As the #1 marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, we’re pleased to announce our latest addition:

Amazon FBA Businesses

As with the release of Shopify, Amazon FBA businesses will soon have its own space, allowing buyers to seamlessly view the hottest Amazon FBA businesses for sale and for sellers to quickly list their asset for sale in front of over 600,000 buyers on Flippa.

​Users have been able to buy and sell FBA businesses since our launch, but we’re upgrading our marketplace to improve the experience for FBA buyers and sellers.

For those unfamiliar with Amazon FBA stores, running a Fulfillment by Amazon store is as simple as 4 key stages:

  1. The seller sources products and stock they wish to sell
  2. The seller then ships the products to one of Amazon’s Fulfillment centers
  3. The seller lists the sale price and information about the product. This is then displayed on the Amazon store.
  4. When someone buys the product, Amazon handles all logistics of the sale from packaging the product and shipping, to providing customer support to the buyers.

Amazon FBA is an amazing resource for lowering your workload, while still increasing the sales volume of your business.

If you are interested in buying or selling an Amazon FBA business, please fill in one of the expression of interest forms:

If you’re looking to buy an Amazon FBA business – Please fill out our Buyer Expression of Interest Form

If you’re looking to sell an Amazon FBA business – Please fill out our Seller Expression of Interest Form

As we prepare our Amazon FBA section, we’ll be working directly with each seller to ensure that each listing is fully prepared.

If you’re interested in buying an Amazon FBA business, please fill out the buyer expression of interest. You may just find yourself getting early access, meaning you’ll see the top Amazon FBA businesses for sale before anyone else! 😉

Does Amazon Allow FBA Businesses to be Transferred?

Good news: FBA businesses are being transferred on a regular basis and it is allowed!

Even better news is Amazon FBA Accounts are easier to transfer than most online businesses, like eCommerce stores or content websites because there is no domain or hosting required for an FBA business! All you need to do is transfer the whole seller central account to the new owner.

We’ll have another post coming soon outlining the top questions we’ve received regarding Amazon FBA businesses. Stay tuned!

Do you have any suggestions on what should be added to the Amazon FBA section of the Flippa marketplace? Let us know in the comments!

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