Updates to the Listing Builder Template

Updates to the Listing Builder Template

Due to buyer feedback, we have made changes to the listing template for sellers looking to sell their online businesses on Flippa. These changes are aimed at improving the clarity of a listing, while also providing buyers with detailed information about the online business.

What these changes mean is that the listing process will have different sections and headings, compared to before. Our goal is to help sellers attract as many buyers as possible and we feel strongly that these will accomplish that.

For a complete review of the new listing process, we recommend visiting our guide in the Resource section of Flippa, which can be found here.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Listing Management Assistance At No Extra Cost

Listing Management Assistance At No Extra Cost

Flippa is excited to announce that from July 20th, our listing management services will be available to eligible sellers at no extra cost!

Having an awesome listing is super important on Flippa – it can often be the difference between selling for a great price and not selling at all – but with all the data, descriptions, analysis, attachments, verification requirements and everything else that goes into a great listing, it can be a very complex and time-consuming process to create it.

Then once the listing is live, it is also important to manage it well by responding to questions, updating information as required and generally helping buyers to do their due diligence. This can also be very time-consuming.

For large and complex businesses, using a broker is a great way to manage the process. However brokerage isn’t an option for many sellers, as brokerages tend to be very selective on which businesses they represent. This is where our Listing Management team can help!

Drawing on their experience creating and managing thousands of listings over the years, our dedicated team of experts will help your listing be the best it can be, giving you the best chance of achieving a successful sale. And our results back it up – managed listings are much more likely to sell on Flippa, and sell for a higher profit, than non-managed listings.

Our listing management team are not brokers – they do not represent the listing on your behalf. Rather, they are advisors who assist sellers with the sale process and provide expertise on how to sell a business or asset on the Flippa platform.  In particular, they specialize in:

  • Producing realistic sale estimations based on your businesses performance
  • Creating a powerful listing description that promotes your business or asset to potential buyers
  • Optimising your listing based on buyer comments and feedback after it has launched
  • Promoting your listing on the Flippa website in our featured section
  • Marketing your listing to qualified buyers through newsletters, direct email campaigns, platform upgrades, and more
  • Assisting with any questions or issues you experience whilst the listing is live
  • Providing experienced advice on enquiries from potential buyers
  • Enabling swift and safe payment through Flippa escrow

We’ve been offering some of these services for some time, in return for a slightly higher success fee. But now eligible listings will be entitled to this benefit for free!

Want to learn more? To find out if your listing qualifies for free listing management assistance, contact us today at [email protected].

* Note that not all listings will be eligible for free listing management.  Multiple criteria apply, but as a starting point, you will not qualify if your listing is valued at less than $1,000. This offer also does not apply to domain listings.

Flippa Teams Up with Centurica, the Leading Due Diligence Agency

Flippa Teams Up with Centurica, the Leading Due Diligence Agency

We’re pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Centurica, the industry leader for due diligence services!

Centurica specializes in providing unbiased valuations, risk audits and live verification of traffic, revenue, and expenses of Ecommerce, Content, and SaaS websites. They deliver this by providing written due diligence reports and advisory services by industry experts with decades of experience.

Due Diligence Reports give buyers a thorough breakdown of the risks of the business while also verifying the integrity of the business. This includes items such as live revenue verification, Google Analytics analysis, AdSense or Amazon compliance, SEO audits, and more. On top of that, all pre-offer due diligence reports will come with a recommended valuation, so you know you’re not overpaying for a business.

Centurica services are available not just for buyers. A special seller-side due diligence report, a package created specifically for Flippa, is available for sellers. By having their business undergo a due diligence check, buyers will be more inclined to bid knowing all claims have been verified by an independent third party. By having their business undergo a due diligence check, buyers will be more inclined to bid knowing all claims have been verified by an independent third party.

