Flippa Profile Interview: DomainMagnate with Michael Bereslavsky

Flippa Profile Interview: DomainMagnate with Michael Bereslavsky

I’m joined here by Michael Bereslavsky, a web entrepreneur, investor and Flippa Super Seller with $282,810 over 38 transactions and a 100% positive rating. Michael and I discuss his experience with buying and selling websites, his recent $165k sale via Flippa, advanced tips for buyers and sellers on Flippa, and his other businesses.

Tell us about your background as web entrepreneur.

Even early in life I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I loved numbers and finances, and was always fascinated with businesses and wanted to learn how they operated, what made them successful and how they could be improved and optimized. I studied Computer Science at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where I had a few student jobs, but was fortunate to discover the potential of the internet for entrepreneurship early on.

Around 2004-2005 I first learned that you could start a business online with minimal investment and I was hooked! I read everything I could find online and quickly started building websites, learning about SEO and organic traffic, and experimenting with adsense and affiliate marketing. After some initial successes, I decided to reinvest the extra income into buying some more established websites that I could improve and grow further. Later on, I was able to sell some of these websites for a profit.

As the business grew I decided to turn it into a career and founded Domain Magnate in 2008 to focus full time on buying and selling established websites and premium domain names. We’ve since completed hundreds of deals with millions of dollars in value.

You’re one of the biggest users on Flippa, with a 100% positive feedback rating from 38 transaction and $282,000 TTV. What brought you to Flippa originally and why do you still use Flippa?

I was using The SitePoint marketplace since 2005, before it was rebranded as Flippa, and was fortunate to be among the first Flippa users when it was launched.

Most of our sales and purchases are currently done privately, through the network of buyers and sellers I’ve built over the years, but I also still use Flippa often for both buying and selling, as there are no other websites and domain names marketplaces that can rival Flippa’s scale and reach

You just completed your largest sale yet, $165,000, by selling the site 420beginner.com. Can you tell us about the website, the sale, and what you did to achieve such a high sale price?

420beginner.com and bigbudsguide.com (which was included in the flippa sale) are two amazon affiliate websites that focus on selling various products one would need to grow cannabis at home. Most sales are for specialized led lights that are used for growing. The sites feature review articles and in-depth guides that drive organic traffic from Google. Due to superb content and carefully planned on page SEO, as well as a few quality links, they are able to rank very well in google for highly competitive keywords, and drive targeted traffic which translates to sales.

I acquired the website in February 2017. The previous owner was interested in selling, but he didn’t have good stats. In the previous months the revenue ranged between around $1K and $5K per month as he was trying different monetization methods and the google analytics data was missing.

That didn’t deter my interest in it, because it had high quality content and good backlink profile in a profitable niche. I expected that I’d be able to increase revenue by improving monetization, and updating the site further with more content. Upon carrying out my due diligence, verifying the data, and interviewing the seller I was able to confirm my initial assessment that led to us agreeing on a deal in a short space of time.

After about 5 months I managed to increase the revenue to $8K per month, but I didn’t have as much interest in it as before, so the website wasn’t growing and started to get neglected due to other projects. I decided it would be best to sell it to someone who can take it to the next level, to allow me to reinvest in other properties.

I first offered it through our list to some of our frequent buyers, but the offers were lower than expected due to the niche. Flippa was the obvious choice for the sale due to its unprecedented reach and a large number of buyers from different industries. I was able to find a good buyer, who took a serious interest in the website and I’m confident that he’ll be able to grow it further.

We agreed on a price, processed the deal via Flippa escrow, signed a contract and handled the transfer. All went smoothly. After the sale I provided some training for the buyer and his employee to learn how to manage it successfully and grow further. I also always make it a point to follow up with my buyers to see how they are doing with the website, and if they have any questions or issues. We’ve had multiple skype calls and email exchanges after to make sure the websites are being properly monetized and maintained.

How many current sites do you maintain in your portfolio?

