BTS Army Merch Shop

BTS Army Merch Shop




BTS Army Merch is a very profitable online store specializing in KPOP merchandise for the band BTS and their fanbase, the BTS Army. Their most profitable products include jewelry, hoodies, plush toys and more.

Their extremely passionate customer base, the “ARMY” is the reason why the business is so successful. BTS is arguably the biggest band in the world and a complete worldwide phenomenon. They are often described as being more popular than the Beatles.

The ARMY is estimated to be a fanbase of 130 MILLION people worldwide! They are wholeheartedly dedicated to BTS and always buy new merchandise for concerts and fan meetups!

Their products are very difficult to obtain and cannot be found on AliExpress, therefore the niche has a very high barrier to entry. Due to private supplier relations and over 800,000 social media followers, BTS Army Merch Shop is at the forefront of this growing industry. 

Tell us a little about you, why did you start BTS Army Merch?

I started BTS Army Merch because I wanted to learn more about running a business. I am originally a fashion designer, but I wanted to expand my business knowledge, so I decided to start a drop-shipping store.

I choose the KPOP niche because it was something that I am personally interested in. It was my first drop-shipping store and I had no idea that it would end up being so successful and that it would soon become my full time profession. 

I am very grateful as it has allowed me to be completely independent and travel the world at the same time. I now feel I am ready to focus all my energy on my fashion design career as I have the business knowledge and funds needed to start my own fashion label which has always been my dream.

How and where is your merchandise made?

We have a private supplier in China that supplies us with our wide array of BTS merchandise. This relationship will of course be a part of the acquisition. 

How have you marketed the product and where are your customers originating from?

We primarily focus on Facebook ads and Instagram marketing. We have a large Instagram following which sends us quite a bit of traffic through our organic posts on that platform. Our main marketing focus is selling merchandise for upcoming concerts or marketing any trending products within the BTS niche. It’s a highly targetable audience.

For example: Army Boxes for the most recent album, or concert t-shirts for the next world tour. 

Our Top 10 Countries are :

United States
United Kingdom

How much time is spent on the business?

I only spend an average of 1- 2 hours a day on the business as it is highly automated. My tasks fall primarily on the marketing and creative side, developing and scheduling facebook ads, posting on Instagram and managing operations as needed.

I work with a customer service Virtual Assistant who spends an average of 2-3 hours a day on the business as well. His tasks include responding to emails and following up with our drop-shipping agent via our Whatsapp group. 

Our entire fulfillment system is automated and handled by our supplier. Nothing needs to be done on our end. 

In total, 4 people are involved in the business:
Myself: CEO
My VA: Customer Service
Drop-shipping agent: Handles fulfillment and works for our supplier
Supplier: Handles billing of cost of goods

Why have you decided to sell the business?

Personal reasons. I would like to focus on my studies and hopefully start my own private fashion label as this is my dream as a fashion designer.  I wholeheartedly believe in BTS Army Merch, so this has not been an easy decision to make.

What does someone need to do or know to continue operating the business in its current form?

  • Knowledge on Facebook ads would be important unless the new owner would like to outsource this task. 
  • Knowledge on how to use Shopify and how to manage an online business.
  • Knowledge on KPOP (specifically BTS) to relate to customers is advantageous, but not necessary as the store is already set up. 

Can you list a few potential growth opportunities for a prospective buyer?

  • Expand marketing to include other platforms such as TikTok
  • Make use of instagram influencers to post images of products
  • Add new products to the store when new albums are released
  • Include more artists merch on the website (example: TXT)


Tropii Company

Tropii Company

Tropii Company is a South Florida based business that sells high quality straw sun hats with unique designs under the brim. The hats have been UV tested and rated at 50+.

In South Florida, everyone includes a sun hat in their beach accessories or even while working around in the yard. They are highly sought after and with the right owner this business can go very far.
Tropii Company is currently stocked in 28 stores throughout the South Florida region as well as being sold online.

Tropii has been widely successful on their eCommerce platform (Shopify) having sold out of their most popular designs. They have been the featured product at festivals such as SunFest and multiple sporting events where they have been able to do up to $7,500 in sales over a single event. In a very short amount of time they were able to grow our Instagram page to over 1,200 followers with the majority of sales coming through organic social media.

Tropii Company’s average order value is $43.

Tell us a little about you, why did you start Tropii Company?

Starting back in early 2018, we purchased the company from a friend who originally started the company with just two designs and was ready to sell so that he could move across country.  We saw a huge opportunity in what he had created. We took his two designs and quickly added five new ones. We signed with a manufacturer based in China and almost immediately began selling online and at festivals.