By offering our users a neutral third-party review by Centurica without a financial incentive to or from Centurica, we continue to improve the safety and integrity of our marketplace. We aim to give buyers the certainty they need before placing a bid. Rest easy knowing what you see is what you get with online businesses reviewed by Centurica.

Beyond due diligence reports, Centurica has well established itself in the industry and publishes the online business buyers report, an annual report that tracks industry trends to provide comprehensive information on all types of online businesses.

For a full list of Centurica’s services, you can view them here!

Changes to Flippa’s Reserve Met Functionality

Changes to Flippa’s Reserve Met Functionality

Starting October 31, 2017, Flippa will be changing the way the reserve met functionality works.

For the reserve to be met, there must be one bid placed.

In the past, auctions were considered to have reserve met whenever the reserve price matched the auction price, regardless if the auction had any bids or not. So if an auction had a $15,000 starting price and a $15,000 reserve price, this would highlight the price in green, indicating that the reserve has been met.

This is no longer the case.

For an auction to be considered as reserve met, it must now meet two criteria: First, the auction price must be equal to, or greater than, the reserve price of the auction, and secondly, there must be 1 bid or more. Auctions that do not meet this criteria will no longer be featured in the reserve met section of Flippa.

This is a small change, that we hope will have a big impact on how auctions are viewed by our users.

Have any questions on the upcoming change? Send us a quick email here.

Flippa Broker Badge

Flippa Broker Badge

Flippa Broker Badge

Between the premium sellers and super sellers, you may start seeing a new sheriff, err, badge in town.

Over the past couple months, Flippa has partnered with a handful of brokerages to provide highly curated listings to the marketplace. Brokered listings are unique, in that each listing has undergone a thorough due diligence check by the broker.

As a broker, you have the opportunity to fully customize your listings and work directly with our team to ensure a smooth and successful sale process.

With that, any broker that we’re working with now has the new badge. Here’s what it looks like:

How Does One Qualify for the Broker Badge?

First and foremost, to get the broker badge, you must own or operate a brokerage.

Second, you’ll need to agree to a certain set of performance and quality expectations. The two biggest things that brokers will have to do is to perform a comprehensive due diligence check on every asset, and also list every online business asset they are representing, for sale.

If you’re interested in being a broker on our platform, you can fill out the form here, and we’ll get back to you!

Perks of Being a Broker on Flippa

So what’s in it for the brokers?

For starters, brokers who partner with us will see decreased success fees on all their assets listed and each listing will receive the Editor’s Choice stamp. On top of that, brokers can expect free promotional upgrades, including homepage upgrades and inclusion in our online business newsletter, which reaches nearly 400,000 active Flippa users

Additionally, brokers will have a dedicated contact at Flippa, who is available to help out at any time.

Looking Forward

Our goal is to become the way the world buys and sells online business, and brokerages play a huge part in helping us move forward with our vision.

Get started! Fill out our form and we’ll get back to you: Flippa Broker Partnership – Expression of Interest Form

Have any questions? Drop a comment below!

Flippa iOS App Verification

Flippa iOS App Verification

With the launch of iOS 11, we’ve had to change our process on how we verify ownership of iOS apps for sale on Flippa. In the past, we had users update their app descriptions, but iOS 11 now prevents app descriptions from being updated without also updating the version of the app.

This means our prior way of verifying ownership of an iOS app is no longer effective. With that, we’ve rolled out a new process for verifying iOS app ownership.

To verify ownership of an iOS app when listing it for sale on Flippa, users will receive a unique verification token which needs to be added to the end of the support url.

For example, if the support url is google.com and the token is 12345, then the updated Support URL should be google.com?token=12345

Android app verification will remain the same, where you will be provided with a 10 digit verification code upon listing. As the app owner, you will be instructed to copy and paste this code into the app description on Google Play Store so it can be referenced. The verification will be done automatically and is usually the last step to be completed before your app listing can go live.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. Please feel free to leave a comment or email [email protected] with any questions!