How to Make ­$1,000/Month Selling Startup Websites on Flippa

How to Make ­$1,000/Month Selling Startup Websites on Flippa

Over the past year, I have made more than $15,000 using Flippa to sell startup WordPress websites. I don’t know how to code, I’m not a slick salesman, and I’ve done this all while juggling multiple unrelated offline jobs. In this article, I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it, and how you can do the same thing.

How I got Started Selling Websites

In March of 2015, I successfully built and sold my first startup website,, for a total price of $2,050 on Flippa. The website itself had no traffic and no revenue. The $2,050 I earned from the sale was nice, but what I really gained was the knowledge and experience I needed to repeat this process again and again and again.

To further explain, building Aerial Connect taught me everything I needed to know about starting an online business. From shopping for domain names, to setting up hosting, to learning WordPress and graphic design, to managing a successful Flippa auction. I got firsthand experience with it all, and it paid off in a big way – I have consistently made $1,000 to $1,500 every month on Flippa since the sale of Aerial Connect.

During this time I discovered three key factors which have had a major impact on my success:

During a gold rush, don't dig for gold, sell the shovels

#1 Sell Great­ Looking, Functional Startup Websites

Right now everyone seems to be all about building startup websites like Facebook and AirBNB. There are books about creating startups, thousands of blog articles, workshops, webinars and seminars – it’s like the next gold rush. In my opinion, and from personal experience, there are two ways to capitalize on a gold rush:

A. Dig for gold hoping to cash in big…Or…B. Sell the shovels and make steady income

I like B. I sell the shovels here on Flippa to the entrepreneurs of the future. I brainstorm web startup ideas, I build them out, I take my time designing them to look good, and then I put them up for auction on Flippa where entrepreneurs buy them. It really is that simple. For example, Aerial Connect was a drone pilot directory. My idea was to have a directory site where real estate agents could find drone pilots to take aerial photographs of properties. After discovering a WordPress directory theme that fit in with this concept, I realized that I could get the idea to market inexpensively.

The Art of Value Added Domain Name Flipping

#2 Learn The Art of Value Add Domain Flipping

I often get messages from other Sellers along the lines of “I have a great domains… but they don’t sell at the price I think they’re worth.” Perhaps surprisingly, most of these people actually have decent domains, but what they lack, is an ability to sell the true value of these domains to potential buyers. One solution to this issue that I have discovered, is a technique I like to call value add domain flipping.

The basic idea is that instead of struggling to describe the potential end user value of a particular domain, you simply build that business concept out, take it to market with minimal investment, and immidiately put it up for sale.

So here’s my strategy: I like to start my search for a quality domain on Flippa in the Domains Marketplace. I usually select the Search Filter “reserve met”. As of this writing, there are roughly 900 reserve met domain listings on Flippa. I set an additional filter for domains that are auctioning under $100. In this range (i.e. reserve met auctions for under $100), I’ve found that I’m usually only competing with one or two other bidders – so there are plenty of good opportunities to be had.

Here are just a few examples of great names I’ve snagged and flipped as websites using this process:

Bought domain on Flippa for $47, built a night club finder for it, and sold it on Flippa for $1,000
Bought domain on Flippa for $45, built a roofing company directory for it, and sold it on Flippa for $504
Bought domain on Flippa for $250, built a University Finder out of it, and sold it two weeks later for $505.

Use Auctions as a means of generating new job opportunities

#3 Use Auctions to Generate Job Opportunities

Every time I auction a website, one lucky person wins and becomes the new owner. Of the people who don’t win, a lot of them send me job offers to build similar websites for them. Since I’m creating custom websites for these clients I charge a lot more. These are typically entrepreneurs who are very serious about their endeavors and will pay well to get what they want.

“Every web developer should be building and selling websites on Flippa, period.”
If you’re a freelance web developer you need to be auctioning websites on Flippa for the lead generation alone. Period. These are hot leads. They’re messaging you because they already like your style and they’ll probably want you to build something very similar to what you just auctioned – oftentimes for a lot more money.

What if I’m new to this space and not sure where to start?

