Flippa Partners with Industry Leader for Amazon FBA Training

Flippa Partners with Industry Leader for Amazon FBA Training

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Guest blog by Jim Cockrum, founder of the Amazon FBA training course – Proven Amazon Course


Let’s start with an obvious observation.


Amazon FBA is hot!

Currently, Amazon FBA is one of the most wide open and most talked about business opportunities in the e-commerce universe! As a business model FBA benefits include:
    • Ease of launching from scratch
    • A short learning curve
    • A truly global opportunity
    • Very low capital risk required to get started
    • Very predictable growth if proper strategy is deployed
    • Favorable market conditions for future growth
    • Automation & hands free operation are possible
    • Creative resources are readily available to assist you
    • From day one you have a built in ravenous customer base

These factors and others make the Amazon FBA opportunity nearly impossible to ignore as a premier online business option.

What is FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. Most simply stated, you can ship your goods to Amazon warehouses and Amazon will sell and ship the product to the end customer for you.  You never even have to see or touch your inventory if it comes straight form a supplier or manufacturer! It’s one thing to understand what FBA is by reading Amazon’s own description of the program,  but it’s another matter entirely to build a successful, scalable, sellable business on the platform.


How much bigger will FBA grow?

FBA is in its infancy.  Amazon is building warehouses globally and is set to open soon in Australia as its latest conquest.

Consider these facts as well: According to U.S. government data, retail shopping online is still less than 10% of all retail spending in the U.S., but that number is projected to grow rapidly in the coming decade and could easily reach 25% in that short time.

In other words, most of the growth in e-commerce and Amazon FBA is yet to come – and it’s coming rapidly! Unless there is a major disruption of current trends, Amazon is clearly set to see incredible annual growth for years to come. That serves to substantially benefit those who are building FBA businesses on the Amazon platform. The opportunity is truly global as well because as an FBA business owner you can use our extensive network of partner services that accommodate every possible challenge in moving your inventory to where it needs to go.


Which FBA strategies are hot?

There are numerous ways to succeed with an Amazon selling business.
  • Selling your own private label product
  • Establishing relationships with wholesale sources
  • Sourcing unique products from small businesses that aren’t selling online yet, or are marketing themselves poorly
  • Bundling already popular products to make new listings
  • and many, many more…
Opportunity is abundant because customer spending continues to escalate on Amazon!


Why partner with Flippa?

Our FBA training team is delighted to have been contacted by Flippa in order to form a partnership that benefits those who wish to start or grow with the FBA model.  The Filppa leadership indicated to us that numerous Flippa.com users were making inquiries in recent months on the topics of buying, starting or growing an FBA business. As a result, Flippa began to research extensively and eventually came to the conclusion that we were the perfect FBA educational partner for their community. We are of course honored to form this partnership in order to better serve those seeking success with FBA.


About our Proven Amazon Course

No one in the world has served Amazon selling professionals (aka FBA sellers) for as long or as successfully as has the creative team behind the Proven Amazon Course.  We have our own publicly disclosed 8-figure online selling accounts that demonstrate our depth of knowledge of the platform. We’ve received over 1,000 documented success stories as well which all credit our coaching and course for having helped establish and grow incredible Amazon FBA businesses.


We have successfully assisted thousands of students with:
  • Launching an FBA business from anywhere in the world
  • Building private label brands on Amazon
  • Building a team for scalable growth
  • Finding creative sources of profitable inventory
  • Creatively marketing Amazon products through advanced Facebook strategies


We are delighted to partner with Flippa, and we’d love to hear from you if you are interested in learning more about launching or growing an Amazon FBA business.


 Proven amazon course_Flippa_Jim Cockrum


About the author:  Jim Cockrum is a best selling web marketing author and a seasoned Amazon FBA expert. His courses, books and coaching are the foundation behind thousands of Amazon seller success stories.  His industry leading course located at ProvenAmazonCourse.com contains numerous comprehensive modules for both beginner and advanced online sellers who are either launching or growing an Amazon FBA or Amazon merchant fulfillment business.  The latest update of his book, “Silent Sales Machine – 10th edition” is a consistent top 10 seller on Amazon in numerous e-commerce categories.


