Sellers Can Now Edit Listing Images

Sellers Can Now Edit Listing Images

As sellers know, part of having an attractive listing is having an eye-catching image.
Given how important this is to making a sale, we’re happy to announce that sellers can now edit their listing image.

To edit your image, just click the Edit image link on your listing page. You can edit the image as many times as you’d like up while the listing is open. Try using different images see which one performs best.

This option is available immediately for Established websites, Starter Sites and Domains.

This was a highly requested feature from the seller community. We hope you enjoy it!

As always, you can contact us at [email protected] with any questions and feedback.


Thank you for using Flippa!


Stefan Von Imhof

Head of Product

Pricing Changes

Pricing Changes

Flippa pricing has changed to better reflect the feedback of our customers. Starter Sites and Apps are $15 to list, Established Websites are $49 and Domains are $10. Our success fees have not changed.

How does Flippa pricing work?

When you list with Flippa, we ask you to choose the type of digital asset that you are selling. Once you have built your listing we charge a listing fee. When you are connected to a Flippa buyer and successfully sell we will then charge you a success fee.

Upgrades are also available for all users and differ based on what you are selling. To upgrade, simply review the options at checkout and choose the best package which best suits you. Learn more about upgrades.

What if I’m a buyer?

There are no fees to join as a buyer.

See our Pricing page for more information.

If you need any help just reach out to [email protected] with any questions or feedback.

Thank you for using Flippa!

Stefan von Imhof
Head of Product

Giving Sellers More Control & Convenience

Giving Sellers More Control & Convenience

We’ve made a few key changes designed to give sellers more control when listing and communicating with buyers.

1. Edit Financial Data

It has always been possible for sellers to edit their financial info, but it was highly limited and could have been easier. Now it is!

Previously when selling an Established Site, sellers had no way of editing financials once a listing has gone live. This has now changed. Click Listing Settings → Edit Financials (you may need to scroll down the list of options to find edit financials). You will be able to edit a full 12 months’ worth of financial data.

This is especially helpful at the beginning of a new month. For example, if you create a listing on September 25, you can only update data through August. But now, you can also update September’s data on the first of October.

For more information see our Support Article.

2. Upload Attachments to Discussions

One of our most requested features from the community is the ability to upload files when chatting with the other party. This small but nifty improvement will allow you to do just that.

As of today, buyers and sellers can now upload attachments directly from the discussion forum. You can upload as many attachments as you need, but be aware that an attachment is a permanent store of record. Once uploaded to a discussion, an attachment can not be removed.

3. Richer, More Accurate Graphs

Finally, we know there has been some frustration on how financial & traffic data was displaying on the listing page. We’re happy to let you know we have fixed these issues. Going forward, all users will see charts that are more representative of business performance.

We are excited to bring these features to you. As always, you can contact us at [email protected] with any questions and feedback.

Thank you for using Flippa!


Stefan Von Imhof
Head of Product

Introducing New Trust Layers

Introducing New Trust Layers

The new Seller Detail Box sets you up for success

After speaking with over 50 buyers & sellers, it’s become clear why trust & safety is a top priority.

Buyers don’t just want to know what they are buying, they want to know who they are buying from. And we also know that sellers with complete profiles sell faster. Trust sells!

Given that, over the next few months Flippa will be rolling out some changes designed to add transparency to the marketplace and overall Flippa experience.


Changes for Buyers

1. See Who’s Who with a new Seller Information Box

First Name: Communicate Easier with a Real Name
Profile Picture: Put a Face to the Name
Country: See Where The Seller is Located
Verified Seller: This Seller is Who They Say They Are

We encourage buyers to work with verified sellers as part of their due-diligence process.

2. Use Our Tips to Provide Additional Assurance

Changes for Sellers

Verify and Get More Exposure

Add your Phone Number to help with trust
Add your Profile Photo to earn higher visibility

Note: While it’s not required to list with Flippa, will be favoring those sellers who do provide phone numbers and a profile photo. Note: Your phone number will not be shared with buyers.

We believe these measures will help both buyers & sellers. You can contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Thank you for your patience & understanding as we actively create a healthier and trustworthy marketplace.


Stefan Von Imhof
Head of Product

Flippa Financing announcement

Flippa Financing announcement

This month Flippa has again demonstrated a commitment to building out a frictionless sales experience with the world’s largest network of buyers. Did you know that 4250 new verified buyers join Flippa each month?

Funding a small business is hard, but we’re here to help you get it right. With our new Guidant Financial partnership, financing solutions like 401(k) business financing and SBA loans, you can acquire a business quickly and smoothly

Identifying the right financing for you can be complex and overwhelming. 80% of entrepreneurs and buyers are declined by their local bank, and it’s difficult to know where else to look.

Guidant is now powering Flippa Financing and their team of financing experts will guide you through a quick and easy process, explaining all your options to get the money you need to acquire your next business.