I have over 100 websites, but most are passive and do not require much input. We also have a small team to help update them.

What type of sites have you managed? Do you have a certain niche or business model you prefer?

I prefer websites that are more passive and easier to maintain. Mostly content websites with organic Google traffic, as they are easier to manage and easier to sell due to high interest among buyers. However, lately also focusing on SaaS and e-commerce websites as well.

In addition to websites, you have also sold quite a few domains on Flippa. As a seller, what’s the difference between domains and websites? Do you prefer one or the other?

I’ve been active in domaining since about 2007, mostly focusing on the more liquid short and 1 word .com domain names. In past years my focus shifted more towards websites, but I’m still active in the community, maintain a portfolio of premium domains, visit industry events and sometimes speak at conferences.

I bought and sold a few domains and portfolios via Flippa. These transactions are generally faster, simpler and less time consuming, however with reselling domain names the profit margins are usually a lot lower than with websites. I think Flippa is a great place for listing your domain portfolio, or for finding a specific domain name for your next venture.

You’ve had some experience working alongside our account management team. Can you tell me what that’s like and if they were helpful throughout the sale process?

I had a lot of help from my account manager, [Colton Moffitt], on this sale. He was instrumental in providing assistance, upgrades, speeding up the regular listing process, reaching out to potential buyers and helping carry out the transaction. It was definitely very beneficial and I would highly recommend the Flippa’s management services.

For sellers out there who are interested in selling their websites, what advice would you give them?

This is what I generally recommend to anyone interested in selling their online business:

  1. Start preparing upfront, at least 3 full months ahead before you plan to sell. Make sure to setup google analytics and other tracking software. Set up unique channels and tracking ids for your website in the affiliate and advertiser accounts. Get your finances in order and optimize profit, reduce unnecessary expenses, so you can show comprehensive data to potential buyers.
  2. If you know some website buyers, or your competitors who might be interested in purchasing your business, it’s always worthwhile to contact them first to check if you might be able to sell directly, or just see what they can offer.
  3. Always use a reputable escrow service, like Flippa escrow, or Escrow.com, unless you’ve done business before, or trust the other party.
  4. Prepare a very detailed Flippa listing. Be sure to explain the business operation, finances, include all the screenshots, try to have visual proofs for all your numbers. Use Flippa tools to verify GA and Adsense, and make a video for showing your revenues. For a higher revenue website utilize Flippa’s managed listing services or account managers.
  5. If your website makes substantial revenue buy Flippa upgrades for more visibility. The more people see your auction, the more bids you have, the higher price you can usually get.
  6. Promptly answer all comments and questions, and update your listing with new screenshots.
  7. If a bidder has no activity on Flippa yet and no feedbacks, no connected social profiles, you can contact them to ask for some extra information, to make sure they are a serious buyer. Sometimes new buyers change their mind, or simply do not have the funds available, so it’s best to check before approving a potentially winning bid.
  8. Provide good after sale support, keep up with the buyer to help grow the website further.

In addition to selling websites, you’re also a pretty prolific buyer. Tell us about your buying process (due diligence, payments, etc) and any tips you can give others looking to buy an online business.

At domainmagnate.com we focus on providing quick business liquidation service for online businesses. Most of our purchases generally take just 1-3 days. We save people time, as most other venues have lengthy listing and waiting periods.

My due diligence relies a lot on experience and also involves verifying stats, interviewing and researching the seller and site’s history, and evaluating risks.

My main advice to new website investors would be to

  1. Start small, do not risk most of your money on your first purchase. Set a budget range and stick to it.
  2. Learn and understand the risks associated with the type of website you plan to buy, and how to maintain it.
  3. Look for an advantage. Go after the type of deals that help you utilize your experience, expertise, interests, connections, analytical skills, or other areas where you excel, in order to increase your chances for success.
  4. Do your due diligence, verify everything you can, but also trust your gut!
  5. Instead of negotiating over price, it’s often more prudent to get better sale terms and after sale support

What other projects are you working on at the moment?

