Blake Hutchison is an accomplished entrepreneur and the CEO of Prior to Flippa Blake was the general manager and chief revenue officer of Luxury Escapes and head of strategic partnerships at Xero. Blake was also the founder of GOOD44, a venture capital-backed specialty food marketplace helping small business owners target a new customer base.

50,000 online businesses have listed with Flippa in the trailing 12 months. Over 60,000 buyers. This is a dynamic and growing space.

BUYER INSIGHT #1 Content sites are, currently, king.

Content-based websites are hot. 51% of buyers, surveyed by Flippa, recurrently hunting for websites monetized by ads and affiliates. The benefit of these business models is that there is less volatile/seasonal revenue bass, less intensive and there is simple revenue-generating add ons readily available.

BUYER INSIGHT #2 – Experience

Buyers are experienced. Sellers are less so. 55% of buyers actively searching own 3 or more websites, whilst for most sellers, the experience of selling will be there first.

BUYER INSIGHT #3- Ready to purchase

Our buyer community is highly active and ready to purchase. 61% are in the market now and want to acquire within the next 12 months. There’s never been a better time to sell.

BUYER INSIGHT #4 – Deal terms

Buyers often want to offset some of the risk of the deal to the seller. 15% of buyers want to acquire on Seller Financing terms or a combination of cash + debt. The debt to be held with the seller. Seller financing provides cash flow and risk benefits to the buyer and allows buyers to get access to bigger deals without having to look to institutional/bank financing.

So when selling, being flexible and having knowledge in how to structure has never been more important.

BUYER INSIGHT #5- Distressed inventory.

78% buyers are looking for businesses that are somewhat underperforming. For buyers creating operational efficiency is a path to growth.

BUYER INSIGHT #6 Strategic vs Lifestyle

There is a 50/50 split for buyers looking to acquire for personal vs business/strategic reasons.