Flippa iOS Update – Never miss another opportunity

Flippa iOS Update – Never miss another opportunity


Great design and functionality go hand in hand. Flippa’s redesigned your experience, making it easier to discover, watch and bid on your next opportunity. We are proud to announce version 2 of Flippa for iPhone and hope you enjoy it.

Download now via the App Store to access improvements like:


Discover listings using improved sort and filtering


Add to your Watchlist with one tap


Join the conversation with an improved listing view

We have more exciting changes coming so stay tuned and keep an eye on our product changes.

So what do you think? What do you want to see included in our next update ? Leave a comment with questions or feedback!

Flippa 101: Managing Your App, Domain, & Website Auctions on Flippa

Flippa 101: Managing Your App, Domain, & Website Auctions on Flippa

Flippa 101 is a series of articles on how to get the most out of Flippa. Check out the previous article on pre-sale preparation.

Conducting an auction properly gives you the opportunity to improve the final auction price and set up a smooth transition of the business to the buyer.


Buyers are more likely to bid and bid higher if they trust the seller.

Communication tips:

  • Be honest and transparent. Provide clear, factual answers to questions.
  • Monitor messages and comments closely so that you can answer as quickly as possible. If you provide fast responses during the auction buyers will trust you to be timely and helpful after the auction.
  • Be completely professional. Always respond graciously even when questions are repeated, uninformed or rude.
  • Responding to private messages is an opportunity to build relationship with potential buyers. This personal messaging can increase a buyer’s desire to do business with you.
  • Keep all communication on Flippa. While users may ask to talk on email or services like Skype, this means Flippa’s support team won’t be able to monitor communication or check back if something happens during the auction or the transfer of ownership.

Accepting Bidders

The first time a person makes a bid, you will have an opportunity to approve the bidder. It is a good idea to look at the profile of each bidder before you accept or reject them. Their profile reveals their history on Flippa.

Note, you will not be able to see the amount of a new bidder’s bid until you’ve accepted them. After you accept them, they can make future bids on the auction without any action on your part.

You may send a private message to anyone who has bid on your auction. It is good practice to send an initial message thanking them for the bid and offering to answer any specific questions they may have.

Keeping Buyers Engaged

Sellers that stay active during the auction attract more bidders and come away with a higher price.

Tips for engaging in the auction:

  • Add attachments showing updated sales and traffic information.
  • Comment on the auction providing additional information or clarification.
  • Via private message, ask the more serious buyers what they are concerned about and what they like about the website you are selling. Respond to their concerns and address the potential objections in public comments if appropriate.
  • Purchase a promotion like a homepage listing or twitter blast to attract more bidders.
  • Contact bidders who have not been actively communicating.

Sales Contracts

You or the buyer may want to use a sales contract to make sure all of the conditions of the transaction are clearly communicated and enforceable. Flippa provides a sample contract of sale or you may use your own. If you use Flippa’s document, make sure and read it first, and add any specific items that are included in your website. This may be inventory, post-sale assistance, documentation, or anything else you have agreed to provide to the buyer or the buyer has agreed to provide to you.

Content supplied by Jeff Hunt.


The Top 5 Ways Flippa Buyers and Sellers Are Kept Safe and Secure

The Top 5 Ways Flippa Buyers and Sellers Are Kept Safe and Secure

When a buyer makes an acquisition on Flippa, they are making an investment towards their own financial freedom – that’s why  we go the extra mile to ensure you’re safe and secure when doing so.

Here are the top 5 ways we’re protecting you when you transact on Flippa:

1. Experienced and dedicated marketplace security team

To make Flippa the safest place to buy and sell valuable digital properties, we have hand-selected a team of experienced marketplace security experts to protect Flippa’s users and provide fast support to those who need it. They work around the clock to actively monitor Flippa and ensure it is a safe environment to do business.

We have over 5 years experience maintaining marketplace integrity and continually improving our security systems, listening to our users and rapidly responding to new situations. All of this allows Flippa to remain the safest online marketplace for buying and selling web businesses, domains and mobile apps.

