Pricing Change to Domain Classified Listings

Pricing Change to Domain Classified Listings

With the launch of our new listing builder, we’ve made a few changes to how our platform operates, and made a few changes to domain classified listings. Domain classified listings now have the ability to purchase listing upgrades, have increased search visibility, and the ability to add descriptions.

For the full list of changes, you can read the blog post here.

With these changes, we decided to implement a $1 domain classified listing fee, which will take place starting today.

Why $1?

Prior to this, domains classified listings were free, but with the new changes to classified listings, we believe it’s in the best interest of our users (both buyers and sellers) to add this $1 fee. This fee will help improve trust in the marketplace and will make sure more quality listings appear in front of buyers. These changes will not effect domain portfolios, which will remain free.

New Listing Builder

New Listing Builder

After months of hard work, complete with long hours and fueled by copious amounts of coffee, we’re excited (and proud!) to be launching the new listing builder!

The new listing builder allows users to seamlessly create their auction without the hassle. Admittedly, our old listing builder was clunky and difficult to navigate, especially when listing an app or website for sale. The new listing builder was built to address the issues of the old listing builder, while also implementing new features to make it easier for users to showcase their asset.

Identify Starter Sites

Users can no longer choose between a starter site and established site as this is now done automatically. This will now prevent users from falsely claiming a starter site as an established site.

Domain Portfolio Tool

We have kept our domain portfolio tool for users who have more than 1 domain to upload.

Classified Listing Upgrades

Sellers will have the ability to purchase upgrade packages for classified listings. This feature will give the sellers of classified listings more control and more attention to their asset for sale.

Financial Information for Android Apps

Sellers now have the ability to list average monthly downloads and financials for an android app before the listing is launched. Average monthly downloads won’t appear on the listing page, but it will improve its visibility in search.

Automatic Reserve Disclosure

Users now have the ability to opt in for their reserve to be automatically disclosed to buyers when they request for the reserve. This feature has already been available, but has now been extended to selecting this option prior to launching your listing.

Delaying Listing Launch

Don’t want your listing to launch right away? Choose what time you want your listing to go live and we will automatically schedule it for you.

Contact Customer Support

Stuck? Users can now contact Customer Support directly from Listing Builder. Help is just a click away!

What’s Next?

The listing builder is just one of many platform features we have coming, so stay tuned for more updates!

If you have any questions about the listing builder, or if you have a feature you would like to see implemented, comment below or email us at [email protected]!

Case Study: The $100 Startup Success

Case Study: The $100 Startup Success

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Cindy Molchany, a web entrepreneur who started after reading the $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. The site quickly exploded, and after 3 years of hard work, Cindy decided to sell her business on Flippa for $20,000.

As a first-time Flippa seller, Cindy details what the auction process was like and what it was like to work alongside our account management team here at Flippa.

Tell us about your technical background and how you started

My background is in wine and beer marketing, and I have no technical background per-se except I had started a WordPress blog or two (but I’m not sure you can say that is a “technical background”).

When I came up with the idea to launch Craft Beverage Jobs, I actually did it as a way to grow exposure for my digital marketing services to the industry. I thought offering an industry job board with compelling content and a strong social media presence would help me stand out among the competition and drive interest for my digital marketing services.

When I discovered I could build a job board the way I wanted using WordPress and a $100 plugin, I was up and running within 30 days as a way to challenge myself after reading “The $100 Startup”.

Craft Beverage Jobs actually ended up quickly taking on a life of its own, and the more involved I got with building and growing the site, the more interested I became in Online Business in general and the less beverage marketing I did. Funny how that works.

What made you decide to sell your website?

The simple answer is that my interests have evolved, and I was neglecting it. I knew the site and concept excited people, but I didn’t feel like I had much left to contribute in order to take it to the next level. It needed fresh energy.

Tell us about your first sale went.

My first sale was a flop!

A website isn’t like a car where you can look up the Kelly Blue Book value and understand what a good market value is – even though a lot of “experts” will tell you that it’s as black and white as adding a 2-3x multiplier on your site revenue (or profit – not sure which one is used).

