FinanceFeeds is a Fintech website which was founded in 2015. It’s since become the trading industry’s leading news and research portal. The website is monetized through conference and event sponsorship, paid advertising and editorial partnerships. The site receives over 110,000 page views per month. It’s currently for sale on Flippa.

We are getting about 70 to 80 thousand unique readers per day every day. This is not via any referrals — Finance Feeds is a completely sustainable website with an organically growing audience. 

I spoke with the Co-Founder Andrew Saks-McLeod and asked him some questions about the business. In the interview below, he reveals who reads FinanceFeeds and what they can expect to find, how a prospective buyer could grow the business and how the business makes money. 

We’ve done 35 different industry related networking events all around the world which are quite simple to produce because we have a very comprehensive marketing database of senior executives. These people regularly attend those events and therefore getting sponsorship by service providers vendors and brokers is straighforward. 

Andrew will be pitching to buyers on August 2nd (PST) as part of our Flippa Business Owner Series. Register here — it’s free. 

Watch the full interview below and click here to see the business listing on Flippa.

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