Lately I’m also focusing more on investing in and advising startups, as I believe that’s where my skills can be best applied to have the maximum effect.

I strongly believe in the blockchain technology and smart contracts, and expect they will play a much more significant role in the near future. We are already seeing major financial institutions, technology companies and even governments  investing more in research and development of decentralized blockchain based systems. They provide substantial benefits and optimizations compared to the current centralized systems in many industries.

I am also passionate about internet privacy and security, and recently joined the Privatix.io team as an adviser and early investor. It’s a new startup by an established VPN company that aims to build a P2P decentralized VPN network on the Ethereum blockchain. Privatix will enable Internet users to sell their unused bandwidth and get paid in cryptocurrency, while helping bring much higher degree of security and anonymity for its users.

Why did you decide to join Privatix and what are they currently working on?

The Privatix team have a proven record of achieving fantastic results, testament to their many years working together. The team have built a popular VPN network and other profitable applications. It completed its pre-ICO round of contributions in just 3 minutes with a $500K cap and is currently raising funds via an Initial Coin Offering by selling its tokens that will later be used for services in its network.

There is strong interest among investors, and a community of fans backing and contributing to the project. I believe the company is in a great position to implement the peer to peer VPN service, which will greatly improve online privacy, security and reduce Internet censorship.

How can our readers learn more about your projects or get in touch with you?

You are welcome to watch my Flippa listings, reach out via email or follow on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.

Full Video Interview with Joe Burrill, A Website Investor

Full Video Interview with Joe Burrill, A Website Investor

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional website investor? We recently invited Joe Burrill down to our Melbourne office for an exclusive interview on what it’s like buying and selling online businesses as a career.

Sidenote: Joe is the only person on Flippa to hold all three seller badges on Flippa: Gold star (for 2+ years of positive feedback), Super Seller (recognizes number of sales and the sale value), and Premium Seller (for selling multiple high-quality assets).


How to sell a business for $300,000 on Flippa

How to sell a business for $300,000 on Flippa

Today we catch up with online entrepreneur Jeff Taylor, CEO at Devise Media, to discuss his experience founding a successful web development company as well as his $300,000 sale of FightState.com on Flippa. This interview is a must-read if you’re thinking about selling a high-value content site.

Tell us about your background as web entrepreneur.

I became involved with digital marketing over 7 years ago. I had a great job as a Business Intelligence consultant, helping the public sector make intelligent business decisions based on their data. I was incredibly fortunate to have been given the chance by the owner of the company. It was a great 5 years, the money was excellent, but something was missing, I just wasn’t happy. I decided to risk it and follow what interested me the most, which was creating and building websites.

I quit with no guarantees of succeeding. I think every entrepreneur has probably faced this decision at some point. You can’t be halfway in. I started a Web Design firm that focused on building websites for local area businesses, and then from there expanded to providing digital exposure and marketing services for client websites. I soon realized that client work is like having hundreds of bosses; that’s when I made the push to create digital assets to earn revenue for myself.

What is your education/employment/career background?

College is expensive and I didn’t want to take out massive loans to get myself in serious debt, so I joined the U.S. Navy to pay for college. It was an amazing experience, I was able to travel the world, and learn so much about other cultures and countries. I still talk with a bunch of the people I served with. All amazing people. The irony of it all was the experience in the Navy and secret clearance was what got me hired and a strong job afterwards, not my education.

When did you begin building and buying web businesses?

I started building web businesses outside of clients 4 or 5 years ago. It’s been a rewarding experience. I’ve met so many great people. I’ve had some great partners. My partner Evan Lisabeth has been right there with me for most of it all. Couldn’t have done it without him. The years of experience, and knowledge gained from working with people have been the most valuable asset. With the right knowledge and experience time is irrelevant.

What kind of sites have you worked on in the past?

