Founded in March 2016, this company is a 4-year-old magazine and sport science resource with over 1800 active members. Over the journey, the magazine has become a highly authoritative voice’s in the industry and is trusted by sport scientist from Chelsea FC and the New Zealand National Rugby Team. Our company has found favor with its members by providing curated, premium content that has been reviewed with their internal team of qualified sport scientists. This enables readers to spend less time searching through journals and websites, and more time getting athletes the results they deserve.

There are over 1,000+ new and relevant sports science studies published each month. It’s nearly impossible for practicing sport scientists to stay up to date with the literature. Our editors and contributors narrow this down to one simple publication: The Performance Digest. The performance digest is then delivered monthly in an eMagazine to the global readership and contains 19 research review articles, summarizing the latest key Sports Science research. SFS was founded by Owen Walker MScD CSCS . Owen was was formerly the Head of Academy Sports Science and Strength & Conditioning at Cardiff City Football Club, and an interim Sports Scientist for the Welsh FA.

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A transcription of the interview is below for your convenience.

– Hey everybody, this is Ben with Flippa. I am here today with one of our fantastic sellers. This is Owen with a company called Science for Sport. They were founded back in early 2016. They are a four year old magazine at this point, focusing on sport science, everything related to the athletic abilities of the world. They currently boast around 1,800 active members, and over their entire journey, the magazine’s really become an authoritative voice in the industry. It’s been trusted by sport scientists world over places like Chelsea FC or the New Zealand national rugby team. They really create something interesting by curating a lot of premium content that’s been reviewed by their internal team of sport scientists. Enables readers to spend a lot less time searching through journals, websites and getting athletes exactly the results that they trust and that they deserve. So Owen, if you wanna just take a second, introduce yourself, where your background is and how you came to start this company.

– Good, well, good. So I’m basically to roll you back a little bit, 2010. I went to university to study what effectively his undergraduate degree in sport science. And as I was going through, I basically did my undergraduate degree and a master’s degree. And as I was going through, this is when the idea started formulating in my head. So there was no good place to go to get quality information that I needed to do my essays or for the internships that I was doing. And then really, I got a job at a Premier League football club and we had to make some big decisions, one of which was spending $80,000 on GPS technology for the players to wear the trackers and stuff. And so, a big decision to make. I needed to do more research on the actual technology itself. What I did was went away and like everybody pretty much do, try to look online to find good, robust, concise, and that is an important kind of word to use, as well, concise information about this sport science, kind of technology, any of the modalities, whether it’s ice baths and things like that. And what I was hit with was crickets. Really, there was nothing, The only things you could find were behind paywalls of academic journals. And even if you could get access to them, they were too complicated. Lots of jargon, really boring, like conflicting because if you got a randomized control trial, they might conflict in terms of information. So you always need to find systematic reviews and meta analysis. And we were just like, this is far too complicated for coaches working in the field. So what we did was kind of digestible information and decided that we needed to put it onto a website where coaches could just access anytime, anywhere and get actionable information they needed to do their job. And so really, that’s where the journey began was 2010 onwards. And then, we launched this idea formulated, I started working in sport and like said, like you said, sorry, we launched in 2016. So it was formulated in my mind. It wasn’t a construction process that entire time ’cause I was working, and I took the time off. I resigned from the job to build Science for Sport and here it is today.

– Yeah, it’s amazing. It’s doing really well. I know, kind of numbers that you’ve got posted just on Flippa, I mean, just the following itself is pretty, it’s a pretty huge magnitude. Over 230,000 Instagram followers. To me, that just speaks for itself. Like that’s such a hard thing to amass organic following like that, people who really care. And I’m curious, I know you’ve pointed out a big point of the company and the information that you put out is curating this concise sport science information. How are you doing that? What kind of team do you have around you that’s putting that information together?

– Yeah, so what we did was build a team of freelancers and contractors. People who work as experts in the actual field. So these are coaches working at the highest level. And so, what we do is we get them to work kind of with us, I’m not gonna say for us, but with us to help bring this education to coaches. They source the information. We have our information sources, the academic journals. And then what they do is they have a pre structured template, and they digest, they read through the studies, digest the information, and then kind of spit it back to us, if you like, in a document with our expert information. And then, our chief editor translates, puts that into the magazine, the PDF digital magazine and it’s done. So we use the experts source and digest the information, a chief editor curates it and publishes it.

– Sounds easy, hopefully it is. I am curious.

– It’s joyful, isn’t it?

– Yeah, I mean, how much time are you actually spending on the business, or is there anyone else who is a primary partner in spending a lot of time in this business, how does that work?