2. Super Sellers & Super Buyers

Super SellerWe award our very best users with ‘Super Seller’ and ‘Super Buyer’ status.

To be a Super Seller or Super Buyer, a user needs a near perfect feedback rating, have proven to be a great buyer or seller over a large number of transactions, and consistently abide by Flippa’s Site Rules.

Super Sellers have a solid history of selling great sites, domains or apps that buyers are happy with and go the extra mile to provide exceptional service to their buyers. They provide fantastic buyer support through the transaction and transfer process, as well as post-sale.

You can be confident that you’ll have a great experience doing business with our Super Sellers and Super Buyers.

3. Identity verification features

Flippa users have the chance to show more about themselves and build trust with other users through Flippa’s Identity Manager panel. Through the Identity Manager, users can verify their phone number and credit card to engage in auctions – all this information is kept private of course.

Users can also let others find out more about them by connecting their social media accounts to their profiles. Users who link their Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts to their profile and who are open about their identity build trust within the Flippa community.


The Identity Manager: Build trust with others by verifying your identity

The Identity Manager: Build trust with others by verifying your identity.

4. Safe payments

Flippa offers a number of ways for you to make or accept payments such as through PayPal, wire transfer, or an escrow service.

Using an escrow service is the best way to complete a transaction safely and securely. The escrow provider acts as a trusted third party who will secure the funds until the website assets are successfully transferred to the buyer.

Flippa recommends Escrow.com as a reliable online escrow service to shield buyers and sellers and ensure a smooth transaction process. All Flippa users enjoy a discount for Escrow.com fees – just click the “Start Escrow” button to get paid with escrow.

5. User feedback keeps everyone honest

All Flippa users get to provide feedback on buyers and sellers they have done business with. A feedback score is prominently displayed on buyers’ and sellers’ profiles, as well as all of sellers’ listing pages.

Sellers who have achieved a high positive feedback score over a number of transactions have demonstrated their ability to consistently deliver a high quality product and delight buyers with extraordinary customer support.  A buyer’s high positive feedback score indicates that the buyer is a pleasure to do business with, and is a great sign for sellers.

If a user feels that someone is violating Flippa’s rules, he or she can easily report a listing and  reach out to Flippa’s support team. This helps the Flippa community remain honest, trustworthy, and enjoyable for everyone.

More to come!

Its not over yet! We have have some awesome new features on the way to make  your experience on Flippa even safer and smoother. Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Yuri.

Introducing Flippa’s New Auction Page

This week we’re thrilled to launch our new auction page.

It’s the result of months of researching and testing with users, with a new design, a focus on buyer safety and a greater emphasis on trust, data and due diligence. The new auction page is available for websites, domains, and apps!

Improvements for Buyers

  • Know the seller at a glance

The seller’s profile, history, feedback and real name are prominently displayed on each auction so you immediately know who you’re dealing with.

  • Verified data takes top billing

Previously, a seller’s claims received equal billing to verified data. Not anymore. Verified data now comes first on the auction page, even before the seller’s own listing description. Data that’s been sourced via an API or is verified is displayed in green, while seller supplied data hasn’t been verified is shown in black.

Listing with verified data, including both AdSense and Google Analytics will also appear higher in search results across the site.

  • Buyer Timesavers

To let buyers to immediately know the status of an auction, we’ve designed a box at the top of the auction page which displays all the relevant information: current price, reserve being met, number of bids and time left.

Flippa Auction Page

We’ve built in-page help right into the new auction design. Mouse over key metrics and you’ll see an explanation of what you’re looking at and what it means. 

To give buyers a head start, we’ve also included helpful due diligence tips tied to various metrics on the auction page.

Turnkey template listings are now distinct from the rest of the marketplace, to help you distinguish a Turnkey site from a web business.

Finally, after such an overwhelming response to our new ‘Make an Offer’ system, when an auction has ended without a buyer, it now has a big shiny button on it  inviting offers.