I’ve had multiple seven figure website sales, revolving around fitness, gaming, and style. I’ve also had several six figure sales revolving around MMA, Tech, and Health. Those sites have ranged from affiliate based sites to display advertising. They all had strong communities of support that were passionate about the niche. These websites have all been content based sites (articles/videos). Very low tech. Anyone with decent WordPress knowledge could have built them.

Any special skills that you bring to the table?

Hundreds of hours of watching YouTube videos, reading forums, and learning from others. I don’t know of any course that will teach you what you need to know. You just need to get out there and fail as much as possible, and fail fast, so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t. Stop waiting for the perfect time. Stop reading this interview. Go work on it right now.

I don’t think there’s anything special I do in particular. I love this stuff. It never feels like work. I think maybe that plays a big part in it.

What brought you to Flippa? Why do you use Flippa?

I’ve used Flippa since the early days of it. It’s always an exciting experience. There’s not many experiences in this business better than seeing that bid icon light up. It’s no secret that Flippa has high visibility and a large, active userbase. I want to get as many eyeballs on a sale as possible. I’ve always focused on building quality sites with very strong communities that support them. There’s nothing to hide or shy away from. The sites I’ve sold are the result of months to years of tedious leg work, so I want them to be seen, and Flippa is the obvious choice for that.

You once sold FightState.com for $300,000 on the Flippa marketplace, what was that experience like?

It was a great experience. It was actually one of the largest public Flippa sales ever at the time. The response was overwhelming. Nothing drives exposure like a Flippa listing. During the course of the sale, I answered hundreds of messages, and met some great people. The Flippa staff was very helpful and provided excellent support throughout the entire auction through their account management service. Their support was invaluable, and made the experience very smooth from listing all the way to escrow and transfer. I’ve never had a bad experience with Flippa.

This interview i’m doing with Flippa is in itself proof of the great support from the staff.

For those who don’t already know, tell us what the site about?

Fightstate was a very popular (Alexa top 10k) entertainment website revolving around combat sports (MMA/Boxing). We put together a team of fight nerds who spent their time scouring the internet for the most entertaining martial arts content.

The site had multiple large social profiles that supported it, with hundreds of thousands of fans across Facebook that would send an average of over 6 million visits to the website a month. We worked hard to build up the community first. The website was an extension of the social community itself.

We had countless articles go viral with coverage from BBC, Vice, Yahoo, and hundreds of mentions, retweets from famous fighters, boxers, and other social influencers. In the end the hard work paid off and the business sold for $300,000 on Flippa.

Any advice for other web entrepreneurs looking sell websites on Flippa?

Be patient, don’t rush the process. Explain details clearly. Try to answer every single message and comment. It can be a lot of work, but it can also be very rewarding. You never know who you could be speaking to. I’ve actually met future business partners through Flippa messages. It’s been a great vehicle for my business, I couldn’t recommend them any higher.

So there you have it, that’s Jeff’s Flippa story! If you have a high-value content site that you might like to sell on Flippa, request a free website valuation and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to let you know what your site is worth!

Case Study: The $100 Startup Success

Case Study: The $100 Startup Success

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Cindy Molchany, a web entrepreneur who started CraftBeverageJobs.com after reading the $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. The site quickly exploded, and after 3 years of hard work, Cindy decided to sell her business on Flippa for $20,000.

As a first-time Flippa seller, Cindy details what the auction process was like and what it was like to work alongside our account management team here at Flippa.

Tell us about your technical background and how you started CraftBeverageJobs.com.

My background is in wine and beer marketing, and I have no technical background per-se except I had started a WordPress blog or two (but I’m not sure you can say that is a “technical background”).

When I came up with the idea to launch Craft Beverage Jobs, I actually did it as a way to grow exposure for my digital marketing services to the industry. I thought offering an industry job board with compelling content and a strong social media presence would help me stand out among the competition and drive interest for my digital marketing services.

When I discovered I could build a job board the way I wanted using WordPress and a $100 plugin, I was up and running within 30 days as a way to challenge myself after reading “The $100 Startup”.