– I always love that question because it’s, kind of clear as mud in a way. You gotta you got always got to decide for it. So I spend anywhere from 30, 35 hours per week on the business, but 90% of that is growth related at 10% is operational. You know, so operational being like, just general day to day tasks, answering questions from the team, making sure your systems are running smoothly. And yeah, and the other 90% is all growth related. And I would say that, that structure wise 90, 10th is only like as started happening maybe, we’re on November 2019. So was that three months ago? So over the last three months, my role really has been entirely growth related. And that’s where we’re project like up projections for this era. Kind of a doubling in revenue and stuff, but obviously that’s, on us to grow it.

– Yeah, of course. Can you expand on that a little bit by growth related, I assume you’re speaking of marketing tactics, or is that more content creation or what’s involved there?

– We’re gonna release two new products. This is the idea anyway, so we’re releasing another subscription products. Is at the same old digital info product information. It’s just like, content behind a paywall. And we’ve got a content production system putting together for that Interstellar, like a course, an online course that I’m putting together. And also it’s related to like said more marketing in sales. So increase in lead generation, and increasing the conversion rate of those leads. And also like partnerships and sponsor opportunities as well. So for instance, in order to increase lead generation we’re gonna release a podcast, an open access podcast right to the world is free. So that will increase our kind of following, social following. And then we’ll convert those into emails and then into free trial list and then free trial list into paying members. And then what we do is to cover the cost of the podcast we bring in a sponsor because like you said, we’ve got it as our Instagram grows by that 3000 followers per week right now organically nothing paid like unless genuine followship. So we’ve got a lot of big companies that wanna access our stuff. So we’ve done deals with universities as partners, sponsors partners when were Calpol, or the world’s leading technology company in wearable technology, sport science. And we’ll leverage partnerships like that to cover podcast to cover the cost of the podcast, and use the podcast to generate leads to bringing customers. So yeah.

– Yeah that’s amazing. And it makes so much sense because it’s such a, you have such a specific niche that you’re covering, but it’s really like a high spending power niche people who are, you know, top level athletes or top level university athletes and nothing else who really trying to get to that next level. So it’s somewhere that I would imagine any of the large sports related companies in any way, whatever they all would be interested in, kind of advertising here. And that’s really cool about the podcast as well, because I can definitely see this becoming this whole. Just, I mean, it’s just content everywhere. One day, maybe we’ll have a TV show, who knows.

– It’s funny you say that ’cause, you know, like sport sciences. I wouldn’t say it an emerging industry anymore. It’s almost an established industry now, but it’s still, like in its infancy, like, you know, it’s expanded, it’s blown up quickly. And as technology improves, and artificial intelligence improves, it’s only gonna get bigger and bigger. And you talked about a TV show. I’m not not sure if you ever saw it, but ESPN Sport Science. It was a TV show here in the US and around the world, that blew up basically because people love to see the science behind sport and behind the best athletes. And so that I mean that program sees now but it’s again, still a prime opportunity, where Science for Sport is, is literally as pretty much an industry leader in sport science. And so the potential to move into that space and be the world leading sport science educational platform for all levels, not just coaches, we’re talking athletes and just general population in terms of education. We’re in the prime position to do that.

– Yeah, it’s incredible that you’ve built in honestly not that long of a time, although I’m sure it seems like ages for you. I’m curious. It’s not I mean, you have so much on the table already, but do you see any other growth opportunities that you’re maybe not working on that you would suggest to a new owner to take under their wing and they took this company over?

– So pretty much we’ve identified the main areas for growth. We’re basically now tackling those like that it only makes sense. So we’re gonna make those priorities and those are increasing the average order value, increasing the product range to serve a bigger aspect of our audience, basically, serve more of our audience, leveraging sponsors, and partnerships. Those really are kind of the big three is and kind of increasing the conversion rate and leads really so we don’t run any like ongoing paid advertisement in terms of Facebook ads or anything. So again, that’s a big opportunity to build like a self liquidating offer. And obviously, then, yeah, scale it in that regard. So all the big growth related items you’re talking about, we’re now, since we now completely systemize the business, this is our objective for 2020. Though we’re looking at it realistically, this company will be worth a hell of a lot more in 12 months time based on my projections, of course, that’s where it is. So this is a prime opportunity if you are interested in getting the business right before it triples in Bali.

– Yes, a chance to get in on what can be literally, like a sport science empire.

– Genuinely yeah.

– It’s honestly one of my favorite listings right now on Flippa. I think you’ve got something really spectacular and I think the right buyer is out there. And they’re gonna be they’re gonna be getting an amazing deal because as you said, the growth potential is truly fantastic on this. So I just wanted to thank you, Owen, for joining me today. It’s really been interesting. I will of course link to your listing on Flippa below this video. So hopefully, if you’re watching, you become a little bit curious on what you can do with Science for Sport. Thanks, Owen.

– Thanks very much, mate. It’s been a pleasure.

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