Flippa Account Management

Account management at Flippa is our way of helping sellers find the right buyers. Our team of account managers work directly with our users to ensure that they have the best chance of selling their website. If you’re looking to sell a website, app, Amazon FBA business, or Shopify store on Flippa, our Account Management team will be there to help you close the deal.

What assets qualify for Account Management?

For starters, nearly all assets managed through Account Management end up being promoted through Editors’ Choice on Flippa. Typically, these are high-quality, stable, and profitable businesses. To get an idea for what kind of businesses we represent it is recommended that those who are interested take a quick browse through Editors’ Choice section.

Account Management criteria

The basic criteria for determining whether a business is suitable for Account Management at Flippa is whether we think the business can sell for more than $10,000 with our assistance. Typically, this means focusing on businesses generating $500 to $10,000+ monthly profit with at least 12 months of verified Google Analytics traffic.

Occasionally we bend our criteria a bit to accommodate businesses with some other major value. However, it should be mentioned that it is highly unlikely to take on a brand new business or Starter Site that is not yet driving traffic or revenue.

I’ve sold sites on my own before. Why should I use an Account Manager?

The benefits of using an account manager is that an account manager will work with you throughout each step of the process. If you are working with our Account Management team, you can expect to have an Account Manager assist you through every step of the sale.

Our team will help you:

  • Value the business and come up with realistic pricing expectations
  • Prepare your listing for sale and make it appealing to potential buyers
  • Optimize your listing so you get the best results on Flippa
  • Market your business through qualified 3rd-party buyer networks
  • Answer any questions you have throughout the auction process
  • Negotiate terms with potential buyers
  • Through the closing and escrow process to ensure a smooth transition

I’m interested in Account Management. How can I apply?

The easiest way to apply for Account Management is to request a free website valuation. Our Account Managers will review your submission and reach out requesting more information. Once we have collected a few more details, we’ll circle around with a valuation and sales strategy, as well as an offer for assistance if we determine that your business qualifies.

The other way to apply for Account Management is simply to create a Flippa listing. We have software in place that can identify websites likely to qualify for Account Management. If your website qualifies, one of our Account Managers will reach out and contact you via email, so make sure the email address associated with your Flippa account is up-to-date.

Have you worked with our account management team before? If so, comment below with your experience!