Every day people write me asking how they can do what I’m doing on Flippa. In fact, having people reach out and inquire about my success on Flippa made me realize that the experience and knowledge I’ve gained could be valuable to others. With that in mind, I put together an in­-depth seven­-hour­-long Flippa training course. The course details my process of building directory websites to sell on Flippa, covering everything from the initial domain setup, to the entire development phase, to the Flippa sale.

Already a ninja with web development and just need some tips on creating killer Flippa listings? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered! That segment of the course is available individually. It’s an hour long tutorial on how I create the perfect Flippa listing description, the days/times I like to start an auction, and it even includes my actual listing template. Its available here.

Case Study: Sold for $13,000 on Flippa

Case Study: Sold for $13,000 on Flippa

During his senior year, David Sinick read The 4-Hour Workweek and then dropped out of college to become a web entrepreneur. In 2015 he acquired for $13,000 on Flippa, and in the five months since he’s cut costs by an estimated 35% and added 100 new customers. If you’re interested in subscription box businesses, you don’t want to miss this standout interview!

How did you become an online entrepreneur?

College wasn’t for me. I started off at the University of Pittsburgh, then left and went to the University of Colorado at Boulder for 2 weeks, and then University of Miami for my Sophomore and Junior years — and then I dropped out my senior year. That same year I read the book “The 4 Hour Workweek”, and from that moment on I was determined to make money on the internet.

How long have you been buying and selling websites?

I bought my first website on Flippa in 2010. After financing the acquisition by dipping into my college savings, taking out a loan from my parents, and bringing on a business partner to split the costs, I finally had my first real web venture – True Foods Market. In my opinion, the education I received running that business was far better than any education I ever received in college. Despite the venture not working out the way I planned, I gained invaluable knowledge and experience that I continue to utilize to this day.

Why do you use Flippa?

Honestly, it’s the best marketplace for finding legitimate websites for sale, and it has a much better selection and quality of listings than all of its competitors. Flippa has done a fantastic job curating high-end sites and keeping junk and scammers out. For the most part, the marketplace is made up of a wide array of unique business opportunities being sold by an eclectic crowd of entrepreneurs.

You acquired on Flippa, tell us about the business and why it was a good fit for you

Paleo Life Box is a subscription box company that curates new paleo snacks each month — around 7-8 per box — to introduce our customers to new, delicious Paleo snacks at an affordable price. I found the business for sale on Flippa, and I loved the fact that it was a year old and was growing at a steady pace. Additionally, I already run a large Paleo website, and I knew Paleo Life Box could be easily plugged into this site as as a new service offering.

Has there been any major challenges since you acquired the site?

We’re selling Paleo based snacks, and so they are usually more expensive with tighter margins than other similar food. Because of that, I’ve spent a lot of time vetting vendors and making sure we focus on high quality reasonably priced snacks. The thinking is that if we can provide a great experience for our customers, we’ll never have to worry about them coming back for more.

What changes have you made operationally to make the business more efficient?

We started off fulfilling orders and packaging shipments in-house, as in, my apartment (see picture below.) A big shout out to employee Ali Jangbar for being a trooper and fulfilling all these shipments by my side. Luckily, a while after taking over the business we were able to find a fulfillment company who provided cheaper boxes and better transport pricing.

Orders awaiting shipment at David's apartment.

PaleoLifeBox orders awaiting shipment at David’s apartment.

What would you say have been your biggest achievements since taking over the business, and what are your plans for the site moving forward?

We’ve shaved off 35% of our monthly costs by adding a new fulfillment partner and doing a better job of overseeing our vendor program. The site has performed great, and we added about 100 new customers in December without any promotion. We are planning on doing our first big promo this month, and I’d like to get us up to the 2-3,000 customers range within the year. Though we’ve got some aggressive growth targets, we’re making sure that we grow sustainably, so that every customer continues to receive a top notch experience.

What advice do you have for other web entrepreneurs looking to buy and sell websites on Flippa?

Make sure that any company you are seriously considering going after is not doing anything shady, or taking advantage of some sort of web gimmick that doesn’t have a real business model. This means you need to conduct proper due diligence and gaining an in-depth understanding of how the business makes money. Another tip is check Flippa regularly. I check the site at least once a week for websites that fit in with my existing portfolio. Listings come and go quite frequently and you need to pay attention to the market to ensure you don’t miss out.

If you want to acquire a high-quality business like check out the top websites for sale on Flippa.

