Check Out the Latest Platform and Feature Updates

New features have been added to Flippa’s marketplace! Read about the latest changes to our platform and how they can better help you achieve a successful sale.

Changes to Reserve Prices

Reserve prices can now be displayed publicly! In the past, we required reserve prices to be restricted to private conversations, but we have now allowed sellers to publicly disclose the reserve, should they want to. By choosing to disclose your reserve, users can quickly and easily see your reserve from the listing page.

This feature is great for increasing seller transparency and expressing your price expectations up front, which typically results in a higher chance of selling your asset.

Note that reserve prices can still be hidden from the public.

Request Support Feature

Having an issue with the sale, or just simply unsure of how to proceed next? We’ve added a “request support” button within the sales completion area. By pressing the button, one of our customer success agents will jump into the discussion to assist you!

Bulk Management Tools for Domains

We’re proud to announce that uploading a domain portfolio is faster and easier than ever! We’ve improved our support team’s bulk management domain tools to help ensure you have a fresh portfolio of sellable domains listed for sale at all times. Send us your domain portfolios today!

Saved Search is Back!

Back due to popular demand, we have re-added saved search! Saved search allows you to quickly establish your buying criteria and sort for only the assets you’re interested in. Additionally, you will receive notifications if a new listing matches your criteria.

Home Page Search

Another way to make your search easier, we’ve re-added a search bar to the homepage! We hope this will make it easier for you to quickly and effortlessly search for what you’re looking for.

Have a Suggestion?

Write to us! Many of these implementations were suggested by our users, so if you have a feature request you would like to see, please write in to [email protected].