Craft Beverage Jobs actually ended up quickly taking on a life of its own, and the more involved I got with building and growing the site, the more interested I became in Online Business in general and the less beverage marketing I did. Funny how that works.

What made you decide to sell your website?

The simple answer is that my interests have evolved, and I was neglecting it. I knew the site and concept excited people, but I didn’t feel like I had much left to contribute in order to take it to the next level. It needed fresh energy.

Tell us about your first sale went.

My first sale was a flop!

A website isn’t like a car where you can look up the Kelly Blue Book value and understand what a good market value is – even though a lot of “experts” will tell you that it’s as black and white as adding a 2-3x multiplier on your site revenue (or profit – not sure which one is used).

So when I initially launched Craft Beverage Jobs for sale on Flippa, I had zero confidence going in because how I valued the site was in such contrast to what the online calculators out there showed. And even though I got a couple of “Buy It Now” offers above the reserve price I set initially, I ended up pulling the auction only after a few days because I decided I would rather keep the site then sell for less than what I thought it was worth.

I thought that was it, but then shortly after I ended the sale, Joseph at Flippa reached out and extended the offer to do an evaluation for me and to potentially work together should I decide to relist.

He confirmed what I suspected all along. That value is in the eye of the beholder, and he expressed confidence (in his expert opinion – not a guarantee) that I would get a price I would be comfortable with.

What was it like working with our account management team?

Having access to the account management team made all the difference in the world. With the free upgrades, the featured newsletter spot, and the social media promotions, my auction got a lot of attention from many different interested buyers. In addition to the validation on value, I was able to ask for help on strategy up to the very end of the sale. This was very important to me because it gave me the confidence I didn’t have the first time around.

In all honesty, Flippa can be a little intimidating – especially for a newbie. I didn’t want to make a beginner mistake on something so important to me, and working with Joseph was like having a coach the whole way through.

What suggestions would you have for others looking to sell their website?

  1. Putting heart and soul into your website can most definitely add value.

  1. It’s about finding the right buyer, not just any buyer. Talk to people who express interest, answer all their questions (the more the better the sign), and find out their intentions with your website.

  1. And jump at the opportunity to work with the Flippa team if given the chance.

Would you like to add any closing statements?

I miss running a website like Craft Beverage Jobs, and am already starting a new transactional niche website to build, grow, nurture (and maybe sell on Flippa one day).

Enjoy reading Cindy’s story? Continue reading more Flippa case studies now.

Case Study: How One Team Boosted Revenue by 4x with no Additional Traffic

Case Study: How One Team Boosted Revenue by 4x with no Additional Traffic

The Website Acquisition that Boosted Revenues by 4x with no Additional Traffic

In the Summer of 2015, MonetizeMore purchased a polling site called MisterPoll.com, a website that enables users to create polls, share them and then provide the statistic results. At the time of purchase, MisterPoll.com was only running AdSense directly on-page, which MonetizeMore saw as a huge opportunity to increase MisterPoll.com’s ad revenues without even increasing traffic. MonetizeMore has been in the ad optimization industry since 2010 and has some of the best ad optimization tech and experts in the industry. In this case study, the team at MonetizeMore reveals just how we were able to take a site, and within one month, grow the site’s revenue by 4x.

The MonetizeMore team started by implementing the most widely used ad server in the world called DFP (Google owned). The implementation of the ad server enabled the team to run many revenue sources at once, include direct sales ads and incorporate complex ad optimization techniques. The first technique that was implemented was integrating Google Ad Exchange (AdX). Google Ad Exchange is the best performing demand source in the world. It is even more powerful when integrating in DFP using a technique called dynamic allocation. Since Google owns DFP and Ad Exchange, the two technologies are able to communicate with each other so that DFP always knows what AdX will pay for each impression. As a result, the publisher can be confident that AdX only serves when it is the highest paying demand source. This is a very important part of ad optimization and realizing a publishers’ ad revenue potential.

