Uthena.com is an eLearning marketplace that brings together the best features of Udemy, Skillshare,
and Fiverr into one platform for online courses, private label rights, memberships, and services where
instructors enjoy full control over pricing and access to affiliate commissions!

With just ten months since inception, Uthena is generating a monthly revenue of $2.8k+ on average and
has a base of 22k+ users that signed up. Moreover, there are 74 approved instructors and 18,575 videos
uploaded on the platform.

Why did you start Uthena.com Jerry?

Here is the summary: I have created over 100 online courses which have sold for millions of dollars online with Udemy being the number one place my courses have sold. In 2016, Udemy took down my profile despite me not having any policy existing policy violations which eliminated almost all of my income. I struggled for years to get back on me feet with me own self-hosting and using other platforms like Skillshare. One day I realized there was no website offering the best of what Udemy provides (a marketplace) and the benefits of self-hosting (freedom overpricing, control over content). My vision in launching Uthena has been to provide a complimentary platform where online instructors get the best of Udemy and self-hosting in one place for free without fear of being banned and the ability to earn as an affiliate with full control over students and pricing.

How does this business make money? What are the current revenue streams?

Uthena.com makes money by selling online courses, bundles of online courses, services, Private Label Rights (PLR), memberships, and services. I set out to prove all of this was possible on one marketplace and have sold everything from $9 courses to $2000+ coaching on Uthena.com within the first year. Most existing revenue comes in from social media, direct traffic, and google organic search via the hundreds of videos I uploaded this year to YouTube and Facebook offering free course previews which then sell courses on Uthena combined with word out of mouth marketing.

Who are your customers?

Uthena.com makes money by selling online courses, bundles of online courses, services, Private Label Rights (PLR), memberships, and services. I set out to prove all of this was possible on one marketplace and have sold everything from $9 courses to $2000+ coaching on Uthena.com within the first year. Most existing revenue comes in from social media, direct traffic, and google organic search via the hundreds of videos I uploaded this year to YouTube and Facebook offering free course previews which then sell courses on Uthena combined with word out of mouth marketing.

Which product is most popular?

Our top seller has been our “Ethical Hacking Forever Bundle” as seen at https://uthena.com/bundles/hackingforever which was sold almost entirely by uploading free previews of our hacking courses onto YouTube which then say to take the full course on Uthena.

How much time does this take as an owner-operated business?

To maintain Uthena only requires about 5 hours a week to just review new instructor applications and provide customer service. Where I have been focusing most of the year is growing Uthena which takes as much time as one can invest. For growth, at least 40 hours a week is ideal to edit landing pages, test new courses in ads, render several video lectures into one long preview video for YouTube, upload/publish to YouTube, test ads for individual YouTube videos, analyze data to see what is working the best, and share free coupon links to attract new students.

Considering this is a business with such potential, why are you selling it now?

As a husband, father of two young children, YouTuber, online course creator, live streamer, podcaster, blogger, author, speaker, and member of recovery, I thought I would make a great startup founder especially after years of requests from followers online to make my own Udemy. In February 2019, I launched Uthena in honor of the goddess Athena and began splitting my time between being a content creator and startup founder. Some months I made everything about Uthena while others I focused more on courses and YouTube. The result has been a high level of stress, a constant feeling that I cannot work enough, and daily disappointment with the results everywhere. With many morning meditations praying for peace, I finally saw a way out by making a decision to either be a content creator or a startup founder. While I have a gift for speaking, teaching, and creating videos, I have had the humbling realization that I am merely an ordinary startup founder which is not what Uthena needs to reach its full potential as an education platform standing alongside Udemy and Skillshare. Selling Uthena is the only way I can completely let go and focus on what doing what I do best while allowing a buyer with more experience, more capital, and a bigger team to take over.

What does someone need to do to continue operating the business in its current Form? Can you list a few opportunities to Grow for a prospective buyer??

When Uthena sells, I am available for 20 hours to provide a lot of ideas for how Uthena can rapidly grow and ongoing consulting at a discounted rate to advise on the growth opportunities I see and have not had time/resources to implement. Sales will keep coming in indefinitely for Uthena even with no additional marketing necessary because I invested so much time and energy into content marketing for Uthena this year by uploading YouTube videos and having them transcribed to blog posts on my website. Approving new instructors and courses along with providing great customer service is the minimum necessary to continue growing and making more sales. For rapid growth, testing courses with Facebook, Google, and YouTube ads will reveal a few hot topic courses that can be sold at a profit consistently. Uploading free previews to YouTube will help increase the baseline of organic traffic and sales indefinitely. Direct outreach to Udemy instructors will make getting more courses easier. Making outstanding email campaigns to existing buyers and students will help increase the lifetime value of every account. Transcribing lectures into blog posts on Uthena will help get more organic search traffic leading to sales and will be especially powerful when combined with sharing free coupons to courses. One completely dedicated owner or a small team can easily get Uthena up to $10K/month within a year and be on the way to getting the same level of funding from investors that Udemy and Skillshare have raised.

Which niche is hot and unique within Uthena?