Inside Story: $12,000 acquisition of on Flippa

Inside Story: $12,000 acquisition of on Flippa

Today we interview Army Airborne Ranger turned web entrepreneur, Dan Anton, who acquired the popular website on Flippa for $12,000. You definitely want to catch this interview and pay attention as Dan provides critical insights into how he increased revenue on TheBachelorBracket by 115%, and what it takes to succeed in the world of digital real estate.

Tell us about your education and career in the military

I went to college to study business and computer science, but I always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. I was in my junior year of college during the 9/11 terrorist attacks and I made the decision right then and there to join the Army once I graduated. I attended Officer Candidate School (OCS) and had a wonderful 10 year career in the Army as an Airborne Ranger. Unfortunately, during my last deployment I suffered an injury that left me unable to remain in the infantry, and I was left with a tough choice as to what to do with my life.

How did you decide online entrepreneurship was the best fit?

I’ve always loved working on websites and creating things online. I developed my first website in 1995 at the age of 15. It was a very basic video game eCommerce site where I arbitraged video games from a local store and sold them online for a nice profit. Years later after my military career came to a close, I found myself gravitating towards solving problems with software. Specifically, I was fascinated with software that allowed businesses to market themselves online by way of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To answer your question though, I’m a marketer by trade with a computer science mindset, so online entrepreneurship offered me the best opportunity to earn a living doing something I’m good at, and most importantly, something I enjoyed.

What brought you to Flippa?

I’m always on the hunt for business opportunities where I can maximize profits while minimizing owner responsibilities and time requirements. In my opinion, time is the most valuable currency we have: it buys you freedom to do what you want, when you want, with those whom you want. I also like to diversify my investment portfolio. Sometimes I purchase land and physical real estate, while on Flippa, I purchase digital real estate. Digital real estate can be just as profitable as traditional real estate, if not more profitable. Having used Flippa for going on four years, I can tell you that it is clearly the market leader in this space. If you look at other marketplaces they are nowhere near as good as Flippa in producing quality websites for sale.

Several months back you acquired on Flippa, tell us about the site provides a platform for fans of the reality TV shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Users of the platform make brackets similar to March Madness in college basketball, but instead of choosing winners of a basketball game, they choose who they think will be the winning contestants of the Bachelor and Bachelorette TV shows each week.

The creator of the site did a great job being first to market with this concept and as a result it has gained a great deal of popularity, and many people now use the platform to compete against their friends for weekly bragging rights. Major media including ABC, USA Today, The Daily Beast, and NPR have all featured stories about the site, and numerous celebrities have tweeted about and endorsed it.

What made this business a great fit for you?

I prefer to acquire websites that have already been monetized, but are struggling to make it to “the next level.” In this case, The Bachelor Bracket was already making money and it had an established fan base with a large email list, but the owner no-longer had the passion or drive to manage the site and contribute resources to it. All of these factors contributed to my decision to bid, but the biggest factor for me was seeing how much potential there was to grow the business by leveraging my social media, PPC, and SEO skills. Of course, it also didn’t hurt that myself and my fiancé, Allison Burn, were already big fans of the TV shows the site was built around. After discussing the listing with Allison, and explaining the potential, she was equally excited about the opportunity and concept behind the site. We agreed that if we won the auction she would run the day to day operations and player interactions, and I would handle the marketing – which has worked out great.

What’s happened since the acquisition? Any big challenges? Any big achievements?

Admittedly, Allison has done most of the hard work with the site, being very active on social media and helping players with their leagues. Most of what I have done is on the marketing side and deals with driving traffic, user acquisition, and email list management. The biggest challenge we have faced, and the reason I think the creator ultimately decided to sell the site, is that the technology behind it is somewhat lacking. The site is a bit clunky in its interface and the scalability is just about at its threshold. Of course, I knew this was going to be a challenge going in, so I wasn’t really surprised and we are looking at ways to improve the platform.

