Recently Sold On Flippa: Tempi International Amazon FBA

Recently Sold On Flippa: Tempi International Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA businesses continue to be highly attractive acquisitions for first-time and strategic buyers on the Flippa platform. Igor Miller recently sold Tempi International, a 4-year-old Amazon FBA business selling metronomes and related musical products with the assistance of the Flippa Account Management team.

The business was brought to market swiftly and sold in under 3 weeks.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon has more than 300 million active customers, with 90 million Prime subscribers in the U.S. alone. Amazon FBA has become one of the most popular ways to earn income online with over 2 million people selling on Amazon worldwide.

An Amazon FBA storefront is an eCommerce storefront integrated within the Amazon ecosystem. Fulfillment by Amazon is exactly as it sounds. All customer orders are processed by Amazo who pick, pack, ship and provide customer service for a fee. FBA takes the hassle out of logistics and help’s entrepreneur’s scale their business and reach more customers.

What was for sale?

Founded in June 2015, Tempi International is an Amazon FBA business that sells products in the musical instruments and accessories niche. Tempi is a category leader with outstanding reviews on all products. The business has achieved over 1MM in lifetime revenue and serves over 22,000 musicians worldwide.

What did buyers like about this business?

The businesses age, brand and customer reviews were of particular interest to all buyers. In addition, it was quite clear that the business had performed poorly for the trailing 12 months due to a lack of cash on hand for advertising and inventory. Buyers identified that the business could easily be brought back to life with a simple injection of time and capital.

What worked well during the sales process?

Igor had detailed records of his financials prior to listing with Flippa. This ensured that as the business was brought to market at speed, buyers had the requisite information to pursue the opportunity. Furthermore, Igor was a highly motivated seller who was attentive to all buyers. The combination of a strong listing and an attentive seller ensured that a competitive negotiation process played out, resulting in a fast sale.

How can you find a similar site?

Click here to sort and filter by advertising sites and begin to look for a business operating in a niche with strong community engagement.

Igor Miller is a successful entrepreneur, internet marketer and hospitality professional who takes businesses to the next level through leveraging the power of digital marketing and social media. He has sold well over 7-figures of his own products online before his 20’s and has worked with many e-commerce and hospitality businesses just starting out to over 5MM a month in revenue to increase digital brand presence, business automation and free cash flow. He is an expert in Amazon, Shopify and WordPress platforms as well as e-commerce stores. Learn more about how Igor Miller at to take your business to the next level.

Sold on Flippa TWICE. Blush&Bar finds a third home – $550,000

Sold on Flippa TWICE. Blush&Bar finds a third home – $550,000

Back in 2017 John Chen acquired Blush & Bar. Back then it was a very small eCommerce site earning around $1000 a month. Fast forward to September 2019 and Blush & Bar has again been acquired on Flippa…only this time, John was the seller and the value of the business has skyrocketed from $7,500 to $550,000.

With over 1,100 views Blush & Bar struck a chord with savvy buyers. In the 2.5 years since it was first sold, the brand had flourished with appearances on The Wendy Williams show and The Real, not to mention the 23,000 customers enjoying the affordable luxury designs.

What the buyer liked:

Blush & Bar reported annual revenues of $1.3m, a net profit of just over $250,000 and an AOV of $97 (higher than usual). The business has strong gross profit margins however there are significant efficiencies to be gained in sourcing and better use of marketing spend. This proved attractive to a buyer with significant eCommerce and marketing expertise.

What did Flippa bring to the table:

It’s impossible to match Flippa for demand generation. We hosted a webinar, generated 1,186 listing views, 36 watchers and 58 discussions plus of course, one successful buyer.

And, what’s next for John? Well, he’s again registered as a buyer and is on the hunt for his next acquisition.

Start selling with Flippa here:

Sold on Flippa – A Handwritten Notes Services Business

Sold on Flippa – A Handwritten Notes Services Business

Thankbot is a business that has reinvented direct mail through their handwritten letter service. It is designed to add a personal touch in a world of Whatsapp, email and Twitter.  


What does the website offer?

The website offers a note writing service for its customers. Businesses or individuals submit their notes via an online submission tool and ThankBot’s scribes write the notes. ThankBot then adds a stamp and sends the note within 3-5 business days. The site offers four different price plans depending on the number of notes you wish to send.


When there is initial interest the Flippa marketplace goes into overdrive stimulating comments, discussions and ‘watching’


Why did the site sell so quickly?

It’s unique and was priced reasonably. With Flippa the sales process often starts as an auction. When there is initial interest the Flippa marketplace goes into overdrive stimulating comments, discussions and ‘watching’. ThankBot had 20 discussions, 704 views, 55 watchers, 5 comments and 6 bidders. The site sold for more than 4x times the reserve. 


Who uses ThankBot?

Businesses or individuals wishing to send handwritten thank-you notes via mail can use the service. All notes are 100% handwritten and customers can even use their own stationery – just send it their way. 



