Flippa Seller Showcase –  FinanceFeeds

Flippa Seller Showcase – FinanceFeeds

FinanceFeeds is a Fintech website which was founded in 2015. It’s since become the trading industry’s leading news and research portal. The website is monetized through conference and event sponsorship, paid advertising and editorial partnerships. The site receives over 110,000 page views per month. It’s currently for sale on Flippa.

We are getting about 70 to 80 thousand unique readers per day every day. This is not via any referrals — Finance Feeds is a completely sustainable website with an organically growing audience. 

I spoke with the Co-Founder Andrew Saks-McLeod and asked him some questions about the business. In the interview below, he reveals who reads FinanceFeeds and what they can expect to find, how a prospective buyer could grow the business and how the business makes money. 

We’ve done 35 different industry related networking events all around the world which are quite simple to produce because we have a very comprehensive marketing database of senior executives. These people regularly attend those events and therefore getting sponsorship by service providers vendors and brokers is straighforward. 

Andrew will be pitching to buyers on August 2nd (PST) as part of our Flippa Business Owner Series. Register here — it’s free. 

Watch the full interview below and click here to see the business listing on Flippa.

Flippa Seller Showcase – A Non-Prescription Computer Glasses Business

Flippa Seller Showcase – A Non-Prescription Computer Glasses Business

We recently spoke with the owner of an established and fashionable computer glasses brand. Their lenses block out up to 30% of all blue light emitted from digital screens. The branding is sleek and minimal and the business has an Instragram following of over 22,000. And, it’s currently listed for sale on Flippa


How does this eCommerce business make money?

The business sells computer glasses, 100% online. We use Shopify as our web host to handle all of the orders. Our glasses retail for $99.00AUD, and we also offer extended warranty for $14.00AUD (3 years) and $21.00AUD (5 years).


What frame is your most popular selling SKU?

It changes all the time, though our two best sellers currently are the Rose Crystal – Wenstrom and the Coffee Tortoise – Nash. 

How did you start the business? Why non-prescription computer glasses?

I started the business with $20,000 and a drive to make it work no matter what. It took about 8 months from idea to launch. I, along with my brother, have always enjoyed playing video games. I was suffering from eye soreness due to staring at screens for extended periods of time and thought that there must be something to combat this. I went to OPSM for my annual checkup in early 2017 and explained my issue, but because I had 20/20 vision they simply told me to stop using screens for so long. For people working in front of screens for 8+ hours per day, “stop using screens” isn’t a viable option, so I realised there was going to be a huge market for computer glasses. People with 20/20 vision are essentially forgotten when it comes to eye care, which is why I decided to tackle the non-prescription market first. 

For people working in front of screens for 8+ hours per day, “stop using screens” isn’t a viable option, so I realised there was going to be a huge market for computer glasses

How does the business currently acquire customers and what is your breakdown for marketing costs?

Currently we use Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising for all of our paid digital traffic. We also use Instagram and Youtube personalities to promote our glasses to their audiences. 
We like to try cap the cost per purchase at $30 in order to maintain excellent profitability. 


How big is your team? How many people does it take to run the business?

We have only just this week gone from 2 employees to 1 (which is myself). Our social media coordinator left to travel Europe, so I have decided to knuckle down and run a tight ship in order to increase profit. This business can be ran by one person at its current stage. During the busy period (October-February) it helps to have an extra pair of hands to help pack orders. 

What’s the reason for selling your business on Flippa?

I have been offered a marketing role in the United States for an exciting and innovative company. I am currently 22 years old and I want to further my skill set within the marketing and business sphere on an international scale. I wouldn’t have the capacity to continue running Whisky & Stone from the United States. 
This is honestly the perfect business to purchase and hit the ground running. Our relationship with manufacturers is great, they always push our orders to the front of the production line to help us get stock as early as possible. We have a very active community on social media who constantly give us feedback and ideas for new SKU’s. Our email list has an amazing hit/open rate.
Flippa Seller Showcase – Established Sports Publication

Flippa Seller Showcase – Established Sports Publication

This week we caught up with Derek Hanson, the owner of an 11-year-old sports publication that is currently for sale on Flippa


How does this sports publication make money? What are the current revenue streams?