The Private Label Rights and franchise marketplace for video courses is getting a high amount of attention with a relatively low effort on my part to promote it. With platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, LearnDash, Kajabi, and LifterLMS making the creation of one’s eLearning platform so easy, there is a rapidly increasing demand for PLR courses where a buyer can purchase the rights to sell a course on their own website. We have received several inquiries asking about a Uthena franchise for $10,000 despite me having only mentioned this in one or two videos. With a focus on the PLR marketplace on Uthena, explosive growth is possible especially when combined with franchising and course bundles.

Wynnchester.com – eCommerce Business Selling High-end Adventure Products

Wynnchester.com – eCommerce Business Selling High-end Adventure Products

Founding Story

Wynnchester is a 4-year-old eCommerce business selling a select range of high-end adventure camping products direct to customers and across the globe. Founded by Kevin Ruston, Wynchester began with Kevin carefully selecting and ‘upcycling‘ the very best military vintage outdoor gear. 



Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality and environmental value. The original gear that was upcycled included classic military canvas rucksacks, camp beds, wool & wax-cotton clothing as well as other classic gear that “deserved” to be remembered. 


Present Day Team

These days Wynnchester Outdoors is run by Mike & Lee and has evolved to include an expansive range of products. These are all based on tasteful, functional updates to classic designs that Kevin began upcycling many moons ago. The original upcycled Recon range remains available for purchase on a limited-edition basis via Kevin’s new venture Hawkfield Vintage. Customers love that the business pays homage to the original product offering. Mike and Lee continue to place a high value on heritage when developing products and brand identity, with strong echoes of the past in materials, form, and construction. This ensures the robust gear is both elegant and fit for modern adventure camping.

Why Should You Buy This Business?

  • NOT an opportunity for a passive investor. Needs time & energy invested
  • We bought this as a distressed business in 2015.
  • After successfully turning it around, we have since focused on other ventures.
  • Right now this business ticks over with very little work. Everything is set up with our supplier who manufactures, stocks and despatches goods on our behalf.
  • With our custom built admin panel, we simply log in and press one button!
  • There remains massive potential for an incoming buyer to grow revenues and profits by:
  • investing in marketing: the vast majority of our sales are entirely organic and we do very little outbound / paid marketing
  • expanding the product range: we currently sell only 3 SKUs (products), with the majority of sales coming from one item (our Adventurer bedroll)
  • cutting costs: we have a great relationship with our UK supplier, but also have contacts in China who can produce in larger quantities for a far lower cost price


What Buyers Like

Age. Price. Brand. And clear upside. Strong brand equity built over many years in the market is a strong motivating factor for buyers to acquire this business. As well as the devout customer base. In addition, the business has been significantly under-resourced in recent years, so there is some immediate upside for a new buyer.

If you would like to learn more about this listing, visit the listing page for more information here.


Flytonic.com –  Poker and Casino WordPress Themes & Plugins for Affiliates

Flytonic.com – Poker and Casino WordPress Themes & Plugins for Affiliates

Business Overview:

For sale on Flippa is a 10-year-old B2B software business offering a variety of themes and plugins. Flytonic themes were initially developed for poker and casino affiliates. Flytonic.com has found favour among users for its complementary and diversified product line-up and for going above and beyond with customer success. Flytonic templates are suitable for both novice and experienced website creators. The themes are constantly evolving enabling the user to add their own personal touch to the “look and feel” of their site.


Market Overview: 

The online gambling market has enjoyed robust growth, benefiting from the global digitisation of gambling products and services. The market is predicted to reach USD 87.75 billion by 2024, registering a CAGR of 8.77%, during the forecast period (2019 – 2024).


Customer Quote:

“Flytonic themes offer a truly robust admin area which allows you to fully customize the theme. The themes are fully responsive so they look amazing on all devices. I highly recommend these themes to anyone looking to create a truly amazing website.”- Kevin B | RakebackCodes.com


About the founder

The founder began on the web doing poker affiliate marketing back in 2005 and then went into web design and theme development.  Since then he has been doing web development, specialising in affiliate marketing. 


Product and service features: 

High conversion rates. Themes have been optimized to convert visitors into customers with special widgets and call to action buttons and tables.

Speed of delivery. Users can quickly install, activate, and launch a theme within minutes. Within an hour customers can add content and begin generating revenue.

Outstanding Support. Each one-time purchase includes lifetime theme updates and support along with unlimited domain and website usage.

Device adaptation. Themes are designed to adapt to different screen resolutions. Themes look great in all tablets and mobile devices too without plugins.


Click here if you would like to learn more about flytonic.com.

Drive Business Value and Growth with Online Visibility with Anna Lebedeva SEMrush

Drive Business Value and Growth with Online Visibility with Anna Lebedeva SEMrush

Anna Lebedeva is the Head of Growth Marketing at SEMrush. Her areas of interest are SEO strategies, brand awareness, start-up investment, public relations, and influencers trends. As an author, Anna has been featured in The Next Web, and contributed to Search Engine Journal, Foundr, Business 2 Community, PR Daily, Spin Sucks, and more.

