Ten Macbook Hacks That Will Make You More Efficient

Ten Macbook Hacks That Will Make You More Efficient

New and experienced Macbook users both know how difficult it is to adjust to the Mac operating system. The learning curve is relatively steep and some of us just do not have the time to learn all the tips and tricks the Mac OS has to offer. At Flippa, we know how frustrating this can be, so we decided to compile a list of the top ten macbook hacks that will make your tech life easier and more efficient!

1. Paste Text Without Formatting (⌘ + Shift + V)

This one is for the avid copy and paste specialist. We all hate copying text and pasting it into a clean document with it’s original formatting that makes things look unorganized. This can easily be bypassed with a nifty little keyboard shortcut, Command + Shift + V. This saves a ton of time by automatically removing all formatting so that your text sits fresh in its new document.

2. Easily Access All Open Applications (⌘ + Tab)

If you have multiple applications open and are constantly switching back and forth between those applications, there’s a solution. Command ⌘ + Tab allows you to scroll through all your open applications and choose the one you wish to view. In order for it to work, make sure you hold the Command Key down and tap the Tab Key to scroll through each app. Simply let go of the Command Key when you wish to view an app. If you want to hide the app, tap the H key while holding Command or to quit the app, tap the Q key.

3. Email Shortcut (⌘ + Shift + I)

Emails are the new wave of online communication. We all send daily emails, whether work related or for personal use. If you use the Mail application in OS, we found a great little shortcut for you. Command + Shift + I composes a new email in a new window instantly without having to open or switch the application. It goes one step further; if you use the shortcut while in Safari, it will paste the link to the page you’re currently on right in the email for you. Handy if you need to share links with friends or colleagues.

4. Custom Shortcuts

Not finding any of the above shortcuts useful? Well, Mac OS allows you to create your own shortcuts for pretty much anything you want. Simply go to System Preferences, click on Keyboard, and then click Shortcuts. From there, click on Application Shortcuts from the left menu bar, click the (+) at the bottom of the open space box, and choose the app you want to open along with the command. You can also set up shortcuts for actions or modify default shortcuts.

5. Spotlight

Probably the most underused and hidden gem of Mac OS is its Spotlight feature. Spotlight not only allows you to search for files in your computer easily, but it also offers suggestions and results from the web without having to open your web browser. It will also calculate math problems (2+2=4) and conversions (meters to feet) by simply typing the numerical figures straight into the Spotlight bar.

6. Quick View

Need to view a document quickly without waiting for it to load? Simply highlight the file you need quick access to and click Spacebar. You will be able to view the contents of the document without waiting for it to open. Great for anyone who constantly refers to files on a daily basis. Saves time and increases the speed of your system by not having multiple files open at once.

7. Hot Corners

Not only can you use keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier, but so can the corners of your desktop screen. Hot Corners is a great feature of Mac OS that allows you to give general commands for your mission control based on which corner you point your mouse. Simply go to your System Preferences, click on Mission Control, and then click Hot Corners in the bottom left of the screen. You will get 7 choices to choose from:

– Application Windows (Highlights all the open windows for the app you’re currently using)
– Desktop (Reveals your desktop by making all open windows fly off the screen)
– Launchpad (Allows you to see and open all Apps in one place)
– Mission Control (Arranges windows into separate screens)
– Dashboard (Access your Mac’s dashboard widgets)
– Start (or Disable) Screen Saver
– Put Display to Sleep

8. Sign Documents with Managed Signatures

Hate the process of having to email, print, sign, scan, and re-send signed documents? Well the Preview feature in Mac allows you to create a signature with your finger and trackpad. Open Preview app in your Mac, click Annotate, scroll down to Manage Signatures, and click Create Signature. You will be able to create and save a signature by running your finger along the trackpad. Whenever you receive a document online that needs to be signed, just open it up in preview, follow the above process, and sign the document.

9. Record Your Screen

If you’re not comfortable downloading a third-party software to create screen capture videos, Quicktime has you covered. Open Quicktime app, and from the File drop down, select New Screen Recording. From there, you can start recording with default settings or click the drop down arrow located in the top right to change the audio, size, and saving preference.

10. Speed Up Your Mac

Is your Mac consistently running slow or taking forever to open applications? These simple “in-system” tricks can help speed up your Mac.

Reduce Logins: If your computer takes a long time to boot up, go into your System Preferences, click Users & Groups, and then click Login Items. Choose the users you wish to modify on the right and delete any items by highlighting the application on the right and clicking the (-).

Activity Monitor: Simply search in Spotlight for Activity Monitor and click the Return/Enter key. You will see a screen that shows you what is using the most system resources. From there, just close or delete anything you’re not using.

Delete Unused Apps: From Finder, click Applications, and sort them by Icon. You will be able to see the amount of space your Apps take up. Sort by highest bytes and go through the list, deleting any apps you don’t use.

