Flippa iOS App Verification

Flippa iOS App Verification

With the launch of iOS 11, we’ve had to change our process on how we verify ownership of iOS apps for sale on Flippa. In the past, we had users update their app descriptions, but iOS 11 now prevents app descriptions from being updated without also updating the version of the app.

This means our prior way of verifying ownership of an iOS app is no longer effective. With that, we’ve rolled out a new process for verifying iOS app ownership.

To verify ownership of an iOS app when listing it for sale on Flippa, users will receive a unique verification token which needs to be added to the end of the support url.

For example, if the support url is google.com and the token is 12345, then the updated Support URL should be google.com?token=12345

Android app verification will remain the same, where you will be provided with a 10 digit verification code upon listing. As the app owner, you will be instructed to copy and paste this code into the app description on Google Play Store so it can be referenced. The verification will be done automatically and is usually the last step to be completed before your app listing can go live.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. Please feel free to leave a comment or email [email protected] with any questions!

Flippa Saved Search Video Tutorial

Today we dive into Flippa saved searches and how you can create your own!

A saved search on Flippa is our way of storing your search criteria and notifying you if anything new comes onto the marketplace that meets that criteria. Additionally, because your search requirement is saved, you can review your criteria at any time as well as all the search results.

To perform your own saved search, view the video guide here:


Introducing Amazon FBA Businesses Section to Flippa

Introducing Amazon FBA Businesses Section to Flippa

We’re excited to announce that we have just launched our new Amazon FBA section within Flippa, meaning buying and selling Amazon FBA businesses is now easier than ever!

Each Amazon FBA business listed on Flippa has undergone a full due diligence check from our Marketplace Integrity team and will be assisted by our account managers to ensure the smoothest possible transaction.

FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”, meaning that a seller sends his inventory over to Amazon to be stored at their warehouse. From there, when an order is placed for your product through Amazon, they will handle all packing, delivery, customer service, and returns of the seller’s inventory.

For more on how it works, you can view Amazon’s own guide to Fulfillment by Amazon services by clicking here.

Check out the Amazon FBA businesses we have for sale Flippa:

Technology & Electronics FBA Business

This fast-growing technology FBA business generated $18,000 in monthly revenue on $11,400 monthly profit in August alone! Operations require just 3 hours of work per week to manage the seller account and ensure all 3 products are properly stocked.

View the listing here: https://flippa.com/9042482

Outdoor & Boating Equipment FBA Business

FBA Business selling outdoor & boating equipment and generating  $200,000 in revenue over the trailing twelve months. The business is largely automated and is looking for a new owner wanting to take the FBA business to new heights.

View the listing here: https://flippa.com/9034045

T-Shirt Amazon Merch Business

This business sells unique novelty t-shirts through the Amazon Merch program and generates $150+/month with little upkeep.

View the listing here: https://flippa.com/9042532

Home Decor FBA Business with Excellent Ratings

Established FBA Business selling a variety of home decor items and generating $5,500 monthly revenue on $1,100 monthly profit. The seller account has a 100% positive rating over the last 12 months from 121 reviews, and requires just 2-6 hours per month to operate.

View the listing here: https://flippa.com/9026388

Keep watching our FBA section of Flippa here to view these listings, and the many more listings coming soon!

If you’re interested in selling your Amazon FBA business and being featured in our Amazon FBA section of Flippa, please fill out our expression of interest form here!

It’s an exciting time for us at Flippa and we have no plans on slowing down. If you have any questions surrounding the Amazon FBA section or wish to provide suggestions on what we should focus on next, please reply to this email or email [email protected]!

Full Video Interview with Joe Burrill, A Website Investor

Full Video Interview with Joe Burrill, A Website Investor

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional website investor? We recently invited Joe Burrill down to our Melbourne office for an exclusive interview on what it’s like buying and selling online businesses as a career.

Sidenote: Joe is the only person on Flippa to hold all three seller badges on Flippa: Gold star (for 2+ years of positive feedback), Super Seller (recognizes number of sales and the sale value), and Premium Seller (for selling multiple high-quality assets).


Common Questions About Buying and Selling Amazon FBAs

Common Questions About Buying and Selling Amazon FBAs

With the upcoming launch of our dedicated Amazon FBA section within the Flippa marketplace, we address some of the top questions surrounding Amazon FBA businesses!

What is an Amazon FBA Business?

FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”, meaning that a seller sends his inventory over to Amazon to be stored at their warehouse. From there, when an order is placed for your product through Amazon, they will handle all packing, delivery, customer service, and returns of the seller’s inventory.

For more on how it works, you can view Amazon’s own guide to Fulfillment by Amazon services by clicking here.

Amazon FBA’s are different from the dropship eCommerce model of business, as you need to supply the product to Amazon warehouses before an order is placed.

Benefits of Amazon FBA Businesses:

  • Fulfillment Centers: All orders are packaged and shipped quickly to customers. Watch your workload decrease, allowing you to focus on bigger parts of the business.
  • Prime Eligibility: Products are eligible to be marked with Amazon Prime status.
    • Having Prime status on products is a quick way to boost sales (Source: AppEagle)
  • Amazon Customer Service and Returns: Amazon will personally handle all customer service requests and returns on behalf of each product sold.

Am I Allowed to Buy or Sell an FBA Account?

It’s a fairly common practice to transfer ownership of Amazon FBA businesses.

Amazon understands that ownership of a business could change for any reason, and will facilitate transfers upon request.

If you are a seller and would like to sell your online business using Amazon FBA, best practice would be to seek out pre-approval from Amazon Seller Central (Link: sellercentral.amazon.com) to ensure a smooth transaction once the listing is sold.

It’s the responsibility of the seller to ensure that ownership can be transferred before listing any business or asset on Flippa.

Once you have confirmation from Amazon that your account can be transferred, you’re ready to list your business for sale!

How do I Transfer Ownership of my FBA Account?

There are 3 ways to transfer ownership of a Amazon FBA account:

1. FBA owner calls seller central and gets the store transferred over to the new owner. This method will be the most common practice on Flippa. Once Seller Central has confirmed that you can transfer the asset, you simply need to change the login details to match the new owner. Once this is done, the new owner can then update all payment information, etc.

Note: As mentioned, we highly recommend contacting Amazon Seller Central before you list your FBA account on Flippa.

2. FBA owner adds the buyer in the back end and the buyer subsequently updates the details of ownership on Amazon themselves.

3. Brand is transferred, following the brand transfer guidelines. There may be instances where a seller may want to retain the account and they can. In that instance, the products can be transferred to a new account. The seller reviews don’t move across but the product reviews do.

Most FBA transactions on Flippa will fall under the first option. No matter which way you plan to transfer your assets, it is essential that you clearly state which transfer process you plan on using in your listing description to avoid confusion.

Can I Just Sell an Individual Product(s) Instead of my FBA Seller Account?

Of course! That said, you will need to contact our support team (or your account manager if you’re working with our team already) to verify that your brand is registered properly with Amazon Brand Registry and to get your listing set-up properly.

Can I Sell an Amazon Merchant Account?


For those unfamiliar with Amazon Merchant accounts, all shipping is done by the seller themselves, and not an Amazon fulfillment center. This is more in-line with the standard eCommerce model.

If you plan on selling an Amazon Merchant account, it is up to you whether you want to list it in the FBA section of Flippa, or as a general online business in the websites section.

Have any other questions regarding FBA accounts? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!