When we first started out, we had over 2,000 hats in inventory as part of the purchase. With no money for marketing or development, we were able to make $4,500 in just two days at a festival and prove that this concept had wings. From there we further developed the line, sometimes using our social media network to crowdsource design concepts so that we have proof of concept before going into production.

We’ve also recognized over the past year that there is a huge opportunity for collaborations on the designs with local charities, athletic events or teams, or even social media influencers. Schools and clubs need these sorts of hats for their festival gatherings in the summers and would love to have custom designs made for them. We’ve even  run programs with a local sea life conservation organization that was incredibly successful.

While there are of course other companies that sell straw hats, there are few and far between that are making them as fashionable, custom, and appealing as Tropii Company is, giving us a huge edge on a large market.

Where are the majority of your customers coming from?

Instagram. We don’t pay for any advertising, so all of our traffic is purely organic – be it through instagram or real life events. Instagram’s Shopify integrated analytics tell us that 92% of our sales are coming straight from that platform, purely through organic posts or our customers sharing images, hashtags, and links to our site. There would be a huge opportunity for a new owner with a better understanding of Facebook advertising to retarget to our organic following.

Offline, we have found great success any time that we set up our booth at a festival, typically generating the longest line of any other product on the premises. We have had no problem getting Crossfit athletes, judges, and other festival participants to wear our hats at the event, showcasing the product essentially free of cost to us outside of the cost of the product itself.

Where are the Tropii Company hats manufactured?

Manufacturing is one of the most difficult parts of the process. Finding the right manufacturer that you feel comfortable with and can communicate with is important. We found one in China after interviewing with several and for anyone who is coming in to take over and purchase the business, everything is already in place. If you like the designs, you can keep them, if you want new ones, go for it. We’ll put you in touch with the manufacturers and help guide you through the process to be sure that everything runs smoothly.

We’re really excited to answer questions and make sure that whomever takes over is fully clued in on how the process works so that they can run with it.

How much time is spent on the business?

Currently, we’re only spending about 10-12 hours each week between fulfilling orders, visiting shops for potential B2B sales and creating content. Content is probably the biggest time consumer as it takes a lot more time than you might imagine to build a portfolio of high quality images and videos. As the majority of our sales at the moment are coming through Instagram, it has been important for us to be sure we have high quality content to help drive traffic.

The other time consuming factor is order fulfillment, but if someone wanted to take this company and drive it towards a drop shipping model, it can be handled pretty much through automation.

Who would be best to take over this business?

This business would be perfect for a college aged buyer looking for a first step into the world of eCommercce and fashion or for someone who is a people person with the time to network and create more B2B sales. It’s also perfect for people who are awesome at social media and love being outdoors. With the right time given to the business the social media could flourish!

People absolutely love these hats and it’s a little sad that we have to let it go but it taught us a lot about starting and running a business. We’ve made so many contacts and met amazing people. It’s crazy to see the result of our work. We walk on the beach and see a hat or we show up to events and people know the brand. It’ll make a great business that can totally be expanded with the right effort put into it.

The business has plenty of growth opportunities:

  • Unlimited opportunity to grow the wholesale side of the business. We already have many contacts here in Florida who have sold our products in their stores and they would like to continue selling.
  • Unlimited potential to collaborate with other companies and brands. We have had an incredible amount of interest in making custom hats for other companies and organizations. This would be a new revenue stream!
  • Selling from a tent and booth at large events such as music festivals, CrossFit competitions, and pretty much any other event that is outdoors and offers spots for vendors to sell. This is a great way to get exposure and make a good amount of money in one day. On average we made $3000 – $4500 per day at any event. We are including all the booth equipment.

WPSchoolPress is a WordPress plugin for School Management.

Approved on since January 2019, the plugin is available on a freemium model, the users need to pay on for the add-ons that enhance the plugin features. 

  • Plugin downloaded 30,000+ times ~100 new ones per day
  • Database with 22k+ user contacts
  • Global customer base – users from 132 countries 
  • Niche market with little competitors

Currently, there are 5 Add-Ons that can be purchased individually $30 each and a Bundle pack of $135 for all of them.

  • 31% of the sales go on the purchase of the Bundle option
  • The most sold after the bundle is the “Import Export” add-on
  • Users purchase a lifetime license to use the add-ons and included is one year of product updates
  • After 12 months, users need to purchase again to get the updates for another year

Two more Add-ons are in the development process

  • Payments Add-On – Test stage. once launched, it will be sold for $50 and the bundle price will increase to $150.
  • Grade card Add-On – 1st version, 70% completed.

Tell us a little about you, how did you develop WPSchoolPress?

After building my web agency, JD SoftTech both in Boston, USA, and Ahmedabad, India, I wanted to find a way to help other agencies.So, we took our team of highly qualified website developers and web designers and launched UnlimitedWP, a white-label WordPress partner for growing agencies.