Once DFP and AdX were implemented, MisterPoll.com saw a revenue increase of about 50%. This was a nice increase but MonetizeMore was not done there. The next step was to implement managed demand ad networks. Managed demand ad networks are traditional ad networks that send ad tags to publishers that have passbacks if the ad network is not able to payout on a minimum RPM for that ad impression. They are implemented in DFP at price priority level and the priority levels are adjusted on a daily basis based on past performance. Six managed demand ad networks were implemented and after a month of optimizing, the ad revenues more than doubled.

The last and most important step to ad optimization was implementing header bidding. Header bidding is a similar process to dynamic allocation for non-Google demand sources. Each header bid network makes a bid via an API, then the highest header bid will compete against Google and the managed demand sources. It is called header bidding because it is enabled via a header container technology which is implemented in the header of the page and the auction happens within the browser before the DFP auction. MonetizeMore has a header container called PubGuru.

Header bidding dramatically increases ad revenues and page RPMs for similar reasons that AdX implemented via dynamic allocation increases page RPM. The technology ensures that the highest bidder wins the ad impression. When you maximize the ad revenue for each ad impression rather than educated guesses via managed demand, you see some incredible increases in ad revenue. This boosted the MisterPoll.com revenues to 4x compared to the monthly revenues before the site was acquired. PubGuru header bidding not only increased the ad revenues but it also:

  • Eliminated passback ad impressions which improved site speed
  • Decreased blank ad impressions
  • Increased the accuracy of DFP reports
  • Decreased the daily hours needed for ad optimization

There is no doubt header bidding was the most important implementation on MisterPoll.com that contributed the most to the ad revenue increases and additional benefits. However, the previous 3 steps were integral to the success and also enabled header bidding. If you are considering to purchase a website on Flippa that monetizes via programmatic ads, it is in your best interest to follow the four steps that MonetizeMore followed.

You can complete the four steps on your own or outsource it to a company like MonetizeMore. If you decide to do it on your own, you can use the PubGuru SAAS solution to guide you through each step at your own pace. If you don’t have your own direct account with AdX, you would need to use a company partnered with Google (Like MonetizeMore) to offer AdX demand. If your site gets over 5MM page views per month, you can qualify for a free DFP implementation. If you get more than 20MM page views per month, you can qualify to become a premium publisher and MonetizeMore will handle all ad optimization for you so you can focus on the more important parts of your business.

Whether you decide to outsource your ad optimization or do it in-house, make sure to make a decision and stick to it. The worst thing you can do is ignore this low hanging fruit. Do not settle with just running AdSense. Otherwise, you are leaving a significant portion of revenues on the table, just like MisterPoll.com was.

Case Study: Super Seller Interview

Case Study: Super Seller Interview

I’m joined here by Richard Jordan, a web entrepreneur and Flippa Super Seller with $133,867 over 26 transactions and a 100% positive rating. Richard and I discuss his success of buying and selling websites on Flippa, and drops a few hints on how others can successfully do the same.

Tell us about your background as web entrepreneur.

I received a degree in Computer Science in 2009. Rather than working for a company like Google, I stumbled into making money with websites and instantly became fascinated with operating web businesses. I started doing freelance webmaster work, but I quickly grew tired of working for other people who had no idea how to properly operate their online business. That’s when I started investigating owning my own websites portfolio to become my own boss. I figured that if I owned websites I could make the same amount of money and not have to work for other people. Ever since then, I’ve been maintaining my own websites portfolio and haven’t looked back!

What originally brought you to Flippa, and why do you continue to use it?

One of my clients wanted to sell his site and asked me to list it on Flippa back in 2011. This opportunity opened my eyes to the world of buying and selling websites and I immediately became hooked. Since I was still building my portfolio, I was mostly buying websites, whereas now I am mostly selling websites on Flippa. At one point, I owned and operated on a portfolio of about 50 different websites. I sell on Flippa because nowhere comes close to having as many buyers as Flippa does.