The 10 Best Gmail Plugins for Busy Web Entrepreneurs

The 10 Best Gmail Plugins for Busy Web Entrepreneurs

The last article on the best apps for entrepreneurs seemed to be pretty well received, so I decided to put together a similar article on the best Gmail plugins for busy web entrepreneurs!

1. Rapportive

The 10 Best Gmail Plugins for Busy Web Entrepreneurs

Ever receive an email and were curious to know who sent it to you? Rapportive is a useful plugin that pulls the name, job description, and social profiles of your email contacts. It then replaces the ads on Gmail’s sidebar and displays the information it has collected. Depending on what it finds, this information may include links to a contact’s Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and Linkedin accounts. Upon your authorization you will also be able to one-click follow or connect with the contact and even see a list of connections shared in common. Download Rapportive and you’ll never go back, trust me.

2. mxHero

MX Hero Gmail App

Ever wish you could control and track your emails? mxHero allows you to do that, and much more. Once you add mxHero to your Gmail, you will be notified when a recipient opens your emails or attachments, or clicks on any links. The extension also allows you to schedule emails, self-destruct emails “x” amount of time after they’ve been opened, and choose to send certain files to specific recipients in group messages.

3. Streak

Streak Gmail

If you’re currently using (or even worse, paying for) a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, consider Streak. It is a built in CRM extension that integrates with Gmail, enabling you to manage sales, customer support, and bug fixes while keeping track of hiring processes, scheduling emails, and automatically creating/using email templates. Without a doubt, Streak is a great FREE alternative to any current subscription-based CRM that’s charging you on a monthly basis.

4. CloudMagic

Cloud Magic

If you love Google Drive, prepare to be driven into a whole new gear. CloudMagic is a nifty little plugin that integrates Gmail with any and all of your cloud-based softwares (ZenDesk, Evernote, Salesforce, etc..). You can access all those cloud tools without having to leave your inbox. CloudMagic gets even better by allowing you to integrate any cloud-based storage/photography websites, like Instagram, through their iPhone and Android apps.

5. Gmail Offline

Offline Gmail App

This is great for entrepreneurs who are always on the go. Gmail Offline allows you to sync your mailbox to your computer so you can read emails without having to be on Wifi or data. The sleek interface even allows you to instantly send a reply email once you connect back to Wifi or data.

6. WiseStamp


We all know how boring and routine email signatures seem to be. WiseStamp took notice and created a great Gmail plugin that enables users to create custom email signatures. You can grab snippets of your website, photos from your social profiles, and even merge links to important updates. Not impressed? Well, WiseStamp also allows you to integrate Google Analytics so you can track and optimize your click-throughs.

7. FollowupThen

FollowupThen Gmail App

Here’s a great one for all you sales agents and customer service reps who send hundreds of emails a day. FollowUpThen is a handy Gmail extension that alerts you when it’s time to send a follow-up email, allows you to schedule future emails, sends you SMS alerts, and even allows you to remind co-workers/your team to send follow-ups. Awesome plugin to turnover more leads and impress them with your promptness.

8. AwayFind

Away Find Gmail App

Two-week paid vacations just got better. AwayFind is a must-have Gmail plugin that allows you to set priority to emails in your inbox so you are not being alerted of a new email every two seconds while on vacation. All jokes aside, it separates itself from a default vacation response in Gmail by giving you a breakdown of how often you communicate with each recipient in your inbox, and by allowing you to prioritize certain email addresses – so urgent emails can still get through.

9. Boomerang

Boomerang Gmail App

Most of the Gmail extensions mentioned above are capable of scheduling emails. Boomerang, however, takes that to a whole new level. Once installed, you can schedule emails to specific times, which is great if you work/communicate in different timezones. The Boomerang Gmail plugin also lets you archive old emails, set reminders, and automatically schedule passed emails to return to the top of your inbox so you can be reminded to read them.

10. Assistant.to

Assistant.to Gmail App

Hate going back and forth in email conversations about a good time to schedule a meeting? Assistant.to takes the hassle out of scheduling and rescheduling meetings by utilizing calendars of all the parties involved to make one-click changes. Once the Gmail plugin is installed, simply schedule a meeting in your calendar and send it out. The extension will send an email invite to all parties involved with multiple meeting times available for them to choose from. If you or anyone needs to reschedule, simply open the email invite, and select a different time – easy as that.

The Top 10 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

The Top 10 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs make up one segment of the population that has benefitted greatly from the mobile app revolution. Specifically, apps provide a multitude of tools entrepreneurs can use to be more efficient and productive. Furthermore, apps can also help entrepreneurs make money. Because we pride ourselves here at Flippa as being a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, we thought it would only be fitting to put together this list detailing the top 10 best apps for entrepreneurs in 2015!