How can you find a similar site?

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Sold on Flippa — An Apple Recommended App for Screenwriters

Sold on Flippa — An Apple Recommended App for Screenwriters

Untitled is an iOS app that was designed by the former lead UIUX designer at Vimeo. The app, which previously reached #6 in the top paid productivity app section in the Apple Store, has over 1,100 active users. It recently sold on Flippa



What is the app?

Untitled is a screenwriting, and note-taking app, that can turn what you write into a fully formatted screenplay. 



What makes this such a popular app?

The app works very well for professional screenwriters as it automatically capitalizes scene headings, characters names, etc. The app allows the writer to immerse themselves in the story and characters.. The app also has a separate section for notes, outlines, and screenplay drafts. 


It has an autosave function as you type and the font is a customized version of Graphik. Other features include a one-touch reorder to quickly rearrange your scenes and PDF preview 


Untitled is a paid app — at $4.99 the app currently has over 106 reviews in the Apple app store. It’s available on both iPhone and iPad.  



Who uses the Untitled App?

Untitled is used by current and aspiring screenwriters and those are looking for a smarter/faster way to write scripts. 



What made this business so appealing to prospective buyers?

The app is 3-years-old and generates over $1,610 in revenue per month. To date, the app has had more than 6,300 paid downloads and is consistently featured by Apple. 



How can you find a similar site?

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Sold on Flippa: An Ad/Content site with over 209,000 page views per month

Sold on Flippa: An Ad/Content site with over 209,000 page views per month

Content sites backed by advertising continue to prove their popularity amongst Flippa buyers. They are the single most popular site type on Flippa. Low barriers to entry, passive income streams, low cost of operation and access to niche content make them particularly attractive to seasoned acquirers. One particular site, which had annual net profits of $43,000 sold on Flippa in just under two weeks. This website was called Just Give Me The Damn Manual. 


What is the website?

This business is a comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. All manuals can be accessed and viewed via PDF. The business generates income through Google Ad Sense. 


What makes this such a popular website?

The 6-year-old website has thousands of car manuals in PDF versions including popular brands such as Ford, BMW, and Honda. These can be downloaded for free and users do not have to sign-up or register to gain access. This seamless, friction-free experience has resulted in a large amount of organic traffic to the site.


Users can also easily upload manuals. This functionality has resulted in thousands of manuals being uploaded to the website. The website is something of a community forum with a blog and Q&A section. Additionally, the site has a strong social following with over 16,000 fans on Facebook.  

Content sites backed by advertising continue to prove their popularity amongst Flippa buyers. They are the single most popular site type on Flippa. 

Who uses Just Give me the Damn Manual?

The site is used by consumers globally looking to download car manuals. All manuals available are in English. 

For the months of March, April and May 2019, the business had an average of 97,000 users per month and 209,000 page views. 



What made this business so appealing to prospective buyers?

It’s niche user-generated content makes this an evergreen business. There are thousands of car manuals uploaded and new manuals being uploaded daily. The website is very passive to run with the previous owner spending less than four hours per week working on the website. 


How can you find a similar site?

Click here to sort and filter by advertising sites and begin to look for a business operating in a niche with strong community engagement. 

Buy and Sell Websites – I Spent $35,700 on Sites – What Did I Learn?

Buy and Sell Websites – I Spent $35,700 on Sites – What Did I Learn?

Authour bio: Stacy Caprio

Stacy is an entrepreneur who has bought and sold several profitable websites, and learned a lot of lessons along the way. Her background is in online marketing and one of her favorite things in the world is helping websites and companies grow.


I was trapped.Or at least I felt trapped. Anxious. Smothered.

Sitting in a spacious white cubicle, in a beautiful office complex, inside a building filled with free coffee and tea, sunlight streaming in nearby windows and friendly coworkers stopping by to chat.

I may have looked free to any onlooker, but inside I knew the truth.

There was an invisible chain hooking me to my cubicle, 5 days a week, 8:30am to 5:30pm, and it didn’t matter how much value I provided, or how much work I did, all that mattered was that I sit in my chair during that entire time every day, every week, and every year.

If I did not stay seated that entire time, I would not have any money to live on.

I could not even walk outside, other than on my lunch break, without attracting unwanted attention.

All I could think about was how to break free, but nothing I tried was working.

One of my favorite past-times was, and still is, reading income-report blogs and how other people make money online. One day I was reading a blog post about website investing, and it clicked.

I thought, why not?

I had already tried to start several sites on my own but none were making any money. I wanted to try buying one that was already working and then build on it.

My thought process was, let’s give it a try and see if we can build on an already successful and profitable site and learn to make an income like all my favorite online bloggers are already doing.

I’ll take you through the lessons I’ve learned from buying 4 sites for a total of $35,700, all purchased through Flippa.

My current working view, in large part thanks to Flippa, I’m no longer inside of a fluorescently-lit cubicle, instead able to work outside on my balcony in the heart of Chicago.