Flippa Financing. A quick, hassle-free path to small business ownership

Flippa’s buyer network is one of the world’s largest!  Our buyers tell us that buying a business is easier than starting one. We agree. We also understand that buying a business is not free of challenges.

As part of Flippa’s long-term commitment to building a frictionless sales experience, Flippa Financing represents the beginning of many network partnerships. Guidant Financial is a leading player in the US and we’re excited to offer our buying network easy access to their services.

Once a buyer offers to buy a business on, has verified its state and conducted extensive due diligence,  they may need to secure a business loan to pay for and/or grow it. The process of securing a business loan can certainly be daunting – it’s hard to know where to look, let alone what to look for!

So what exactly is an SBA Small Business Loan? An SBA Small Business Loan is essentially a loan with an attractive repayment term and low-interest rate. A great option for a buyer looking to buy or grow a business, resulting funds can be used to purchase real estate or other assets or otherwise provide working capital. Importantly, these loans do not come from the SBA. The SBA merely encourages the banks to lend to small business owners with preferable terms and multiple loan options. In exchange, they guarantee guarantees 75-85% of the loan for the bank in the event of default! An SBA Small Business Loan generally requires a 20-30% down payment.

And 401(k) Business Financing? Also known as Rollovers for Business Start-Ups or ROBS, 401(k) Business Financing is a unique, lesser-known financing solution which allows individuals to tap into their retirement funds tax – penalty and tax-free. An individual under 59 and a half can use their 401(k), IRA or another eligible retirement account as capital to buy a business, without incurring an early withdrawal fee! It’s commonly used by those who do not have cash on hand to outright purchase a business, fear going into debt or do not otherwise qualify for a business loan. It’s also a great opportunity for those who have $50,000 or more in their retirement fund and wish to diversify their investments. 401(k) Business Financing can also be used to fund the 20-30% down payment requirement of an SBA Small Business Loan.

Guidant Financial are ready and very well-equipped to help Flippa buyers buy and grow the business of their dreams! Their industry expert team can provide comprehensive information and advice to buyers on how both solutions works, the do’s and don’ts, annual requirements, advantages over other options, upkeep, can dispel myths and misconceptions and advise on the best providers.

Flippa Pricing Update – Reduced Listing Fee of $15

Flippa Pricing Update – Reduced Listing Fee of $15

This month Flippa has again demonstrated a commitment to building out a frictionless sales experience with the world’s largest network of buyers. Did you know that 4250 new verified buyers join Flippa each month?

Adding to our Quickbooks online integration launch last month we’ve added a new Google Analytics integration, Non-Disclosure Agreement functionality for higher value listings and free syndication to a network of partner sites.


Google Analytics Integration

With one-click connection to GA, business owners can now publish traffic data on their listing and in-turn assist buyers with verifying the health of a business.

How does it work?


Step 1

Simply choose to list your website or online business with Flippa, step through our simple listing builder and choose to connect your Google Analytics account. You’ll be asked whether you wish to connect your traffic data. When prompted, log in to GA and choose the account associated with your website.

Step 2

Once you have connected and launched your listing, a pop-up box will be visible to buyers that your business has connected your site traffic from GA. 



There will also be a table displaying your websites monthly page views and number of users to the site. 


Non Disclosure Agreement for Higher Value Listings

High-value listings can now protect sensitive information with a simple to use Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Buyers that want access to key confidential data, like your business name or profit & loss statement will now have to register as buyers, create a profile, go through Identity Verification, accept the NDA terms and finally, identify why they are interested in your business. This replaces the old NDA functionality on Flippa.


Free Syndication

Flippa will now syndicate your listing to multiple directory businesses for free. Simply ask your account manager. This is available for listings over $50,000 only.


So what is the new pricing scheme?

It’s simple. You pay a listing and a success fee. The listing fee is due on all listings and the success fee is payable when you sell.


All listings, regardless of type, size or location, are charged at a $15 per month listing fee. While we are the only true marketplace and platform to buy and sell a business this also makes Flippa less expensive than the mainstream directory websites.

Of course, you can choose to cancel your listing at anytime.

As it relates to Success Fees. These are payable by the seller or designated owner of the account. These fees are now variable and are based on your final selling price. For further detail, refer to success fees


The breakdown:

If you sell a website, domain, app or business between $1m to $5m your success fee is now 5%

If you sell a website, domain, app or business between $500k to $1m your success fee is now 7.5%

If you sell a website, domain, app or business between $1 to $499k your success fee remains at 10%


Finally, Flippa also partners with a network of brokers. Instead of owning the sales process yourself and working with a Flippa account manager, you can choose to work with one of our network of partners. These brokers will manage the sale for you and you will still get the benefit of the Flippa platform and the world’s largest network of buyers. If you do choose to partner with a broker the success fee is 15%. This is shared between Flippa and the broker.


We currently do not charge buyers for use of Flippa.


We are committed to building out a frictionless sales experience and we think we are making good ground. That said, we are always looking for feedback so if you require clarification or would like to provide feedback feel free to get us on [email protected].