A lot of your recent auctions have had no reserve. Are you simply motivated to sell or is there a strategy there for you?

I have full confidence that the Flippa market is mature enough that nothing will sell for anything I would be too unhappy with. Plus I am pretty attached to my websites and have a tough time negotiating a price privately. The auction format takes away my seller’s remorse issues. Whatever happens, happens, and typically it works out better than I could have ever hoped.

Would you recommend a no reserve to other sellers? If so, why?

It isn’t for everyone, but if you’re motivated to sell, I would highly recommend it. In general, websites are hard to price. I can tell you when a website is undervalued, but I have limited ability to predict what it is worth to someone who is a specialist in that niche. Some niches I might know and be able to set that price as well. That said, there are a lot of much more talented people than me out there at growing sites, and there are a lot of niches, each with its own unique factors.

How did you get to owning such a large websites portfolio? Were most of these bought, or did you build them yourself?

Personally, I am not that great at building or growing websites. I have a system for buying though that has worked well for me, and I think could work well for others.

You have just listed TheTolkienForum.com, PoemOfQuotes.com, and FeldGrau.com/net. Can you tell us about these listings?

They are sites I have purchased over the last 5 years. They were all old and neglected when I purchased them. In the case of TheTolkienForum.com I made a software change to grow the community. PoemOfQuotes.com is a great site that I have owned since 2013 that makes on average $400 / month via AdSense without any maintenance. It is a hard one for me to sell at no reserve, but I know it will work out and find a smart owner. FeldGrau.net / FeldGrau.com are the type of cool, old sites I love with timeless topics. Feldgrau centers on German Armed Forces in World War II, and Feldgrau is the nickname for the color of their uniforms. Feldgrau.com is an information site, and Feldgrau.net is a community site. Both are being sold together as a package deal.

If these sites sound interesting to you, check out their auctions here: TheTolkienForum.com // PoemOfQuotes.com // FeldGrau.com.

You mentioned to me you were writing a book. What is the book about and when will it be finished?

The book is about what I have done for the last 5 years. The website world has allowed me to find freedom, love, and hopefully some children soon. I doubt I will make much from the book, but I want to give back. My teachers were sellers on Flippa, and I want the cycle to continue as I transition in my life. I want to inspire someone to take what I have done and exceed it. If one person looks back and feels as thankful as I do then I will be happy with my choice.

I will be giving away everything I know in the book, so it may end up being a bad move if I lose too much money in the stock market and have to come back to buying and selling websites. I have a website book.rdan.co where people can sign up for the book. You can also submit requests for general topics for me to cover and specific questions to answer in the book. The book should come out next month, February 2017. If people find the book helpful, then I might offer services to help people buy websites.

Any advice for other entrepreneurs looking to sell their websites?

I would advise people to stop being promotional when they advertise their websites. It is a turnoff. Let the facts speak for themselves. People see right through you, and then you just come off as a bad person. Have empathy for your buyers. Both a buyer and seller should benefit from a transaction.

Would you like to add any closing statements?

I’d like to leave with a short excerpt from my book, The Trust Fund: Autobiography of a Website Flipper.

Because of my Flippa auctions, I have received questions about how I acquired so many aged, AdSense autopilot websites. As I am ending my journey in this market, I wanted to share my intellectual capital so that future vagabonds down this life path may surpass me and reach similar liberating life circumstances as myself.

My fiancé openly questions me about whether I have a trust fund. I have no job or schedule while she, like many (maybe even you dear reader), spends long hours toiling in the salt mines of corporate America. I am blessed by finding an alternative path in life. I have created my own trust fund with passive income generating websites. But for those who read my story, you may find that it is not an easy path. I hope my story may also help some to turn back before tackling what may be a painful, unfulfilling journey.

Richard Jordan has been buying and selling websites for over 6 years now and still buys and sells websites to this day. Want to be notified if he creates any new listings? Check out his profile and click on ‘watch seller.’