Today we had the opportunity to sit down with Samron Jude, the web entrepreneur who acquired online content writing marketplace on Flippa for $62,500. Read this interview to find out the reasons behind the purchase, Samron’s future plans for the site, and a whole lot more!

How did you get into web entrepreneurship?

I’ve been a web entrepreneur for over 7 years. After receiving my Bachelors in Mass Media, I later went on to work in a few digital advertising companies before co-founding – an ad technology company – which owns a portfolio of over 300+ premium domain names and products as well as a local search agency SEMP.

When did you begin buying websites on Flippa, and what is your website acquisition strategy?

I started using Flippa in 2013. As Mediastinct is always on the lookout for new business opportunities, Flippa has been great in helping us find and acquire web businesses which slot in well with our existing online portfolio. Specifically, we focus on acquiring websites with a strong foundation that can be enhanced via organic growth and media buying.

You recently acquired for $62,500 on Flippa, tell us about the site is a premium content writing marketplace with over 7,000 registered users. Some users produce and submit content to the marketplace, while others buy articles from that same pool of content or request custom articles as per their content needs. The company makes money by charging a 20% commission on each article, as well as through premium managed writing services.

What ultimately led you to place a bid?

From the get go it was clear that Dot Writer had a well-planned scalable business model. In that same respect, we felt the site would complement the growth of Mediastinct. In fact, my Mediastinct business partners and I had already considered building a content writing marketplace on our own when we came across the listing on Flippa. We knew that buying the site as an established business would save us a lot of time and development resources, so we made a bid.

Any big changes planned for moving forward?

Above all else, we truly believe that a major reason DotWriter has been successful has been the quality of the content produced by writers using the platform. Because we already think this is a winning business model, we intend to leave it relatively unchanged. However, we will be unveiling several new creative features, some of which have already received positive feedback during initial testing. These new features will focus on safeguarding the interests of both our writers and buyers.

Any tips other web entrepreneurs should consider when buying websites on Flippa?

I would say consistency. You can definitely find the right kind of business for yourself according to your choice of interest and criteria, but you won’t find anything if you don’t look. Setting up saved searches as well as regularly browsing the marketplace is a good place to start. I also prefer Editors’ Choice listings and listings in the Most Active section as both of these areas typically lead to a lot of high-quality offerings.


Joseph Carroll

Based in San Francisco, Joseph is Flippa's Director of Websites.