So when I initially launched Craft Beverage Jobs for sale on Flippa, I had zero confidence going in because how I valued the site was in such contrast to what the online calculators out there showed. And even though I got a couple of “Buy It Now” offers above the reserve price I set initially, I ended up pulling the auction only after a few days because I decided I would rather keep the site then sell for less than what I thought it was worth.

I thought that was it, but then shortly after I ended the sale, Joseph at Flippa reached out and extended the offer to do an evaluation for me and to potentially work together should I decide to relist.

He confirmed what I suspected all along. That value is in the eye of the beholder, and he expressed confidence (in his expert opinion – not a guarantee) that I would get a price I would be comfortable with.

What was it like working with our account management team?

Having access to the account management team made all the difference in the world. With the free upgrades, the featured newsletter spot, and the social media promotions, my auction got a lot of attention from many different interested buyers. In addition to the validation on value, I was able to ask for help on strategy up to the very end of the sale. This was very important to me because it gave me the confidence I didn’t have the first time around.

In all honesty, Flippa can be a little intimidating – especially for a newbie. I didn’t want to make a beginner mistake on something so important to me, and working with Joseph was like having a coach the whole way through.

What suggestions would you have for others looking to sell their website?

  1. Putting heart and soul into your website can most definitely add value.

  1. It’s about finding the right buyer, not just any buyer. Talk to people who express interest, answer all their questions (the more the better the sign), and find out their intentions with your website.

  1. And jump at the opportunity to work with the Flippa team if given the chance.

Would you like to add any closing statements?

I miss running a website like Craft Beverage Jobs, and am already starting a new transactional niche website to build, grow, nurture (and maybe sell on Flippa one day).

Enjoy reading Cindy’s story? Continue reading more Flippa case studies now.

Case Study: Super Seller Interview

Case Study: Super Seller Interview

I’m joined here by Richard Jordan, a web entrepreneur and Flippa Super Seller with $133,867 over 26 transactions and a 100% positive rating. Richard and I discuss his success of buying and selling websites on Flippa, and drops a few hints on how others can successfully do the same.

Tell us about your background as web entrepreneur.

I received a degree in Computer Science in 2009. Rather than working for a company like Google, I stumbled into making money with websites and instantly became fascinated with operating web businesses. I started doing freelance webmaster work, but I quickly grew tired of working for other people who had no idea how to properly operate their online business. That’s when I started investigating owning my own websites portfolio to become my own boss. I figured that if I owned websites I could make the same amount of money and not have to work for other people. Ever since then, I’ve been maintaining my own websites portfolio and haven’t looked back!

What originally brought you to Flippa, and why do you continue to use it?

One of my clients wanted to sell his site and asked me to list it on Flippa back in 2011. This opportunity opened my eyes to the world of buying and selling websites and I immediately became hooked. Since I was still building my portfolio, I was mostly buying websites, whereas now I am mostly selling websites on Flippa. At one point, I owned and operated on a portfolio of about 50 different websites. I sell on Flippa because nowhere comes close to having as many buyers as Flippa does.

A lot of your recent auctions have had no reserve. Are you simply motivated to sell or is there a strategy there for you?

I have full confidence that the Flippa market is mature enough that nothing will sell for anything I would be too unhappy with. Plus I am pretty attached to my websites and have a tough time negotiating a price privately. The auction format takes away my seller’s remorse issues. Whatever happens, happens, and typically it works out better than I could have ever hoped.

Would you recommend a no reserve to other sellers? If so, why?

It isn’t for everyone, but if you’re motivated to sell, I would highly recommend it. In general, websites are hard to price. I can tell you when a website is undervalued, but I have limited ability to predict what it is worth to someone who is a specialist in that niche. Some niches I might know and be able to set that price as well. That said, there are a lot of much more talented people than me out there at growing sites, and there are a lot of niches, each with its own unique factors.

How did you get to owning such a large websites portfolio? Were most of these bought, or did you build them yourself?

Personally, I am not that great at building or growing websites. I have a system for buying though that has worked well for me, and I think could work well for others.

You have just listed,, and Can you tell us about these listings?