Lessons Learned From Buying Websites 


Good judgment and experience can come from making mistakes yourself, which I have done, and is where my experience comes from.

It can also come from reading about other’s mistakes, and avoiding them, and then reading about other’s successes, and emulating them.

My hope is that you can learn from my failures, but also my successes, in website buying and selling.


Avoid my Mistakes: How I Lost Money Buying Sites


1. Never trust data unless you verify it


I had just bought my first site and I was more excited than I could remember since Christmas morning when I was a little kid.

The seller had listed the site as making $350/ month, and I had paid him only $1,300 for it.

Of course, it was too good to be true.

If a site is really making $350/month, no one in their right mind would ever sell it for only $1,300, so that should have been red flag number one for me right there.

At a minimum, a site making $350 profit a month would be going for 20X $350, around $7,000 or more, depending on what the site owner was looking for.

The mistake I made buying this site was not only ignoring the price red flag, but going into the deal with blind faith and trust without even attempting to verify any analytics or revenue. 


Flippa has a great Google Analytics traffic verification feature and a great Google Adsense revenue verification feature, and after that first purchase, I now never even consider a looking at a site unless the seller has enabled both forms of Flippa verification.

Additionally, I now always request access to the site’s Google Analytics as well as proof of income including video screenshares and income screenshots.

I also use something I call the common sense test.

In the common sense test I combine Google Analytics, average RPMs and conversion rates to determine what the income numbers should be if the site owner is telling the truth. Then I compare the common sense estimates to the numbers the site owner provides and see if they are in the same ballpark.

Learn from my blind trust mistake and always verify traffic and revenue before purchasing a site.

Not everyone is an honest fairy God-mother and some people will try to cheat you out of your money.


2. Don’t buy out of desperation


When I was ready to buy my second website, I was desperate for another income stream.

My life may have looked nice and comfortable from the outside, but I was anxious and desperate to start having more freedom.

This desperation led me to spend a lot of money on my second site.

I had a lot of confidence because I had verified the site’s revenue, the lesson I learned from failed site purchase #1.

My newfound revenue-verification confidence combined with my desperation lead me to spend a lot of money, $10K, on a high-revenue site without really thinking about if the business model was sustainable.

The first few months were amazing and I was even able to more than double the monthly revenue. I was ecstatic, to say the least.

My happiness was short-lived.

The site traffic plummeted when the “fad-site” I had bought turned out to be a short term trend based on an app, something I could easily have spotted if I had been buying out of a calm, measured mindset instead of my overly confident and desperate mindset, possibly the worst mindset to make any decision in life with.

Learn from my lesson and never buy out of desperation. Or worse, desperation combined with over-confidence.


Copy My Successes: How I Made Money Buying Sites


3. Test Ad Networks & Make Partnerships


My third site was my first success. You didn’t think I’d give up after two expensive failures, did you?

I bought it for less than what I’d paid for site #2, because I was still wary that anything could happen.

It was a great deal I found on Flippa with a price of only 20X the monthly profit.

Quickly I was able to test different ad networks and monetization methods until I found ones that were making around double the original.

Then an ad network rep reached out to me and wanted to advertise on the site for a flat monthly fee that was more than double what I had already doubled the site to, so of course I accepted.

For the next few months revenue was 4X what I had bought the site for, since I was still running the better ad network and had an ad partnership that was paying me a flat fee monthly.

This had worked out better than I could have ever imagined, and I made back what I had paid within 10 months, and was making pure profit each month after that.


4. Keep going when you find something that works


My fourth site I used all the principles I learned from my previous mistakes and successes.

I verified the analytics and revenue before buying.

I was not completely desperate, not overly-confident, and used as much common sense as I could, all keys to making a well-informed and level-headed purchase.

I used the ad networks I knew already worked and leveraged my ad partnerships.

Using these approaches, I was able to buy a second successful site, my fourth website purchase total, from Flippa, and build on its success.

This site I also made back the purchase price within 10 months and have been able to grow revenue substantially since then.

The key on my fourth site was buying an online site that was already successful and that I could build on by producing more content.

I worked with adding to what it already had and was able to grow the revenue that way.

The lesson to learn here is you don’t have to start from scratch if you’re looking to own a profitable business or website. You can buy something that is already working and then build on it.

Even more important, once you find something that is already working, run with it and help it grow. To do this, you can produce more content and help it grow in the direction it is already growing successfully to increase profit and revenue over the long-term.  

Hopefully this website buying and selling article helps you avoid some of the mistakes I’ve personally made as well as helps you emulate some of the successes I’ve also been able to have.


I am forever grateful to Flippa for being the catalyst that helped me transition from being the girl at the beginning of this article who felt trapped and chained in her cubicle, to the girl I am now, living in my dream apartment overlooking the bean and Lake Michigan in Chicago, with the freedom to set my own hours and run outside by the lake any time of any day without feeling even a little bit guilty.

Let us know your own website buying and selling mistakes and successes in the comments below.