Read more about Amazon FBA:


Amazon FBA Buyer & Seller Case Study

Amazon FBA Buyer & Seller Case Study

I’m joined today by both Alan Peterson and Kurt Hansen, the buyer and seller of an Amazon FBA business that was sold on Flippa for $82,500 via Buy-it-Now.

This private label FBA personal care products business has 6 total products with a 4.7-star average review. The business generated $32,000 profit over the trailing twelve months and included the Amazon Seller Central Store, Amazon Vendor Central Store, and $25k of inventory at cost.


Introducing Amazon FBA Businesses Section to Flippa

Introducing Amazon FBA Businesses Section to Flippa

We’re excited to announce that we have just launched our new Amazon FBA section within Flippa, meaning buying and selling Amazon FBA businesses is now easier than ever!

Each Amazon FBA business listed on Flippa has undergone a full due diligence check from our Marketplace Integrity team and will be assisted by our account managers to ensure the smoothest possible transaction.

FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”, meaning that a seller sends his inventory over to Amazon to be stored at their warehouse. From there, when an order is placed for your product through Amazon, they will handle all packing, delivery, customer service, and returns of the seller’s inventory.

For more on how it works, you can view Amazon’s own guide to Fulfillment by Amazon services by clicking here.

Check out the Amazon FBA businesses we have for sale Flippa:

Technology & Electronics FBA Business

This fast-growing technology FBA business generated $18,000 in monthly revenue on $11,400 monthly profit in August alone! Operations require just 3 hours of work per week to manage the seller account and ensure all 3 products are properly stocked.

View the listing here: https://flippa.com/9042482

Outdoor & Boating Equipment FBA Business

FBA Business selling outdoor & boating equipment and generating  $200,000 in revenue over the trailing twelve months. The business is largely automated and is looking for a new owner wanting to take the FBA business to new heights.

View the listing here: https://flippa.com/9034045

T-Shirt Amazon Merch Business

This business sells unique novelty t-shirts through the Amazon Merch program and generates $150+/month with little upkeep.

View the listing here: https://flippa.com/9042532

Home Decor FBA Business with Excellent Ratings

Established FBA Business selling a variety of home decor items and generating $5,500 monthly revenue on $1,100 monthly profit. The seller account has a 100% positive rating over the last 12 months from 121 reviews, and requires just 2-6 hours per month to operate.

View the listing here: https://flippa.com/9026388

Keep watching our FBA section of Flippa here to view these listings, and the many more listings coming soon!

If you’re interested in selling your Amazon FBA business and being featured in our Amazon FBA section of Flippa, please fill out our expression of interest form here!

It’s an exciting time for us at Flippa and we have no plans on slowing down. If you have any questions surrounding the Amazon FBA section or wish to provide suggestions on what we should focus on next, please reply to this email or email [email protected]!

Common Questions About Buying and Selling Amazon FBAs

Common Questions About Buying and Selling Amazon FBAs

With the upcoming launch of our dedicated Amazon FBA section within the Flippa marketplace, we address some of the top questions surrounding Amazon FBA businesses!

What is an Amazon FBA Business?

FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon”, meaning that a seller sends his inventory over to Amazon to be stored at their warehouse. From there, when an order is placed for your product through Amazon, they will handle all packing, delivery, customer service, and returns of the seller’s inventory.

For more on how it works, you can view Amazon’s own guide to Fulfillment by Amazon services by clicking here.

Amazon FBA’s are different from the dropship eCommerce model of business, as you need to supply the product to Amazon warehouses before an order is placed.

Benefits of Amazon FBA Businesses:

  • Fulfillment Centers: All orders are packaged and shipped quickly to customers. Watch your workload decrease, allowing you to focus on bigger parts of the business.
  • Prime Eligibility: Products are eligible to be marked with Amazon Prime status.
    • Having Prime status on products is a quick way to boost sales (Source: AppEagle)
  • Amazon Customer Service and Returns: Amazon will personally handle all customer service requests and returns on behalf of each product sold.

Am I Allowed to Buy or Sell an FBA Account?

It’s a fairly common practice to transfer ownership of Amazon FBA businesses.

Amazon understands that ownership of a business could change for any reason, and will facilitate transfers upon request.