As far as achievements, I was able to create Facebook Ads which drove extremely targeted leads to the site. Within only a few weeks we grew from around 60,000 players to over 125,000 players. And I didn’t have to spend a fortune to do this because of the viral effect of the ads. I’ve also done some SEO, which has given us a nice boost to organic search traffic. Financially, the site has exceeded our expectations. Google Adsense is our primary monetization method, and prior to our purchase of the site the best reported month for Adsense income was $1,946 in January, 2015. Once we took control of the site we worked hard to improve monetization and in January 2016 our efforts boosted AdSense revenue to $4,201 – a 115% increase on the site’s previous record month a year earlier.

What are your plans for moving forward?

Though significant, our plans for the site are actually pretty straightforward and are laid out below:

1. Continue current monetization optimization via Adsense.
2. Rebuild the website with a new and simpler CMS which fans will absolutely love.
3. Continue to build awareness and engagement via Social Media.
4. Build Android and iOS Apps which are linked to the website.

Any advice for other web entrepreneurs looking buy websites on Flippa?

First and foremost, I would only consider listings where you feel your unique skill-set can be a significant value multiplier. Make sure you do your due diligence. One of the most insightful things you can do is to get Google Analytics access to analyze the site’s traffic stats. I always like to look at spikes in traffic or income just prior to the listing on Flippa. Oftentimes, this can be a red flag, so use your best judgement.

In addition to what is mentioned above, I always like to ask myself these 5 questions:

1. Why is this person selling the website?
2. What can I bring to the table to make this site better?
3. Is the site already making money, and if not, why is that the case?
4. Where is my break-even point if I decide to place a bid? (If this is longer than 15 months I typically will not even consider it because things change so quickly and are unpredictable in the online world).
5. Is this worth my time or could I better spend my time doing something else?

Do you have a website like that you might like to sell? Apply for a free website valuation from one of our experienced brokers now.

Buyer Interview: 17 y/o sells for $21,100 on Flippa

Buyer Interview: 17 y/o sells for $21,100 on Flippa

We recently sat down with online entrepreneur Kean Graham, who acquired on Flippa for $21,100. Kean gives us an insider’s look at his existing website monetization service, as well as his acquisition of MisterPoll.

You own MonetizeMore, how does that business work?

MonetizeMore is an industry leader in website monetization that combines state of the art monetization technology with a team of dynamic and creative thinkers. We empower website owners and publishers to earn more from their ads. We partner with advertising networks, Google primarily being one of our biggest partners. Then, we also cater to the needs of publishers and web masters who sign up and qualify under our revenue sharing program. True to our name, we specialize in leveraging the power of cutting edge technologies to maximize revenues for our partners.

Why do you use Flippa?

Flippa has the greatest demand and supply of website properties on the net. The sheer volume is reason enough to use the platform, but the support has been impressive, the platform is very easy to use, the free escrow is great, and it is the most trusted marketplace. Although this is our first full website acquisition, we’ve been familiar with and have used Flippa for several years.

You acquired in late 2015, tell us about the site, what does it do?

MisterPoll was created in 1998. The story goes that the original owner had a burning question, but realized there were no readily available places to post the question to the world. This spawned the idea of building a polling website that would allow people to upload questionnaires publicly and later download the results of the poll into a CSV format. There are an almost infinite number of questions that have been asked over the years, and each poll is classified into subdirectories of polls for higher visibility. Aside from this, there is a forum style message feature attached to each poll to encourage healthy discussions on each respective poll topic. The really good ones are highlighted as Editor’s Choice and linked to on the front page of the website.

From a business perspective, why did you ultimately decide to place a bid?

This is our first purchase. As such, the nature is more on the exploratory side. However, MisterPoll has truly evolved to become a diamond in the rough. At its peak under former ownership, it was generating a significant amount of revenue with high traffic. The entertainment and fascination for polls online has historically had a very loyal following. Interest in websites providing easy to use polling tools is high. is an old domain/site that still had a lot of potential but was forgotten buy its owners. This is where we saw the most opportunity. The audience was still quite loyal, the site was due for a redesign, the SEO potential was strong, and we knew with the right management and TLC this could be a big earner.

What are your plans for moving forward?

Right now, the short term plans include modernizing the website and improving the user experience. Since the site was created in 1998, it’s not yet mobile responsive for smartphones. Also, people or users have accumulated feedback over the years and we have compiled them into a single wish list so that we can tailor Misterpoll’s interface to what the active users truly want out of the site. The goal is to restore or surpass its former glory as a top polling website, add value, increase traffic, and revive the existing community of users.

