Note: Ashwin’s guest post pitch cracked me up. He has some great tips on landing a guest blogging spot. Interested in doing the same? Read on: we’re always looking for talented contributors to the Flippa blog, and you’ll now know exactly how to submit a post.

This post was written by Ashwin Ramesh, you can follow him on Twitter. Ashwin is the Chief Hustler at Guest Post Labs

Not that I feel particularly proud, but most of my guest blogging opportunities (unless it’s someone I know already) come from what some would deem as “cyber stalking”.

I’m going to be showing you how I landed this guest post on Flippa by reaching out to the right person and show you how you can do the same thing.

STEP #1 – Identify the blog that you want a guest post from

Before you start stalking your way to success, it’s important to first identify the influencers and the platforms they are hanging out on. For example: Amplifiers are Twitter Power users and you should be targeting them because they are 86% more likely to send tweets.

Find where you’re going to get maximum bang for your content article.

I typically ask myself these questions:

a. What is a website or a company that is most aligned to my target customer base?
b. Who is an authority blog in my industry?
c. Which is the most socially active company or website in my industry?

Answering these questions will give you some easy targets to go after. But, if nothing else works, you can always go the grunt route and use the guest blogging query generator.

STEP #2 – Start looking at sources to stalk from

A. Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search is an exceptional way to find the right connect in the website that you’re looking to get a guest post from.

For instance, while I was looking to get a guest post up on Flippa, I did a Facebook graph search for “people who work at Flippa”.

That gave me a few options:

Facebook Graph Search Guest Blogging

The most relevant among these options seemed like Ophelie who was a marketing lead, and I knew whom I had to reach out to in order to get a shot at contributing my content to the Flippa blog.

B. LinkedIn

While Facebook Graph Search is an excellent way to find the right contacts, it may not be successful for you all the time.

When Facebook fails, I typically head over to LinkedIn. The interesting thing about LinkedIn is that, it’s a great tool for you to “identify” the right people, but not so great for you to contact them.

So, taking the example of Flippa again:

LinkedIn Guest Posting

I find a similar “connect” at Flippa (Ophelie, again) who’s relevant to what I’m about to pitch. But, LinkedIn is hit or a miss since I can’t really reach out to them unless they add me back as a contact.

C. Google

I like Google because it aggregates a lot of different sources – many a time, it may just work for you to enter “marketing + company name” to find a list of people that work in the marketing department of a company.

If you’re feeling it, you could even try more elaborate combinations like:

“marketing manager + company name”
“content manager + company name”

STEP #3 – Finding an email for a contact

If you find your right connect via Facebook, you’re in luck, since Facebook allows you to message anyone without them having to be in your friend’s list. But, there is still that oddball chance that your Facebook messages may get flagged as spam and never reach the intended recipient.

Under these circumstances, if you know a contact’s name but need to find their email address, the best tool to use would be Rapportive.

Install the Rapportive addon for Gmail and, once done, add different combinations of the first and last name of your contact in the “to” box in the Gmail compose box and wait until Rapportive gives you a hit.

Rapportive Guest Posting

Some combinations you can use are:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Now that you know how to find the right person to pitch – go ahead and bounce your ideas off them; you’re bound to get a nod of approval for at least one of them.

What do you think? Would you use these tips to submit a blog post to your favorite blogs? And who is on your guest blogging hit-list?