Flippa Broker Badge

Flippa Broker Badge

Flippa Broker Badge

Between the premium sellers and super sellers, you may start seeing a new sheriff, err, badge in town.

Over the past couple months, Flippa has partnered with a handful of brokerages to provide highly curated listings to the marketplace. Brokered listings are unique, in that each listing has undergone a thorough due diligence check by the broker.

As a broker, you have the opportunity to fully customize your listings and work directly with our team to ensure a smooth and successful sale process.

With that, any broker that we’re working with now has the new badge. Here’s what it looks like:

How Does One Qualify for the Broker Badge?

First and foremost, to get the broker badge, you must own or operate a brokerage.

Second, you’ll need to agree to a certain set of performance and quality expectations. The two biggest things that brokers will have to do is to perform a comprehensive due diligence check on every asset, and also list every online business asset they are representing, for sale.

If you’re interested in being a broker on our platform, you can fill out the form here, and we’ll get back to you!

Perks of Being a Broker on Flippa

So what’s in it for the brokers?

For starters, brokers who partner with us will see decreased success fees on all their assets listed and each listing will receive the Editor’s Choice stamp. On top of that, brokers can expect free promotional upgrades, including homepage upgrades and inclusion in our online business newsletter, which reaches nearly 400,000 active Flippa users

Additionally, brokers will have a dedicated contact at Flippa, who is available to help out at any time.

Looking Forward

Our goal is to become the way the world buys and sells online business, and brokerages play a huge part in helping us move forward with our vision.

Get started! Fill out our form and we’ll get back to you: Flippa Broker Partnership – Expression of Interest Form

Have any questions? Drop a comment below!

Flippa iOS App Verification

Flippa iOS App Verification

With the launch of iOS 11, we’ve had to change our process on how we verify ownership of iOS apps for sale on Flippa. In the past, we had users update their app descriptions, but iOS 11 now prevents app descriptions from being updated without also updating the version of the app.

This means our prior way of verifying ownership of an iOS app is no longer effective. With that, we’ve rolled out a new process for verifying iOS app ownership.

To verify ownership of an iOS app when listing it for sale on Flippa, users will receive a unique verification token which needs to be added to the end of the support url.

For example, if the support url is google.com and the token is 12345, then the updated Support URL should be google.com?token=12345

Android app verification will remain the same, where you will be provided with a 10 digit verification code upon listing. As the app owner, you will be instructed to copy and paste this code into the app description on Google Play Store so it can be referenced. The verification will be done automatically and is usually the last step to be completed before your app listing can go live.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. Please feel free to leave a comment or email [email protected] with any questions!

Flippa Saved Search Video Tutorial

Today we dive into Flippa saved searches and how you can create your own!

A saved search on Flippa is our way of storing your search criteria and notifying you if anything new comes onto the marketplace that meets that criteria. Additionally, because your search requirement is saved, you can review your criteria at any time as well as all the search results.

To perform your own saved search, view the video guide here:


Pricing Change to Domain Classified Listings

Pricing Change to Domain Classified Listings

With the launch of our new listing builder, we’ve made a few changes to how our platform operates, and made a few changes to domain classified listings. Domain classified listings now have the ability to purchase listing upgrades, have increased search visibility, and the ability to add descriptions.

For the full list of changes, you can read the blog post here.

With these changes, we decided to implement a $1 domain classified listing fee, which will take place starting today.

Why $1?

Prior to this, domains classified listings were free, but with the new changes to classified listings, we believe it’s in the best interest of our users (both buyers and sellers) to add this $1 fee. This fee will help improve trust in the marketplace and will make sure more quality listings appear in front of buyers. These changes will not effect domain portfolios, which will remain free.

New Listing Builder

New Listing Builder

After months of hard work, complete with long hours and fueled by copious amounts of coffee, we’re excited (and proud!) to be launching the new listing builder!

The new listing builder allows users to seamlessly create their auction without the hassle. Admittedly, our old listing builder was clunky and difficult to navigate, especially when listing an app or website for sale. The new listing builder was built to address the issues of the old listing builder, while also implementing new features to make it easier for users to showcase their asset.

Identify Starter Sites

Users can no longer choose between a starter site and established site as this is now done automatically. This will now prevent users from falsely claiming a starter site as an established site.

Domain Portfolio Tool

We have kept our domain portfolio tool for users who have more than 1 domain to upload.

Classified Listing Upgrades

Sellers will have the ability to purchase upgrade packages for classified listings. This feature will give the sellers of classified listings more control and more attention to their asset for sale.

Financial Information for Android Apps

Sellers now have the ability to list average monthly downloads and financials for an android app before the listing is launched. Average monthly downloads won’t appear on the listing page, but it will improve its visibility in search.

Automatic Reserve Disclosure

Users now have the ability to opt in for their reserve to be automatically disclosed to buyers when they request for the reserve. This feature has already been available, but has now been extended to selecting this option prior to launching your listing.

Delaying Listing Launch

Don’t want your listing to launch right away? Choose what time you want your listing to go live and we will automatically schedule it for you.

Contact Customer Support

Stuck? Users can now contact Customer Support directly from Listing Builder. Help is just a click away!

What’s Next?

The listing builder is just one of many platform features we have coming, so stay tuned for more updates!

If you have any questions about the listing builder, or if you have a feature you would like to see implemented, comment below or email us at [email protected]!

Important Update to Payout Methods

As part of improving the safety of transactions and reducing the transfer fees associated with Escrow on Flippa, we have decided to remove Escrow.com as an available payout method. Flippa Escrow is the safest and quickest way to transact on Flippa. Flippa Escrow is a fully licensed escrow service.

What does this mean for new listings?

New listings will no longer have the option to select Escrow.com as a payout method. However, you could use the other two options (Flippa Escrow and PayPal).

What does this mean for your draft listings?

You will need to update the available payout methods for your draft listing to Flippa Escrow and/or PayPal.

Does it impact any of your live listings?

No, if your listing is live and if you have opted in for escrow.com, you can continue with your transaction.

What pay out methods are available?

  • Flippa Escrow (Recommended) – Flippa Escrow is an accredited Escrow provider powered by Assembly Payments. Payments can be done via credit card* or wire transfer.
  • PayPal (Max. transaction of $10,000) – PayPal does not accept any payments over $10,000. We recommend that you increase the safety of your transaction by using Flippa Escrow.


* Flippa Escrow does not accept credit cards from Pakistan, India and Indonesia. However, you can continue to use Flippa Escrow using international wire transfer.