Any advice or monetization tips for other web entrepreneurs looking buy websites on Flippa?

Maximize the features of Flippa and make informed decisions through due diligence. Don’t hold back with the questions, and don’t limit yourself to the information provided by the seller. Read through what other bidders have asked and read the respective responses from the seller to try to really drill through the details. Get to know the technical specifications, the traffic, the revenue history, the mode of managing the website, the existing challenges, etc.

If the site is only monetizing the content via Google AdSense then there is huge opportunity to double or triple the ad revenues. In those cases:

  1. Upgrade Google AdSense to Google Ad Exchange
  2. Implement a header bidding container to dramatically spike ad revenues.
  3. Add DoubleClick for Publishers to enable ad optimization and many additional ad networks that compete against Google AdSense and Ad Exchange

Most importantly, you need to believe in what you are going to buy. If you are not genuinely interested in the overhaul that each website will require. It takes a lot of effort to do so and you need the inherent motivation to stick with your purchase.

Do you have a high-quality aged website that you might like to sell? Apply for a free website valuation from one of our industry leading brokers now.

Six ways websites listed on Flippa are being monetized

Six ways websites listed on Flippa are being monetized

Effectively monetizing a website might be hard work, but despite the struggle, it is possible. Of course, the first step is understanding which monetization methods are available, and which methods best align with your individual objectives. On that note, I’ve prepared this article by analyzing and summarizing six website monetization methods and the circumstances under which each method is useful. Lastly, along with each method, I’ve also included an example of a real site listed on Flippa using that method. So enjoy this article, and start monetizing your website today!

Website is up for sale on Flippa uses an AdSense based monetization method.

Monetization via Google AdSense:

AdSense is generally the widest used and most accessible form of advertising available to self-publishing webmasters. Webmasters simply place a brief JavaScript code on the websites’ pages. Then AdSense will choose the highest paying ads that are targeted based on the content of the sites and the interests of the users accessing those sites. It has been particularly important for delivering advertising revenue to small websites that do not have the resources for developing advertising sales programs. Using AdSense to monetize your website traffic is a good option if you have a content-rich site with family-friendly content. is the self-proclaimed largest collection of interactive online English tests in the world. The site boasts over 1.1 million Unique Visitors a month and about 2.7 million Page Views a month. This massive amount of traffic is being monetized with Google AdSense to the tune of about $5,000/month in revenue.

Website Rewrite My Paper is for sale on Flippa uses a SaaS monetization method.

Monetization via SaaS:

Compared to the traditional model of software distribution, in which software is purchased for and installed on personal computers, the Software as a Service (SaaS) model delivers the software service by making it available to the users over the Internet. SaaS is becoming an increasingly prevalent delivery model because of its many benefits such as easy accessibility, painless upgrade, lower initial costs, etc. Some SaaS businesses charge their users on a subscription base, such as Spotify and Evernote, while other SaaS businesses charge their users based on the usage, such as and If your website provides a valuable software service and your users are willing to pay for using it, SaaS would be a good option for you to maximize your revenue from the value of the service. provides a software service that helps college students rewrite their papers and essays. Students simply copy and paste the papers to the website and it automatically rewrites the papers for them. Users are charged for credits that they use based on the number of words in the papers they would like to have rewritten. With 1.5k Unique Visitors and 15.4k Page Views per month, the website generates an average monthly revenue of $725 during the past 6 months.

The Rocking Chair Company is for sale on Flippa uses a dropship eCommerce monetization method.

Monetization via Dropship eCommerce:

Since businesses being monetized via dropship ecommerce do not carry inventory, they usually take less time to operate and require less cash to start up, compared to an eCommerce business that has to manage the inventory and shipment in-house. It is an attractive business model from an operations standpoint. However, the profit margin of a given dropship eCommerce business would generally be much lower compared to a similar inventory-holding eCommere business. There is also an underlying risk since the dropship business has little control over their inventory and shipment. In general when you go the dropship route, there are likely to be many other stores that carry the exact same products. You really need to differentiate your business from the many other competitors in order to win more orders. The dropship business model is a good option for you to bring in extra income, as it is relatively easy to start and operate. (TRCC) is a dropship eCommerce website selling chairs and tables. The website is 9 years old with 5.4k unique visits and 25.3k page views per month. It generates $12k products sales and $2.7k gross profits per month with a profit margin of 22.5%. Currently 100% of items on the site are drop-shipped, which means TRCC doesn’t keep any products it sells in stock. When TRCC sells a product, it automatically purchases the product from the manufacturer and the manufacturer ships out the product to the end customer.

