Flippa Seller Showcase – Happiest Camper Blog

Flippa Seller Showcase – Happiest Camper Blog

Happiest Camper is a blog about creating the happiest life in any space. It currently receives 66,978 page views and 46,204 unique visits per month and generates considerable revenue through Mediavine and Amazon Affiliates. Content includes tutorials and step-by-step instructions on furniture makeovers, renovating an RV and other projects — from sewing and gardening to raising animals. The business is currently for sale on Flippa and we interviewed the owner in the video below. 

We currently have 92 articles on the site. A seller could easily continue to add to these and create more evergreen content. 

Watch the full interview below and click here to see the business listing on Flippa. 

Flippa Seller Showcase – Established Sports Publication

Flippa Seller Showcase – Established Sports Publication

This week we caught up with Derek Hanson, the owner of an 11-year-old sports publication that is currently for sale on Flippa


How does this sports publication make money? What are the current revenue streams?

Our primary income stream is from advertisements.  We monetize our traffic using traditional display advertising and also do a large amount of direct selling of native advertisements and sponsored posts.  In addition, we also earn affiliate income from various online sports streaming partners.


How did this business which is over 10 years old come about?

The business grew out of my personal blog.  I found success with the design and marketing of my blog and decided to offer my services to other sports bloggers.  This “network” of sites that I managed eventually grew into something quite substantial. Today, these sites are all grouped together under thesportsdaily.com, which has become a legitimate sports media outlet with major partners such as USA Today.


Due to our strong collection of organic backlinks and authority in the sports space, the articles that we produce rank well in search engines and bring in a substantial amount of new visitors.  Our ad buyers find us organically as well and we get between 20-25 new inbound inquiries daily from advertisers looking to purchase space on our site.

What marketing channels are most profitable for the business?

We do not actively market the site or pay for traffic.  Our belief is that quality content will draw an audience and we focus on putting together the best publication that we can each day.  We’ve seen our audience numbers go 4x in the past year without a marketing budget, so our commitment to our content has paid off.  


How does the business acquire new customers/readers?

Due to our strong collection of organic backlinks and authority in the sports space, the articles that we produce rank well in search engines and bring in a substantial amount of new visitors.  Our ad buyers find us organically as well and we get between 20-25 new inbound inquiries daily from advertisers looking to purchase space on our site.


How big is your current team? How many people does it take to run this online publication?

The site is primarily a two-man operation.  I handle the business aspects of the site, while our editor-in-chief oversees the content.  We have a staff of around 80 freelancers who also produce content for us and are paid on a revenue share basis.


What opportunities are there for a prospective buyer?

This is a proven business that has been consistently profitable for over a decade.  The site runs lean with minimal overhead. We have built up a tremendous amount of search authority.  Our ability to rank well goes beyond simply driving traffic and could be a strong foundation for large affiliate sales.  We have only begun to scratch the surface of affiliate sales this past year and we have seen big returns with minimal efforts. What’s the reason for selling the business? I am reaching a point in my personal life where I would like more time to spend with family and pursue other hobbies.   The site does not take a large time commitment to manage, but I have a very busy day job that I am committed to. While the site is a very nice revenue generator and secondary income, I can’t buy myself more time and would be willing to step away from the site for the right buyer and situation.


You can view this business listing here. 

Flippa Seller Showcase – SU Hotels for couples

Flippa Seller Showcase – SU Hotels for couples

Traditionally, it has always been difficult for unmarried couples to book hotels in India owing to cultural and religious reasons. Stay Uncle, a leading hotel booking in India provides hotel stays for unmarried couples and those within the LGBTQ community. The 4-year-old business has been a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights. Through thought-provoking marketing, Stay Uncle has worked to break down prejudices and discrimination that the community often face. The business is currently for sale on Flippa and we interviewed the owner Blaze in the video below. 

We are operating in about 45 cities at the moment in India. These ‘cities’ are large metropolitan areas and Stay Uncle is not available in any smaller towns across India. This in itself presents a huge opportunity for a prospective buyer.

Watch the full interview below and click here to see the business listing on Flippa. 

Flippa Financing announcement

Flippa Financing announcement

This month Flippa has again demonstrated a commitment to building out a frictionless sales experience with the world’s largest network of buyers. Did you know that 4250 new verified buyers join Flippa each month?

Funding a small business is hard, but we’re here to help you get it right. With our new Guidant Financial partnership, financing solutions like 401(k) business financing and SBA loans, you can acquire a business quickly and smoothly

Identifying the right financing for you can be complex and overwhelming. 80% of entrepreneurs and buyers are declined by their local bank, and it’s difficult to know where else to look.

