

  • You can also create upsell and cross-sell opportunities by creating specific product round-up promotions
  • Use audience research to identify common demographic interests and products customers would like to see on your site

Boosting your online revenue comes down to three main things: you need to make your product is valuable to your customers, they need to be ready to buy, and they need to trust your brand. By building social proof, presenting tempting offers, and informing your visitors with relevant content, you can increase sales without breaking a sweat.

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    Excelente artículo! Recomendado por @emprendimientouniversal.

  • Excellent. Doubling the facebook ads spend is the key. The more you advertise, the more exposure you get. The more people visit your shop, the more you sell. As simple as that.

  • Chelsea Campbell

    Making the product more valuable to the customers and building social proof is most definate.

  • Last Thursday I “sold” my website to the highest bidder, two days went by and the buyer never responded until Sunday, at that point the buyer stated “Hey Chris, Sorry I was at a business conference all day yesterday and could not respond. Due to the escrow deadline I am not able to proceed as it’s going to take about 5-7 days to liquidate some assets to get the cash. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience but I will have to pass on this deal. I’m very sorry and I know this is a great asset.”

    I contacted your “Priority Support” to unlock the website so I can attempt to sell the website to the other bidders and keep getting boilerplate responses from your staff, instead of anyone taking the time to actually read the email from the buyer and allowing me to repost the site, I am now several days past deadline and cannot sell the site. The whole point in putting my website up for auction for 7 days using your service was to sell the site quickly, even though I knew I could make a lot more money doing it using Empire Flippers. My site was appraised for $62K-$65K by 2 separate 3rd-parties.

    I intentionally sold MindfulMuscle.com first using your service as a trial run before this to test out your service and you guys did great. However, your support has completely dropped the ball on the website worth 10x that one, when I needed expediency the most.

    I am pleading to you to please release my website so I can enter the “Post Auction Negotiation” service that you guarantee on your website, I know for a fact the buyer has responded to both of us and your team is still doing nothing to help. If I lose this sale, worth tens of thousands of dollars due to negligence, we may be having a different conversation soon. Thank you for your understanding, please make this right.

    • Chris Holle

      Hi Chris! Very sorry to hear about this. Can you please email us at [email protected]? We should be able to resolve the issue and get you going.

  • getting reviews is an absolute trust mark.

  • This is such an Excellent article

  • what do you think of Twitter advertising? Our largest follower base is there but we are wondering if it’s the right kind of platform to spend on.

    • Chris Holle

      Most advertisers will choose Facebook over Twitter as many in the industry believe it has a better ROI. That being said, Twitter is a lot cheaper and seeing your audience is mostly on Twitter, it may definitely be worth to take just $20 and see what happens with it. Based on those results you can scale up or just cut it off.

      • Thanks Chris. We are going to set up a campaign and run it on a $100 budget.
        Our products are mainly targeting the igaming affiliate industry, so I think Facebook would be a difficult place to get ads approved. Hopefully Twitter is less strict. I’ll report back with our results if it’s worth sharing.

        • Chris Holle

          Awesome! Would love to hear how it turns out 🙂