Our primary income stream is from advertisements.  We monetize our traffic using traditional display advertising and also do a large amount of direct selling of native advertisements and sponsored posts.  In addition, we also earn affiliate income from various online sports streaming partners.


How did this business which is over 10 years old come about?

The business grew out of my personal blog.  I found success with the design and marketing of my blog and decided to offer my services to other sports bloggers.  This “network” of sites that I managed eventually grew into something quite substantial. Today, these sites are all grouped together under thesportsdaily.com, which has become a legitimate sports media outlet with major partners such as USA Today.


Due to our strong collection of organic backlinks and authority in the sports space, the articles that we produce rank well in search engines and bring in a substantial amount of new visitors.  Our ad buyers find us organically as well and we get between 20-25 new inbound inquiries daily from advertisers looking to purchase space on our site.

What marketing channels are most profitable for the business?

We do not actively market the site or pay for traffic.  Our belief is that quality content will draw an audience and we focus on putting together the best publication that we can each day.  We’ve seen our audience numbers go 4x in the past year without a marketing budget, so our commitment to our content has paid off.  


How does the business acquire new customers/readers?

Due to our strong collection of organic backlinks and authority in the sports space, the articles that we produce rank well in search engines and bring in a substantial amount of new visitors.  Our ad buyers find us organically as well and we get between 20-25 new inbound inquiries daily from advertisers looking to purchase space on our site.


How big is your current team? How many people does it take to run this online publication?

The site is primarily a two-man operation.  I handle the business aspects of the site, while our editor-in-chief oversees the content.  We have a staff of around 80 freelancers who also produce content for us and are paid on a revenue share basis.


What opportunities are there for a prospective buyer?

This is a proven business that has been consistently profitable for over a decade.  The site runs lean with minimal overhead. We have built up a tremendous amount of search authority.  Our ability to rank well goes beyond simply driving traffic and could be a strong foundation for large affiliate sales.  We have only begun to scratch the surface of affiliate sales this past year and we have seen big returns with minimal efforts. What’s the reason for selling the business? I am reaching a point in my personal life where I would like more time to spend with family and pursue other hobbies.   The site does not take a large time commitment to manage, but I have a very busy day job that I am committed to. While the site is a very nice revenue generator and secondary income, I can’t buy myself more time and would be willing to step away from the site for the right buyer and situation.


You can view this business listing here. 

Start-up hustle a fairytale: ‘build it from scratch’ not only success story

Start-up hustle a fairytale: ‘build it from scratch’ not only success story

Don’t start a business, buy one. Co Founder of Flippa @Mark Harbottle says ‘Buy your way to growth’. ‘Why aren’t more founders considering acquiring an existing business with traction — not only as a growth strategy but as a go-to-market strategy for their start-up? Why not acquire a business with existing products, customers and cash flow — something they can leverage as a foundation to grow their empire?’


According to the Small Business Association (SMB), 30 per cent of businesses fail in the first two years and 50 per cent within five years. US census data suggests only 9 per cent of small businesses, where the owners run them full-time, have more than $1 million in sales annually. So if you manage to “hustle” your way through the first few years of your start-up, chances are your business won’t grow beyond $1m in revenue.

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are many great founders capable of producing amazing products. Some early-stage start-ups solve real problems and have a huge market opportunity, but the majority struggle to find sustainable distribution channels and consistent growth.


This was originally published in The Australian, click here to continue reading.

Broker Interview – Domain Magnate

Broker Interview – Domain Magnate

This week we caught up with Michael Bereslavsky, the founder of Domain Magnate a broker partner of Flippa. Michael has used Flippa for several years and has had 49 transactions on platform totaling $446k.  In the video interview below, Michael talks about his experiences on Flippa, his advice to buyers and sellers and a run through of three businesses he currently has listed for sale on Flippa. See the full interview below and a summary of Michaels advice. 