Top 10 List: The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs in 2015

1. Flippa

Best Apps for Entrepreneurs #1: The Flippa App

Okay, we’re obviously a little bit biased here, but as The Entrepreneurs Marketplace we think Flippa deserves a spot on the list of best apps for entrepreneurs! Interested in buying and selling web businesses, domain names, and smartphone apps? Download the Flippa marketplace app and get access to thousands of auction listings at the touch of a finger. The app uses a simple scroll feature and allows you to view details, watch a listing, and bid right from your phone. Join a community of over 600,000 entrepreneurs on Flippa and start making money online today!

Download the Flippa App for iOS Devices
Download the Flippa App for Android Devices


2. Venmo

Best Apps For Entrepreneurs #2: Venmo

Say goodbye to payment processing. Venmo is a completely free money-transfer app that allows users to send payments from one person to another. It links to your phone’s contacts and Facebook network, making it easy to search and send money to coworkers, employees, clients, partners, family and friends. Venmo has no limit on the amount you can transfer and unlike PayPal, has no transfer fees or long forms to fill out.

Download the Venmo App for iOS Devices
Download the Venmo App for Android Devices


3. Mint.com

Best Apps For Entrepreneurs #3: Mint.com App

It’s no secret that Entrepreneurs know how to manage their money and track their finances, but Mint makes the task so much easier. Mint is a free app, designed to allow users to report expenses, create budgets, and implement a savings plan, all from your phone.

Download the Mint.com App for iOS Devices
Download the Mint.com App for Android Devices


4. Pocket

The Best Apps For Entrepreneurs #4: Pocket App

True entrepreneurs are always on the hunt for new ideas, reading anything and everything they can get their hands on. Pocket is a great bookmarking app that can save a variety of content—-from lengthy articles to work-related documents. Pocket can even the latest viral cat video if you so choose. Anything saved can be accessed offline, across all your electronic devices.

Download the Pocket App for iOS Devices
Download the Pocket App for Android Devices


5. WinStreak

The Best Apps For Entrepreneurs #5: WinStreak App

Productivity is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. WinStreak is a great, free productivity app that makes you create three “wins” you want to achieve everyday and three more wins for the next day. A win, of course, is just a goal that you want to accomplish. It makes goal setting extremely easy and keeps your goals within reach.

Download the WinStreak App for iOS Devices
Download the WinStreak App for Android Devices


6. Google Drive

The 10 Best Apps For Entrepreneurs #6: Google Drive App

Google Drive is a great file sharing/hosting app. It allows you to save all your important files in one place and is easily accessible through any electronic device. You never have to worry about losing your files as it is cloud-based and saves documents as you go, when working from within the app. Entrepreneurs can easily share files to co-workers, employees, partners, or clients.

Download the Google Drive App for iOS Devices
Download the Google Drive App for Android Devices


7. SignEasy

The Best Entrepreneur Apps #7: SignEasy App

No entrepreneur has the time to print, sign, scan, and re-send documents on a daily basis. The SignEasy app removes that daunting task altogether by allowing you to sign and resend documents right from your phone making it a lock for the top ten list of best apps for entrepreneurs. All you have to do is open the document within the app, click “sign,” and you’re able to sign with you finger. SignEasy helps get the documents that need signing back to where it needs to go, in a much more efficient and timely manner.

Download the free SignEasy App for iOS Devices
Download the free SignEasy App for Android Devices


8. Prismatic

The Best Entrepreneur Apps #8: Prismatic App

Prismatic is a real gem for entrepreneurs who are active readers. This app creates a custom feed based off your interests. Sounds normal, right? Think again. Prismatic crawls everything you link it to, including your social networks. The app analyzes your posts, your network’s interests, your bookmarks, and then aggregates all the data into one specifically designed interest culminating in the presentation of all of the content you may be interested in, in one central place – at your fingertips.

Download the free Prismatic App for iOS Devices
Download the free Prismatic App for Android Devices


9. Fleksy

The Best Entrepreneur Apps #9: Fleksy App

Fleksy is great for entrepreneurs who are so busy, that they can’t even spare the time to look at their phone while texting. Literally. Fleksy is a keyboard extension that allows users to customize their phone keyboard, including text size and color. It uses gesture-based movements with word suggestions and keyboard shortcuts to allow users to type and swipe without ever having to look down at their phone. They even have a scoring system that tells you how well you can text without looking.

Download the Fleksy App for iOS Devices
Download the Fleksy App for Android Devices


10. Pocket Analytics

The Best Entrepreneur Apps #10: Pocket Analytics AppPocket Analytics consolidates all your website(s) analytical data into one easy to view and read app. This is ideal for on-the-go web entrepreneurs because it allows you to quickly access your sales and traffic data from third party analytics, right from your phone. It is fully customizable, allowing you to select easy-to-read graphs and view the information you want through a drag and drop feature.

Download the Pocket Analytics App for iOS Devices
The Pocket Analytics App is not available for Android Devices

So there you have it, the top ten best apps for entrepreneurs in 2015! Did your favorite apps make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!