This listing is one of the more unique offerings currently available on Flippa and is what makes us love our marketplace so much. What’s available is a company that has made quite a name for itself through their video blogging about muscular skeletal health, particularly related to posture. With millions of views on YouTube along with videos on two of the most popular learning management systems (LMS) on the market, they have found real success. There is a wonderful opportunity here for the right buyer, so watch the videos, take a read, and then click over to the listing and start a discussion with the seller.

Being a video blogger, the business owner prepared a fantastic run down of her business in the video just below.

One video not enough? Take a look at the interview between Ben and the business owner!

Tell us a little about yourself, how did you end up starting this series of videos?

It was almost by accident really. I was looking for a creative outlet, while in private practice as a Chiropractor in the UK. I began blogging about my area of expertise, which is posture and alignment. I noticed there was a lot of false information about shoe wear and bunions online, and amongst my patients. So, I made a video on the Nokia phone that I had at the time. The audio was terrible, but that video shot up to 100,000 views quite quickly. I then made a video to show people how to get rid of sciatic leg pain and that went viral. Then another on forward head posture etc. etc.

Within 12 months, I’d had a million views, and I knew I was on to something!

How has all of your content been created? Are these videos and lessons created by you or are they outsourced? How often do you add new videos/content?

I started with just my Nokia phone sitting on a mini tripod. Then upgraded to a flip video, then an iPad, then I decided to do it properly because the videos were going nuts. I invested in a Cannon DSLR, two light boxes and a lapel mic. I painted one wall in my spare room to use as a backdrop and that was it. For most of the videos, the production costs have been zero, because I’ve shot my own. For a couple of the courses, I hired a videographer for the day and we shot around 35 videos in a day.

For the buyer, I’d recommend they bring in more health and fitness experts. Keep my content on the platform, but expand the brand beyond Dr Paula Moore. There will be a lot of fitness and posture pros out there who would love to put their content onto Posture Videos. We are niche leaders.

How much is this business dependent on you as an industry expert and your skills in particular? Do you anticipate any issues with a new owner taking it over? Would the new owner need to be trained as a chiropractor or similar?

Good question. The courses sell themselves and don’t require tweaking. But of course, I have been the face behind the brand, and students will ask questions. I’m guessing you could bring in a healthcare expert, who might like to give a few hours of their time each week to field questions. My Twitter and Facebook contacts would be a good place to look – as well as my customer list. There are a lot of health professionals in my database.

The handover support that I’m offering would be a good opportunity for me to start that conversation for the buyer.  I also recommend branching out and bringing in many more people to author courses. Because Posture Videos has a sizable influence on Youtube, there are other Youtube partners in the health and fitness niche who would likely be willing to form joint ventures.

Is your revenue coming 100% through course subscriptions on the Learning Management Systems that you work with or are you realizing any revenue through YouTube advertising?

I’m not currently earning anything through YouTube advertising. This is a huge opportunity for the buyer to use their adsense account to monetize youtube. I cover this in the video above (from 13:30).

What are the primary things that a new owner would need to know to keep this business running as is?

Week 1

  • Teachable – transfer account to buyer – address, emails, bank account.
  • Udemy – buyer sets up a Udemy account (this allows buyer the opportunity to manage current content and create future content). Buyer is then added as instructor and assigned revenue share.
  • Domain names transferred from Go-daddy.
  • Facebook – transfer Facebook page to buyer’s account.
  • Youtube – transfer Youtube account to buyer’s email.
  • Walk through WP, Teachable and Udemy platforms on Zoom with Paula.
  • Buyer spends time on Teachable, Udemy and WordPress to get familiar.
  • Mailchimp – transfer customer list and IP or transfer ownership of account. Buyer to decide.

Week 2

  • Email campaign to introduce buyer to our customer list. Get students excited about what’s to come.

Week 3+

  • Maintain email consistency to customer list. Weekly works well. 
  • Sign up for Google alerts for posture/health topics. 
  • Develop marketing strategy for Youtube.
  • Develop ad campaign strategy – Facebook, Youtube, Google, Adsense.
  • Consider hiring someone on Fiverr to write blogs.
  • Develop Udemy email strategy – Four emails a month allowed. 
  • Invite new authors (with course content) onto Teachable.
  • Create Instagram account.
  • Develop influencer marketing strategy for social media.
  • Set up an Instagram account to build influencer list.

What are 3 things that you’d do to help this business grow (money is no object!)? 

  • Advertise (I never have) – Google ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Adsense. I have a huge online presence. This is a simple numbers game. Drive more traffic, sell more courses!
  • Influencer marketing – my Teachable LMS platform has affiliate software built in. I’ve never taken advantage of this. Reach out first to your customer list (ours is 6k). Lots of healthcare enthusiasts and professionals here, likely interested in earning money while they share our courses, which they are already doing.
  • Joint ventures – invite industry experts to author courses on your LMS platforms
Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss

Benjamin Weiss is a marketing all-star at Flippa. He has well over a decade of experience running multifaceted marketing programs within the CPG industry and knows just what it takes to drive a business from vision to reality. You will often find him enjoying a cold beer on a hot day in Austin, TX.