Improvements for Sellers

Build your profile as a trustworthy seller with the new prominent placing of the profile on auction pages. By uploading a photo of yourself, using your real name and having great feedback – buyers will know they can trust you and will prefer you over other sellers.

Auction management is now simpler too. Once you auction is live, an auction management centre will appear. This will tell you what you need to do, when you need to do it and what’s going to be most effective for your auction.

Over to You

We hope you like the new design, look for the green ‘try the new view’ button at the top of all website auction pages to opt-in (you’ll need to log in first). Check out some web businesses for sale now! 

You Can Now Negotiate on ANY Unsold App, Domain, or Website Auction

We’re excited to announce a landmark change to the way Flippa works.

As of today, you can negotiate with a seller to buy anything that was listed for auction that didn’t find a buyer. Previously, when an auction ended unsold, the seller could only negotiate with the highest bidder for a week after the auction ends. That’s all changed. Now any interested party can negotiate – no matter how long ago it was, or whether you participated in the auction.

If the seller is open to offers, buyers will now find a ‘Make an Offer’ button to use on the listing page. This gives the buyer a direct line to the seller to negotiate and agree on purchase price.

This removes a major barrier to sale on Flippa, and shows that we’re committed to facilitating the sale of your digital asset, whenever it happens – either at auction or afterwards.

Sellers, for no extra fee you now have the ability to negotiate with all interested parties to make a sale post auction. You can either initiate a negotiation with them, or let them approach you. In short, we’ll keep hanging the “For Sale” sign on Flippa for you, until you let us know otherwise.

If you have any questions, leave us a comment!

A New Post-Auction Negotiation System

How many times have you been interested in an auction, whether by “watching” its progress or becoming an active bidder, only to have it slip through your fingers due to circumstances beyond your control? I’m not just talking about the price exceeding your budget, or another bidder winning the auction outright. I’m more referring to those times when you place a bid, and then completely forget about the ending of an auction — or even worse, when you set a reminder to keep-track of an auction’s end, only to be unavailable during those final moments.

Whether due to work, play or sleep, missing the end of an auction is quite commonplace and is an unfortunate situation in what would otherwise be an unstoppable transaction!

If you’ve ever been the High Bidder of an auction that didn’t meet its Reserve Price, you may have received a counter-offer from the seller.

But what about everyone else involved in the auction? What about the second- or even fourth-highest bidders? What about…every bidder?!

We have recently made some improvements to what we call Post-Auction Negotiation and are proud to announce that ALL bidders now have access to post-auction negotiations with the Seller.

Here’s how it works from a bidder’s perspective:

Let’s say you bid on a domain name recently, but didn’t hit the reserve price. The seller may still be interested in accepting a best offer, and in the past was only able to transact with the highest bidder. It was all or nothing with that potential buyer, and very few parties were successful in coming to an agreement.

But by opening it up to everyone who was involved in the auction, there is more involvement and engagement from a larger number of bidders, and more offers for the seller to consider.

At the closing of each unsold auction, each bidder gets an email like this (using the auction for Printer.ly as an example — your results will vary!)

Post-Auction Negotiation Email on Flippa

As one of the bidders in this auction, you would have 72 hours to clickthrough this email and drop an offer to the seller. Maybe you only want to pay only the amount you lodged as your high-bid, or maybe you’re willing to go a bit over that in order to secure the sale. Regardless, the choice is yours — and again, this is open to all bidders of any Flippa auction!

The seller then has 72 hours from when offers are fielded to either “Accept” or “Counter Offer” to each buyer he or she decides to deal with.

In the event no bidder makes the first move, Sellers have the ability to steer this by sending-out an initial Post-Auction offer to all bidders! Same terms and time-tables apply.

Have you used our new Post Auction Negotiation System yet? Questions, comments, feedback or thoughts? Drop them in the comments below — we’d love to hear from buyers and sellers alike!