Website is for sale on Flippa! uses an inventory holding eCommerce method.

Monetization via Inventory Holding Ecommerce:

If you want to run a full-time eCommerce business and you have money to invest in it, inventory-holding eCommerce might be a good option for you considering the hefty profit margin. However, you’ll generally need a larger initial investment to get setup. You’ll also need to think about where you will physically store your inventory, and what your fulfillment processes will be. (EBW) is an inventory-holding eCommerce website that sells wine accessories. With 3.9k unique visits and 34.8k page views, it generates $3.9k in revenue and $1.9k in net profit per month, with a high profit margin of 48.7%. Different from the dropship business (TRCC), would stock products based on what customer ordered and manage the shipment in-house. EBW’s profit margin is 48.7%, more than double the dropship business TRCC’s 22.5% profit margin. Even though the monthly gross revenue of EBW is only $3.9k, the company could retain $1.9k as profit, while TRCC has to give up 77.5% of their revenue to others. However, EBW is currently holding inventory items that cost $13.9k while TRCC is free from the cash flow constraint caused by holding inventory.

Website for sale on Flippa: is monetized via online services.

Monetization via Online Services:

Monetization via online services is one of the most common methods of monetization encountered on Flippa. In demand online services include copywriting, graphic design, web development, and online marketing. Hiring specialists from major freelancing communities such as UpWork is a typical growth strategy employed by these web businesses, but it tends to squeeze the margins. On the flip side, though it is less passive and more time intensive, someone who already has the skills necessary to successfully perform a service that people are willing to pay for can widen the margins by performing the service themselves. In the end, service based online businesses can be quite lucrative, but it takes the right mix of skills and human capital to make them successful. is an eBook and print cover design website which offers professional book cover design services. The seller of the site claims to have a high proportion of repeat buyers, and they attribute this to the fact that the authors they work with generally write multiple books and are frequently in need of cover design services. The website is currently generating an average of $223/month profit off of an average of 111 unique visitors/month and 860 page views/month.

Website is for sale on Flippa uses a Click Bank Affiliate monetization method.

Monetization via Click Bank Affiliate Program:

Joining one of the various Clickbank affiliate programs is a good monetization option for websites that are able to attract niche-specific traffic and convert it into sales. There are, of course, an almost endless number of affiliate marketing strategies, but one of the most successful seems to revolve around creating niche sites that cater to the same audience as the products/services being offered by the affiliate program. For instance, if you have a blog all about online dating, you might monetize that site by joining an affiliate program that sells a book about online dating, and by placing ads on your site that direct users to a location where they can purchase that book. is a phone lookup tool showing the details behind the phone numbers. It’s a Click Bank affiliate website and the website database is maintained by the vendor. With 6,043 page views and 1,648 unique visits per month, it generates $232 automated income for the owner every month. By joining an affiliate program such as Click Bank Affiliate Program, the affiliates could earn commissions by promoting other company’s products. Through SEO and referral marketing efforts, the is able to attract reasonable amount of daily traffic to the website and convert the traffic into sales. In this way, the website could automatically generate passive income for the owner from the affiliate program commissions.

Did we capture all of your favorite website monetization methods? Make sure to chime in with your thoughts below!

Ten Macbook Hacks That Will Make You More Efficient

Ten Macbook Hacks That Will Make You More Efficient

New and experienced Macbook users both know how difficult it is to adjust to the Mac operating system. The learning curve is relatively steep and some of us just do not have the time to learn all the tips and tricks the Mac OS has to offer. At Flippa, we know how frustrating this can be, so we decided to compile a list of the top ten macbook hacks that will make your tech life easier and more efficient!

1. Paste Text Without Formatting (⌘ + Shift + V)

This one is for the avid copy and paste specialist. We all hate copying text and pasting it into a clean document with it’s original formatting that makes things look unorganized. This can easily be bypassed with a nifty little keyboard shortcut, Command + Shift + V. This saves a ton of time by automatically removing all formatting so that your text sits fresh in its new document.