Guidant is now powering Flippa Financing and their team of financing experts will guide you through a quick and easy process, explaining all your options to get the money you need to acquire your next business.

Flippa Financing. A quick, hassle-free path to small business ownership

Flippa’s buyer network is one of the world’s largest!  Our buyers tell us that buying a business is easier than starting one. We agree. We also understand that buying a business is not free of challenges.

As part of Flippa’s long-term commitment to building a frictionless sales experience, Flippa Financing represents the beginning of many network partnerships. Guidant Financial is a leading player in the US and we’re excited to offer our buying network easy access to their services.

Once a buyer offers to buy a business on Flippa.com, has verified its state and conducted extensive due diligence,  they may need to secure a business loan to pay for and/or grow it. The process of securing a business loan can certainly be daunting – it’s hard to know where to look, let alone what to look for!

So what exactly is an SBA Small Business Loan? An SBA Small Business Loan is essentially a loan with an attractive repayment term and low-interest rate. A great option for a buyer looking to buy or grow a business, resulting funds can be used to purchase real estate or other assets or otherwise provide working capital. Importantly, these loans do not come from the SBA. The SBA merely encourages the banks to lend to small business owners with preferable terms and multiple loan options. In exchange, they guarantee guarantees 75-85% of the loan for the bank in the event of default! An SBA Small Business Loan generally requires a 20-30% down payment.

And 401(k) Business Financing? Also known as Rollovers for Business Start-Ups or ROBS, 401(k) Business Financing is a unique, lesser-known financing solution which allows individuals to tap into their retirement funds tax – penalty and tax-free. An individual under 59 and a half can use their 401(k), IRA or another eligible retirement account as capital to buy a business, without incurring an early withdrawal fee! It’s commonly used by those who do not have cash on hand to outright purchase a business, fear going into debt or do not otherwise qualify for a business loan. It’s also a great opportunity for those who have $50,000 or more in their retirement fund and wish to diversify their investments. 401(k) Business Financing can also be used to fund the 20-30% down payment requirement of an SBA Small Business Loan.

Guidant Financial are ready and very well-equipped to help Flippa buyers buy and grow the business of their dreams! Their industry expert team can provide comprehensive information and advice to buyers on how both solutions works, the do’s and don’ts, annual requirements, advantages over other options, upkeep, can dispel myths and misconceptions and advise on the best providers.

Translate.com sold on Flippa for $853,000

Translate.com sold on Flippa for $853,000

Translate.com is a translating website with almost 2m visitors per month. The business sold last November on Flippa with a winning bid of $853,000. The auction, which had no reserve created a lot of interest and attention in the buying community.  

We caught up with the buyer Volodymyr to discuss the purchase. In the interview below, he talks about how long he was looking for an online business before purchasing the site, his immediate plans and why Flippa is his preferred platform.


Interview with the buyer – Volodymyr Nesterenko

Were you looking for a website with this type of organic traffic for long before you bought this site on Flippa?

No, we were not looking specifically for translation traffic, we were just watching what was for sale. We started doing that about 2 years ago and normally we pay more attention to career and education (SaaS) and pet care goods (Amazon Affiliate model). Previously we had a couple of good deals there. There were also sporadic opportunities in the ESL (English as a Second Language) space too, but no deals, so when Oleksii spotted Translate.com, we decided it was a good place to start.


What made you choose to buy Translate.com? Where you aware of the site before it became available for sale?

We hadn’t heard of Translate.com before, but we were ready to buy something in the ESL space. The domain name is absolutely epic, but we’d have never done it if it was only about the domain. The previous owners did a good job, there was a real product with a well automated workflow under the hood. On top of this, tens of thousands of freelance translators from all around the world.


What were your immediate plans when you first bought this site? Have you executed these?

The immediate plan was to transfer everything smoothly and not to break anything. For example, we had to take over two mobile applications and numerous integrations, such as an integration with Zendesk which enables our B2B clients to translate support tickets. Translate.com carries out human translation in a really frictionless way and we didn’t want clients to feel any pain because of the ownership change. After the transfer, we audited the programming code, did some critical fixes. We are now renovating the site and apps and also working on a strategy for this line of our business. Realistically, we can increase revenues 10x in 2-3 years.  


How did you find your experience with Flippa?

The listing was hot (more than 170 bids) and the overall deal wasn’t easy but everything worked well. We spotted the sale on Flippa, which tells for itself, and we appreciated a simple process too. Listing page, chat with a seller, the auction, escrow service – everything was great and we didn’t need anything on top. Maybe some extra help with the asset purchase agreement, but that’s it. We are watching many platforms where people buy and sell business and Flippa is definitely one of the few on the top of our list