Along the way of building our web agency which has morphed into UnlimitedWP, we also worked on creating and supporting our in-house software products. One of which is WPSchoolPress, a plugin in for WordPress CMS which has 60% of the market share. Our plugin adds an entire school management system into the website’s backend.

What has been the evolution of this site since launch? 

The plugin and its website were originally established in 2015 by a different person with the strategy to only offer a paid version. The website quickly ranked on the top of Google searches and got a decent number of visitors. As the previous owner had a full-time job and thought they were not able to take full advantage of the plugin’s popularity it got in a short time, they decided to sell it in 2017. 

Due to work commitment, we did not do anything on the plug-in for one year. During that time we received up to 10 emails per day from people showing their interest in the plugin.

In 2018 we decided offering the plug-in for free and then paid add-ons to expand its functionality. We spent 6 months with extensive work and testing on the plugin, updating to the required WordPress standard to add it to their repository; our aim was to get a large number of downloads, so WordPress websites could install our plugin with one click. The updates involved stability and a more modern design.

On Jan 1st, 2019, we finally got the free version of the plugin released on We immediately got success getting ~50 daily downloads. The next step was to create paid add-ons. Since June 2019 we released 5. Currently we have nearly completed 2 more add-ons to be released in early 2020. 

Along the way, we have collected over 22,000 emails from people who download our free version. 

The third phase of our strategy is monetizing from our large community base and start marketing to grow revenue to even higher numbers.

This plugin has been a side project for our agency. Our cost to run this plugin was $450 per month (the salary of one person in India) to develop, manage, and communicate with users. The person who was doing this has just left to study aboard and now we need to hire another person. Meanwhile, as one of our other software products has seen great success and we are considering selling this plugin to focus 100% on that product. We believe that WPSchoolPress is very near to unleash its full potential and make hefty cash without much effort to run the business. 

What is the business model? What are the current revenue streams?

We offer a free school management system plug-in on our website WPSchoolPress for WordPress CMS. It offers full functionality to a WordPress website back-end for a school to run their operations. 

We offer paid add-ons to expand the features and functionality, e.g. bulk import/export, SMS, assign one student to multiple classes, front-end student self-registration form, etc. 

These add-ons can either be purchased individually or together with a bundle. We issue an API key that user needs to add to their website in order for the add-on to work. Users get free updates to their purchased add-on for the period of one year. After that, they are free to use the add-on, but they need to pay again if they like new updates. The API key system we have in place ensures that add-on copy can be used only on one website.

Our goal is to reach out to as many people as possible with the free version. Though add-on sale has started recently, 4% of the active plug-in users are coming back to purchase add-ons. 33% of those users are going for the bundle pack.     

What does someone need to do to continue operating the business in its current Form?

  • Emails – normally customization or some partnership requests. 
  • Respond to the support system added on the backend of the website where paid users can raise a ticket if they have a question.
  • Get back to users via the live chat installed on the site. 
  • Whenever there is a WordPress update, checking plug-in for updates, normally there is none. Once or twice a year there may be small changes requiring a few hours of work.

Can you list a few opportunities to Grow for a prospective buyer?

  1. Start using the large list of 22,000 contacts to market paid add-ons.


  2. Run a poll among the contact list to see what other features are mostly needed to create paid add-on for it. Typical add-on development takes 1-2 months. But then that add-on is sold forever.


  3. There is a lot of interest in the FB page. Just active posting there can help to make community big.


  4. There are many people who reached out to us and offer to help as they are interested in the potential of the plug-in and they have experience in the educational field.


  5. Half of our traffic is from other web agencies/developers who are building a school management system on behalf of the schools. A school hiring a web developer to build website and web developer using WPSchoolPress. There is a great opportunity in building a relationship with this developer to even promote more. It is very common in the WordPress ecosystem for a plug-in to offer “developer license” which basically grants multiple website use of the paid add-on license. The market rate for such a developer license for WPSchoolPress will be $300-$500. We do want to offer this, but we were planning to do it in 2020. Many premium plug-ins like WPSchoolPress have this option, we just haven’t launched it. All the work needed for that is already done.


  6. WordPress is a very large community and helping one at that. There are many WordPress high traffic blogs and they would love to write about a plug-in that is helping schools. This can have a significant impact on the traffic and hence increasing download rates.
  7. Customization work: We receive very regular customization requests. I would say over 200 in 2019. From that data, we know what the most requested customization work is. We have created a list of 10 items. We were going to create an add-on so plugin users can customize those areas. The next owner should do it, it will be a big hit and you can expect a lot of people to use the plugin. Meaning they will need other add-ons too and unlimitedly 30% of people decide to go with a bundle pack of $130.
    Apart from this add-on for customization. The new owner can also offer another deep customization for a one-time project cost. In fact, we have done it last year.


