A few weeks ago, we asked you how you monetize your websites. For 63% of you, AdSense is the go-to way to make money on the Internet — but there’s also a growing dissatisfaction with Google’s ad platform. Is there a monopoly in online advertising, and if so, does it benefit publishers in any way? Today’s post is written by Tal Nissenson of Qadabra, a self-serve banner ad provider. She argues that publishers have the freedom to pursue other options. We would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Like in any industry, competition is crucial for the market to flourish. Monopolies can often be counterproductive, leading to lower service standards and high prices due to a lack of business rivals. However, monopolies have also had a positive effect by actually giving way to the creation of smaller players.

Take for example AT&T, the American telecom giant: they dominated the communications industry as the main telephone company for many years and set the standards high for quality service. After its break-up in the 1980s, several small telephone companies emerged, giving better access to services to the US population. This resulted in a vast market of communication alternatives, healthy competition, which benefited the U.S. citizens with more competitive offers and the freedom to choose

Online advertising: The self-serve giant

It’s no secret that when it comes to the world of self-serve ad platforms, Google’s AdSense is considered to hold the monopoly. Like other monopolies, when not facing a threat of business rivals, it’s easier to neglect consumer’s needs and forget to continuously thrive for better service and rates.

However, those people who have experience with monetizing their inventory can agree that this is not the case, and that’s a good thing! The competition which arose in the last decade in online monetization has given the whole industry a big uplift and ensures that publishers are making the most they can out of their website real estate.

Competition= $$$

In a market where industry competitors abound, publishers are offered different possibilities and greater chances of monetizing their site inventory. This allows publishers to really benefit. First of all, they can shop around! There are no binding agreements: the publisher has the control and the power. They can simply remove the tag and replace it with another to find the platform that best meets their requirements.

Because of this, the ad platforms mission is to constantly improve, innovate and most of all offer an added value to their users. And who benefits the most? The publishers! They now not only have a wide menu of alternatives to choose from, but they can also leverage each of the platforms against each other to see where they are getting the highest revenues that they can.

AdSense Alternatives

Qadabra is one of the newer AdSense alternatives that emerged in the past year. Qadabra built itself with the belief that site monetization is every publisher’s privilege. Advertising and the Internet, after all, were made for one another! And therein lays the true magic of Qadabra’s brand proposition: the ability to help publishers exercise these privileges by quickly transforming any website with an audience into a website that generates ad-based revenue.

  • The privilege to leverage your website real estate for profit
  • The privilege to grab a piece of the pie
  • And above all, the privilege that should be allotted to all publishers to have access to this profit- with straightforward simplicity.

“I publish, therefore I am.” But today’s Internet entrepreneur aims to take this principle a step further and claims. I publish, therefore I earn…

So no, Qadabra isn’t the first, nor did we invent the revenue models that drive Internet-based advertising. We just made access to them magically simple and immediate for any website owner to pursue and enjoy.

Whether a website is a person’s main income source or just a profitable hobby, everyone who wants to make money off their site can enjoy a variety of solutions that fits their needs (others include Smowtion, AdSense, Infolinks). And competition can only flourish in a monopoly-free, healthy competitive environment.

Why? Because of the same reason that several product exist in a supermarket, and hundreds of fashion options in the mall: to have the power and the freedom to choose, and not be bound to one solution which probably doesn’t fit my needs and desires.

Because when it comes to monetizing website traffic through performance-based advertising, everyone deserves a little touch of magic.

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Photo Credit: purplejavatroll

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