Anna presented at The Exit the importance of online visibility and invest in the appropriate strategies to drive business growth and value to customers. Also, she shared an impressive marketing strategy case study where a dental services company increased its traffic by almost 5,000% and revenue by 100%.

“Even with a budget, it is so difficult to get found in a crowded market, you have limited online space and thousands of companies that will love to take this place and be present”

Mechanism to promote Growth

Marketing is the tool to drive business and promote growth. Companies invest an important part of their gross revenue, between 5% and 20%, on marketing initiatives throughout different channels.

The challenges of a Crowded Market and the Attention Economy

Elements such as limited online space, a large number of competitors, and a new scarce commodity called human attention make the allocation of resources in marketing a real challenge. With the right strategies, businesses can maximize their marketing efforts efficiency and target the proper audience at the right place with the optimal frequency.

Marketing is an Investment, not an Expense

To achieve the greatest return on investment, you must invest wisely by focusing marketing activities for your ideal customers via the right channels.

Customer Context and Efficient Brand Presence

It is vital to find the relevant online environment, understand the needs and search intent of consumers. To achieve this, marketers must have a clear vision about:
• Business type and the limits of the industry
• Search intent of target users
• Channels and sources customers use to find information
• Optimal offer according to intention and behavior

Case Study – UK-based Dental Service

Smileworks, changing their marketing strategy, achieved a revenue growth of 100% and multiplied their customer base becoming the leading dental practice. Their starting point was a 10% of revenue spent in marketing with paid ads with good coverage and leads but from an audience who was not genuinely interested or not ready to pay for their services. The actions they executed can be summarized in:
• Identified the needs of their audience and the relevant keywords with high consumer interest
• Changed the approach with an optimized site with users and search engines in mind to drive intent and get loyal followers
• Created useful content with most commonly asked questions to educate and show their expertise
As a result, Smileworks experienced an unprecedented turnabout in revenue, trust, and visibility, even reducing the advertising spending.

Deal Structures and Financing with Olivia Kim from Guidant Financial

Deal Structures and Financing with Olivia Kim from Guidant Financial

Olivia Kim is a small business financing expert and has now been at Guidant Financial for 5 years. She has led her External Financing team for a majority of that time and primarily specializes in consulting clients on SBA loans when it comes to business financing solutions. She has successfully helped numerous clients get funded through SBA, with loan amounts ranging from as low as $50,000 to as high as $3 Million, so she knows a thing or two about this stuff! Today, she will go over what sellers can expect if they have buyers going through this process.

Quote: “Tax returns are key. I can not emphasize this enough.”

Who is Guidant Financial?

What is an SBA loan and what are the rules around SBA loans?

SBA loans are small business loans that are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. They are government backed product so there are a lot of rules and regulations.

SBA Rules

• Must be U.S. based business
• Loan range is $25K – $5m
• Business cannot be passive

Borrower Rules

• Borrowers must bring in a minimum of 10% Equity Injection
• Borrower must be a U.S. Citizen, or have a green card
• Borrower cannot have caused loss to the government

By injecting a minimum of 10% cash into the business it shows lenders that the borrower is committed by having some skin in the game.

What are the SBA benefits for Sellers?

• Borrowers must meet certain standards to qualify for the SBA loan. This saves the seller from wasting time with unqualified borrowers.
• The application process doesn’t require much initial work from the seller.
• Fees associated with the SBA loan is the buyer’s responsibility.
• Seller gets paid upfront for purchase price.

How to pre-qualify your business for an SBA loan?

There is great value to getting an SBA pre-qualification letter. Highly recommend this.

Pre-qualifying Your Business

• Getting a Pre-Qualification letter from a lender can increase chances of selling your business.
• Lenders will need financial information to issue a Pre-Qual letter. Tax Returns are key, or Profit & Loss statements, Balance Sheets, and etc.
• Getting a Pre-Qual letter doesn’t mean an automatic approval. The buyer also needs to look good and qualitfy.
• You can go the extra mile and get a Certified Appraisal to get an accurate reading of what your business is worth.

It’s important to note that getting a pre-qualification letter doesn’t automatically mean that the deal is done, but it can really help speed up the process.

Common Questions

What is a typical deal structure?

For business acquisitions, the average Equity Injection the Buyer is responsible for is 20%. The maximum loan amount is $5m.

SBA are typically 10 year terms loans.

What are other important criteria to get a loan approved?

• Access to financial information on the business. Tax Returns are key.
• The business must have adequate historical cash flow, and no signs of significant losses year over year.
• Satisfactory personal credit score & histories for all guarantors of the loan – this being the buyer(s).
• No recent bankruptcies, foreclosures, or misdemeanors & felony charges.

Quote “No lender is going to go in blind to approve a loan without seeing how the business itself is doing.”

SBA are a very powerful tool for both buyers and sellers. It helps buyers achieve their dreams and sellers move forward with their next business venture.

If you would like to find out more about SBA loans and connect with Olivia you can do so using the details below:

Connect with us at:

[email protected]