They are sites I have purchased over the last 5 years. They were all old and neglected when I purchased them. In the case of I made a software change to grow the community. is a great site that I have owned since 2013 that makes on average $400 / month via AdSense without any maintenance. It is a hard one for me to sell at no reserve, but I know it will work out and find a smart owner. / are the type of cool, old sites I love with timeless topics. Feldgrau centers on German Armed Forces in World War II, and Feldgrau is the nickname for the color of their uniforms. is an information site, and is a community site. Both are being sold together as a package deal.

If these sites sound interesting to you, check out their auctions here: // //

You mentioned to me you were writing a book. What is the book about and when will it be finished?

The book is about what I have done for the last 5 years. The website world has allowed me to find freedom, love, and hopefully some children soon. I doubt I will make much from the book, but I want to give back. My teachers were sellers on Flippa, and I want the cycle to continue as I transition in my life. I want to inspire someone to take what I have done and exceed it. If one person looks back and feels as thankful as I do then I will be happy with my choice.

I will be giving away everything I know in the book, so it may end up being a bad move if I lose too much money in the stock market and have to come back to buying and selling websites. I have a website where people can sign up for the book. You can also submit requests for general topics for me to cover and specific questions to answer in the book. The book should come out next month, February 2017. If people find the book helpful, then I might offer services to help people buy websites.

Any advice for other entrepreneurs looking to sell their websites?

I would advise people to stop being promotional when they advertise their websites. It is a turnoff. Let the facts speak for themselves. People see right through you, and then you just come off as a bad person. Have empathy for your buyers. Both a buyer and seller should benefit from a transaction.

Would you like to add any closing statements?

I’d like to leave with a short excerpt from my book, The Trust Fund: Autobiography of a Website Flipper.

Because of my Flippa auctions, I have received questions about how I acquired so many aged, AdSense autopilot websites. As I am ending my journey in this market, I wanted to share my intellectual capital so that future vagabonds down this life path may surpass me and reach similar liberating life circumstances as myself.

My fiancé openly questions me about whether I have a trust fund. I have no job or schedule while she, like many (maybe even you dear reader), spends long hours toiling in the salt mines of corporate America. I am blessed by finding an alternative path in life. I have created my own trust fund with passive income generating websites. But for those who read my story, you may find that it is not an easy path. I hope my story may also help some to turn back before tackling what may be a painful, unfulfilling journey.

Richard Jordan has been buying and selling websites for over 6 years now and still buys and sells websites to this day. Want to be notified if he creates any new listings? Check out his profile and click on ‘watch seller.’

Flippa Platform Feature Updates

Flippa Platform Feature Updates

Check Out the Latest Platform and Feature Updates

New features have been added to Flippa’s marketplace! Read about the latest changes to our platform and how they can better help you achieve a successful sale.

Changes to Reserve Prices

Reserve prices can now be displayed publicly! In the past, we required reserve prices to be restricted to private conversations, but we have now allowed sellers to publicly disclose the reserve, should they want to. By choosing to disclose your reserve, users can quickly and easily see your reserve from the listing page.

This feature is great for increasing seller transparency and expressing your price expectations up front, which typically results in a higher chance of selling your asset.

Note that reserve prices can still be hidden from the public.

Request Support Feature

Having an issue with the sale, or just simply unsure of how to proceed next? We’ve added a “request support” button within the sales completion area. By pressing the button, one of our customer success agents will jump into the discussion to assist you!

Bulk Management Tools for Domains

We’re proud to announce that uploading a domain portfolio is faster and easier than ever! We’ve improved our support team’s bulk management domain tools to help ensure you have a fresh portfolio of sellable domains listed for sale at all times. Send us your domain portfolios today!

Saved Search is Back!

Back due to popular demand, we have re-added saved search! Saved search allows you to quickly establish your buying criteria and sort for only the assets you’re interested in. Additionally, you will receive notifications if a new listing matches your criteria.

Home Page Search

Another way to make your search easier, we’ve re-added a search bar to the homepage! We hope this will make it easier for you to quickly and effortlessly search for what you’re looking for.

Have a Suggestion?

Write to us! Many of these implementations were suggested by our users, so if you have a feature request you would like to see, please write in to [email protected].