BlogInfluent is is an incredible business and the new owner will be picking up a very unique and exciting opportunity. Built by a young, French entrepreneur with a knack for motivation and a know-how when it comes to investing in real estate, stocks, and your own entrepreneurial spirt, this business makes a monthly profit north of $100,000 and sees only opportunity for the future. We spoke with Theo, the owner, in the video below and had a great time learning about this unique business.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you start this business?

I started my business completely by accident. I was studying and I wanted to help my friends make some money, so, I created a blog ( ) to help them learn and succeed on our exams. A few months later, the website had so much traffic through organic SEO that I decided to look for ways to monetize the site.

After a bit of research, I wasn’t sure at all, but I tried to sell a PDF that contained the necessary knowledge to earn the same degree that I had studied for at school. A few months later, I was making more off of recurring in come from this one PDF than I was making from the salary in my day job. My best friend asked me how I was making so much money online and I recorded myself and sent him a youtube video explaining the process. This video was intended just for my friend but, it ended up going “viral”. Several thousand people began asking me questions within that same niche and this is how I started to sell my online courses.

It appears that this business is based around you, your personality, and your personal success. How do you envision a new owner transitioning this business when you are no longer involved?

Since the beginning of my little career, I realized that we all have limiting thoughts when it comes to our opportunities and I think this is one of them.

More than a face, this business that I have created is about trust. I can provide several years of content in advance if the owner wants to have evergreen videos to use, but I think there are other options to consider. When you take a look, some of our most famous video don’t even show my face, so there are plenty of ways to transition this company without using my likeness.

Creating screen recordings with high value slides, animated videos or motivational speeches will do the job perfectly. It will take some time for the community to adjust, but the main asset will continue to grow if the value stays at the same level. About the online training, some of them were 100% outsourced and don’t need me as an actor, but I’m open to providing content to the new owner if needed. We’d just need to work that out.

You clearly have a dedicated assistant who runs the majority of this business. How much time are you personally spending and how much time do you imagine a new owner would need to spend on the business?

As I wrote in the business briefing, the business was created to respect and work for me instead of running my life for a business. This mindset, since the very beginning was helped by process, software and outsourcing. The time needed to maintain the business is almost zero, but I don’t want to oversell that point.

I’m personally spending between 1 to 5 hours a week to develop the business, not to maintain it. Most things I’m doing are done because I’m passionate about them and want to do them myself. These can be outsourced if the new owner wanted. For an example, I’m currently finishing a book and updating my online course about real estate. Both of these can be outsourced, but I’m a bit perfectionist. The new owner can decide to be passive or active, but by outsourcing everything to the assistant Christopher, 1h a week will be enough to maintain it and 10h a week can be invested to develop it.

Do you believe the new owner should be fluent in French? Is there an opportunity to pivot this business towards an English (or other language) audience in order to grasp a wider market?

There is no need to speak French, but it will be a plus. If the new owner wants to be active in the development of the business, I highly recommend translating all of my content in English and hiring a new assistant for the English part. Translating the video and the online course will be a game changer.

How many monthly active users do you currently have for your courses? What are the costs associated? Is there one program or multiple options?

There is an amazing statistics in the online selling business. Personally, I like to go to the gym and weirdly, there are a lot of members who belong to the gym, but almost no one actually at the gym. The members want to stay members to feel good like “I’m a gym member” but they don’t actually go.

90% of book purchasers never read after the 1st chapter of the book.

In my business, 90% of our customer never come back after a quick look at the membership. People have many excuses and most of them just look for a hope, but are lazy about applying the process to be wealthy. Being clear, only 10% of our customers are active in the process of taking the courses, but they maintain a membership nonetheless. The costs are fixed and the membership managed by a software needed to create sales page so, no cost added.

How often are you posting to your various promotion channels – YouTube, instagram, etc and which is driving the most revenue?

On YouTube, I’m publishing 3 videos per week based on keywords about real estate, the stock market or entrepreneurship. But it’s clearly not needed because the strategy was to own these keywords and by the end of 2020, we will cover every single keyword that we are focused on, leaving no new keywords to reach. So, one video a week about any of these topics can be created without caring about SEO.

For Instagram, we repost the YouTube videos and add some travel photos of myself, but it’s not a game changer. I recommend the new owner just publish the YouTube videos on Instagram as we do now.

A team in Switzerland is managing the account and add some stories to redirect the traffic to the online program. Every task is outsourced. The main asset is the blog. In the age of everyone saying “blogs are dead” I’m just saying “yes, that’s because I take all of the traffic”. This little joke has a meaning, the meaning of starting earlier than others allows anyone to own the keywords and stick on it. YouTube is a big asset as well. It drives much more traffic than the website but, more “tourists” just here for free content.

Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss

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