We recently spoke with the owner of an established and fashionable computer glasses brand. Their lenses block out up to 30% of all blue light emitted from digital screens. The branding is sleek and minimal and the business has an Instragram following of over 22,000. And, it’s currently listed for sale on Flippa


How does this eCommerce business make money?

The business sells computer glasses, 100% online. We use Shopify as our web host to handle all of the orders. Our glasses retail for $99.00AUD, and we also offer extended warranty for $14.00AUD (3 years) and $21.00AUD (5 years).


What frame is your most popular selling SKU?

It changes all the time, though our two best sellers currently are the Rose Crystal – Wenstrom and the Coffee Tortoise – Nash. 

How did you start the business? Why non-prescription computer glasses?

I started the business with $20,000 and a drive to make it work no matter what. It took about 8 months from idea to launch. I, along with my brother, have always enjoyed playing video games. I was suffering from eye soreness due to staring at screens for extended periods of time and thought that there must be something to combat this. I went to OPSM for my annual checkup in early 2017 and explained my issue, but because I had 20/20 vision they simply told me to stop using screens for so long. For people working in front of screens for 8+ hours per day, “stop using screens” isn’t a viable option, so I realised there was going to be a huge market for computer glasses. People with 20/20 vision are essentially forgotten when it comes to eye care, which is why I decided to tackle the non-prescription market first. 

For people working in front of screens for 8+ hours per day, “stop using screens” isn’t a viable option, so I realised there was going to be a huge market for computer glasses

How does the business currently acquire customers and what is your breakdown for marketing costs?

Currently we use Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising for all of our paid digital traffic. We also use Instagram and Youtube personalities to promote our glasses to their audiences. 
We like to try cap the cost per purchase at $30 in order to maintain excellent profitability. 


How big is your team? How many people does it take to run the business?

We have only just this week gone from 2 employees to 1 (which is myself). Our social media coordinator left to travel Europe, so I have decided to knuckle down and run a tight ship in order to increase profit. This business can be ran by one person at its current stage. During the busy period (October-February) it helps to have an extra pair of hands to help pack orders. 

What’s the reason for selling your business on Flippa?

I have been offered a marketing role in the United States for an exciting and innovative company. I am currently 22 years old and I want to further my skill set within the marketing and business sphere on an international scale. I wouldn’t have the capacity to continue running Whisky & Stone from the United States. 
This is honestly the perfect business to purchase and hit the ground running. Our relationship with manufacturers is great, they always push our orders to the front of the production line to help us get stock as early as possible. We have a very active community on social media who constantly give us feedback and ideas for new SKU’s. Our email list has an amazing hit/open rate.
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