Advice for buyers

Don’t look at buying a website as a passive investment, but as a business. As such any business has risks, it needs a strategy, procedures, clients, employees/contractors, management and growth. Viewing it this way will help you get a clear picture of the main components of a deal: risks and how to assess and mitigate them; short and long term growth opportunities; trends and numbers.


Advice for sellers

Be more upfront about your numbers and risks, and what it really takes to manage the business, and provide good after sale support. Focusing on the long term perspective, and really helping your buyers, rather than simply trying to get the deal closed quick every time, will help you get repeat buyers, good deals, and even higher prices.

The three businesses in order as mentioned:

Business 1: TopTool Advisor $16,500

Business 2: Advertising business $64,500

Business 3: SaaS business $75,000

To find about more about how Domain Magante can help with your business sale, you can submit your site to see if it qualifies for direct acquisition. Domain Magnate is always looking for content businesses and likes to close deals quickly and professionally, and can often give you an offer and start a deal within days.

Alternatively, If you have a question on a specific listing you can reach out via Flippa. 



Flippa Pricing Update – Reduced Listing Fee of $15

Flippa Pricing Update – Reduced Listing Fee of $15

This month Flippa has again demonstrated a commitment to building out a frictionless sales experience with the world’s largest network of buyers. Did you know that 4250 new verified buyers join Flippa each month?

Adding to our Quickbooks online integration launch last month we’ve added a new Google Analytics integration, Non-Disclosure Agreement functionality for higher value listings and free syndication to a network of partner sites.


Google Analytics Integration

With one-click connection to GA, business owners can now publish traffic data on their listing and in-turn assist buyers with verifying the health of a business.

How does it work?


Step 1

Simply choose to list your website or online business with Flippa, step through our simple listing builder and choose to connect your Google Analytics account. You’ll be asked whether you wish to connect your traffic data. When prompted, log in to GA and choose the account associated with your website.

Step 2

Once you have connected and launched your listing, a pop-up box will be visible to buyers that your business has connected your site traffic from GA. 



There will also be a table displaying your websites monthly page views and number of users to the site. 


Non Disclosure Agreement for Higher Value Listings

High-value listings can now protect sensitive information with a simple to use Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Buyers that want access to key confidential data, like your business name or profit & loss statement will now have to register as buyers, create a profile, go through Identity Verification, accept the NDA terms and finally, identify why they are interested in your business. This replaces the old NDA functionality on Flippa.


Free Syndication

Flippa will now syndicate your listing to multiple directory businesses for free. Simply ask your account manager. This is available for listings over $50,000 only.


So what is the new pricing scheme?

It’s simple. You pay a listing and a success fee. The listing fee is due on all listings and the success fee is payable when you sell.


All listings, regardless of type, size or location, are charged at a $15 per month listing fee. While we are the only true marketplace and platform to buy and sell a business this also makes Flippa less expensive than the mainstream directory websites.

Of course, you can choose to cancel your listing at anytime.

As it relates to Success Fees. These are payable by the seller or designated owner of the account. These fees are now variable and are based on your final selling price. For further detail, refer to success fees


The breakdown:

If you sell a website, domain, app or business between $1m to $5m your success fee is now 5%

If you sell a website, domain, app or business between $500k to $1m your success fee is now 7.5%

If you sell a website, domain, app or business between $1 to $499k your success fee remains at 10%


Finally, Flippa also partners with a network of brokers. Instead of owning the sales process yourself and working with a Flippa account manager, you can choose to work with one of our network of partners. These brokers will manage the sale for you and you will still get the benefit of the Flippa platform and the world’s largest network of buyers. If you do choose to partner with a broker the success fee is 15%. This is shared between Flippa and the broker.


We currently do not charge buyers for use of Flippa.


We are committed to building out a frictionless sales experience and we think we are making good ground. That said, we are always looking for feedback so if you require clarification or would like to provide feedback feel free to get us on [email protected].