If you are a seller and would like to sell your online business using Amazon FBA, best practice would be to seek out pre-approval from Amazon Seller Central (Link: sellercentral.amazon.com) to ensure a smooth transaction once the listing is sold.

It’s the responsibility of the seller to ensure that ownership can be transferred before listing any business or asset on Flippa.

Once you have confirmation from Amazon that your account can be transferred, you’re ready to list your business for sale!

How do I Transfer Ownership of my FBA Account?

There are 3 ways to transfer ownership of a Amazon FBA account:

1. FBA owner calls seller central and gets the store transferred over to the new owner. This method will be the most common practice on Flippa. Once Seller Central has confirmed that you can transfer the asset, you simply need to change the login details to match the new owner. Once this is done, the new owner can then update all payment information, etc.

Note: As mentioned, we highly recommend contacting Amazon Seller Central before you list your FBA account on Flippa.

2. FBA owner adds the buyer in the back end and the buyer subsequently updates the details of ownership on Amazon themselves.

3. Brand is transferred, following the brand transfer guidelines. There may be instances where a seller may want to retain the account and they can. In that instance, the products can be transferred to a new account. The seller reviews don’t move across but the product reviews do.

Most FBA transactions on Flippa will fall under the first option. No matter which way you plan to transfer your assets, it is essential that you clearly state which transfer process you plan on using in your listing description to avoid confusion.

Can I Just Sell an Individual Product(s) Instead of my FBA Seller Account?

Of course! That said, you will need to contact our support team (or your account manager if you’re working with our team already) to verify that your brand is registered properly with Amazon Brand Registry and to get your listing set-up properly.

Can I Sell an Amazon Merchant Account?


For those unfamiliar with Amazon Merchant accounts, all shipping is done by the seller themselves, and not an Amazon fulfillment center. This is more in-line with the standard eCommerce model.

If you plan on selling an Amazon Merchant account, it is up to you whether you want to list it in the FBA section of Flippa, or as a general online business in the websites section.

Have any other questions regarding FBA accounts? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!

Amazon FBA Coming Soon to Flippa

Amazon FBA Coming Soon to Flippa

As the #1 marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, we’re pleased to announce our latest addition:

Amazon FBA Businesses

As with the release of Shopify, Amazon FBA businesses will soon have its own space, allowing buyers to seamlessly view the hottest Amazon FBA businesses for sale and for sellers to quickly list their asset for sale in front of over 600,000 buyers on Flippa.

​Users have been able to buy and sell FBA businesses since our launch, but we’re upgrading our marketplace to improve the experience for FBA buyers and sellers.

For those unfamiliar with Amazon FBA stores, running a Fulfillment by Amazon store is as simple as 4 key stages:

  1. The seller sources products and stock they wish to sell
  2. The seller then ships the products to one of Amazon’s Fulfillment centers
  3. The seller lists the sale price and information about the product. This is then displayed on the Amazon store.
  4. When someone buys the product, Amazon handles all logistics of the sale from packaging the product and shipping, to providing customer support to the buyers.

Amazon FBA is an amazing resource for lowering your workload, while still increasing the sales volume of your business.

If you are interested in buying or selling an Amazon FBA business, please fill in one of the expression of interest forms:

If you’re looking to buy an Amazon FBA business – Please fill out our Buyer Expression of Interest Form

If you’re looking to sell an Amazon FBA business – Please fill out our Seller Expression of Interest Form

As we prepare our Amazon FBA section, we’ll be working directly with each seller to ensure that each listing is fully prepared.

If you’re interested in buying an Amazon FBA business, please fill out the buyer expression of interest. You may just find yourself getting early access, meaning you’ll see the top Amazon FBA businesses for sale before anyone else! 😉

Does Amazon Allow FBA Businesses to be Transferred?

Good news: FBA businesses are being transferred on a regular basis and it is allowed!

Even better news is Amazon FBA Accounts are easier to transfer than most online businesses, like eCommerce stores or content websites because there is no domain or hosting required for an FBA business! All you need to do is transfer the whole seller central account to the new owner.

We’ll have another post coming soon outlining the top questions we’ve received regarding Amazon FBA businesses. Stay tuned!

Do you have any suggestions on what should be added to the Amazon FBA section of the Flippa marketplace? Let us know in the comments!