2. Easily Access All Open Applications (⌘ + Tab)

If you have multiple applications open and are constantly switching back and forth between those applications, there’s a solution. Command ⌘ + Tab allows you to scroll through all your open applications and choose the one you wish to view. In order for it to work, make sure you hold the Command Key down and tap the Tab Key to scroll through each app. Simply let go of the Command Key when you wish to view an app. If you want to hide the app, tap the H key while holding Command or to quit the app, tap the Q key.

3. Email Shortcut (⌘ + Shift + I)

Emails are the new wave of online communication. We all send daily emails, whether work related or for personal use. If you use the Mail application in OS, we found a great little shortcut for you. Command + Shift + I composes a new email in a new window instantly without having to open or switch the application. It goes one step further; if you use the shortcut while in Safari, it will paste the link to the page you’re currently on right in the email for you. Handy if you need to share links with friends or colleagues.

4. Custom Shortcuts

Not finding any of the above shortcuts useful? Well, Mac OS allows you to create your own shortcuts for pretty much anything you want. Simply go to System Preferences, click on Keyboard, and then click Shortcuts. From there, click on Application Shortcuts from the left menu bar, click the (+) at the bottom of the open space box, and choose the app you want to open along with the command. You can also set up shortcuts for actions or modify default shortcuts.

5. Spotlight

Probably the most underused and hidden gem of Mac OS is its Spotlight feature. Spotlight not only allows you to search for files in your computer easily, but it also offers suggestions and results from the web without having to open your web browser. It will also calculate math problems (2+2=4) and conversions (meters to feet) by simply typing the numerical figures straight into the Spotlight bar.

6. Quick View

Need to view a document quickly without waiting for it to load? Simply highlight the file you need quick access to and click Spacebar. You will be able to view the contents of the document without waiting for it to open. Great for anyone who constantly refers to files on a daily basis. Saves time and increases the speed of your system by not having multiple files open at once.

7. Hot Corners

Not only can you use keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier, but so can the corners of your desktop screen. Hot Corners is a great feature of Mac OS that allows you to give general commands for your mission control based on which corner you point your mouse. Simply go to your System Preferences, click on Mission Control, and then click Hot Corners in the bottom left of the screen. You will get 7 choices to choose from:

– Application Windows (Highlights all the open windows for the app you’re currently using)
– Desktop (Reveals your desktop by making all open windows fly off the screen)
– Launchpad (Allows you to see and open all Apps in one place)
– Mission Control (Arranges windows into separate screens)
– Dashboard (Access your Mac’s dashboard widgets)
– Start (or Disable) Screen Saver
– Put Display to Sleep

8. Sign Documents with Managed Signatures

Hate the process of having to email, print, sign, scan, and re-send signed documents? Well the Preview feature in Mac allows you to create a signature with your finger and trackpad. Open Preview app in your Mac, click Annotate, scroll down to Manage Signatures, and click Create Signature. You will be able to create and save a signature by running your finger along the trackpad. Whenever you receive a document online that needs to be signed, just open it up in preview, follow the above process, and sign the document.

9. Record Your Screen

If you’re not comfortable downloading a third-party software to create screen capture videos, Quicktime has you covered. Open Quicktime app, and from the File drop down, select New Screen Recording. From there, you can start recording with default settings or click the drop down arrow located in the top right to change the audio, size, and saving preference.

10. Speed Up Your Mac

Is your Mac consistently running slow or taking forever to open applications? These simple “in-system” tricks can help speed up your Mac.

Reduce Logins: If your computer takes a long time to boot up, go into your System Preferences, click Users & Groups, and then click Login Items. Choose the users you wish to modify on the right and delete any items by highlighting the application on the right and clicking the (-).

Activity Monitor: Simply search in Spotlight for Activity Monitor and click the Return/Enter key. You will see a screen that shows you what is using the most system resources. From there, just close or delete anything you’re not using.

Delete Unused Apps: From Finder, click Applications, and sort them by Icon. You will be able to see the amount of space your Apps take up. Sort by highest bytes and go through the list, deleting any apps you don’t use.