  8. Payment integration add-on: We are building an add-on to integrate WPSchoolPress with WooCommerce. This one is a big one as we have received tons and tons of requests to add a payment system in the plugin. We thought it would be better to connect the school’s classes as products in WooCommerce. That way people can use any payment gateway they like as oppose us building integration with different payment gateways. WooCommerce works with 100’s of payment gateway around the world. Given our World exposure, this will allow all schools to collect payments from the parents. Nearly all work is completed with integration. On the final testing before launching that much-awaited add-on, we found one scenario that needs some work. We haven’t been able to work on it yet, so we did not launch the add-on yet.


  9. Results add-on: With this add-on, schools will be able to generate results/grade cards for the student. It will auto-populate exam scores from students’ data. Initial work on the add-on just completed in Nov. We have not begun testing yet.


  10. We do have other 5 new paid add-on ideas prepared. Such as online examination, LMS extension, customization add-on, etc.


  11. Offer to build a website along with the plug-in – The schools who are looking for the plug-in is also looking for website many times. We wanted to take highly rates premium WordPress theme like Astra theme along with a page builder like Beaver Builder and integrate WPSchoolPress plug-in deeply in it. This way we can sell a packaged hosted website with the entire school management system pre-built in it on a monthly subscription-based to schools. We already have heavy traffic and a web presence that it would be a good product to sell it.  To build something like that would take 1-2 months. With monthly subscription-based, a new owner can build a good side business using the same plug-in. It does not have to be a monthly subscription; it can be sold as package priced – of course, it will be over $1,000 with maintenance fees.


  12. Not all of our traffic and users are schools. We have so many users who are not schools but have a similar structure as schools. For example, gyms like to use it to create gym classes and have their gym members sign up on those classes. Schedule, attendance, grade report, etc. can be managed on it. Coaching institutions are also interested as they have similar structures as schools. Other teaching programs like yoga classes, certification courses, language centers, and much more similar businesses can also us our plug-in and infect they do. We can create a landing page on the website for different industries. Given Google ranking, we can rank high for keywords like WordPress yoga class management plug-in, gym management WordPress plug-in, etc to get additional traffic and downloads.


  13. Learning management system: Our plug-in is a school management plug-in, but we can do an add-on to add a learning management system (LMS). LMS are highly popular as they are needed for many industries. It is basically adding a page for each class to add assignments, notes, material to download, notes, discussions etc by the students who are on those classes. This is asked by many of our users and highly needed add-on to release down the line. 

How have you marketed the product and where are your customers originating from?

We have not done any direct marketing yet. Here is what we did so far,

  • 2018 we revamped plugin both in terms of code and design. This was the preparation to submit the plugin in plugin directory. We were going for the fermium model-free plugin and then paid add-ons to extend features. The plugin was approved in Jan 2019. 
  • We created an online demo and ask to enter an email to see it. I would say about 50% of people who downloaded the free plugin, come to the website first to see the demo. From there we have collected 22,000 contacts (we recently cleaned the list to make sure they are all real users).
  • For marketing, this list is huge and nicely organized in the marketing system (we use Mautic, a popular open-source software installed on our server ready to be used). We may have sent 5 emails to users so far. We really haven’t started to monetize from the list we have.
  • We have created a YouTube channel and uploaded I think about 10 videos that get decent views from users. This an area to be worked more to get more users in the WPSchoolPress community.
  • We rank on the first page with on-page SEO we had done a while ago on the website for all relevant keywords which bring a lot of organic traffic daily.
  • We are not active on the FB page where we should have been.
  • We did create a blog on our site and posted two blogs in the last 2 months.

How does the business currently acquire customers and what is your breakdown for marketing costs?

We have just been fortunate to get first-page rank, high interest in the plugin in general, high download rate, low competition. So far, we have just been banking on that as our primary focus was not marketing but keep building more add-ons. We were getting a high download rate, so we wanted to focus on building add-ons in the last 6 months rather than any marketing. And meanwhile, grow the community around our plugin so down the line, we sell our add-ons to them.

Apart from building new add-ons, none of the things cost anything to us to acquire new customers. The first-page rank brings us free traffic and users. Also, plugin being free in means it attracts additional thousands of views each day. It also helps that we are the only plug-in in the entire plugin directory. Early entry in the market is clearly paying off. More and more schools are going to want to digitalize their operations and we stand to rip the benefit of it. Therefore, it was more imperative for us to build paid add-on to expand the feature set of plugins than to market as anyways we were having more than decent incoming free traffic. 

What marketing channels are most profitable for the business?

  1. Organic traffic
  2. plug-in directory

How many people does it take to run this business?

Just one person with WordPress development experience can easily manage the entire business.