As part of improving the safety of transactions and reducing the transfer fees associated with Escrow on Flippa, we have decided to remove as an available payout method. Flippa Escrow is the safest and quickest way to transact on Flippa. Flippa Escrow is a fully licensed escrow service.

What does this mean for new listings?

New listings will no longer have the option to select as a payout method. However, you could use the other two options (Flippa Escrow and PayPal).

What does this mean for your draft listings?

You will need to update the available payout methods for your draft listing to Flippa Escrow and/or PayPal.

Does it impact any of your live listings?

No, if your listing is live and if you have opted in for, you can continue with your transaction.

What pay out methods are available?

  • Flippa Escrow (Recommended) – Flippa Escrow is an accredited Escrow provider powered by Assembly Payments. Payments can be done via credit card* or wire transfer.
  • PayPal (Max. transaction of $10,000) – PayPal does not accept any payments over $10,000. We recommend that you increase the safety of your transaction by using Flippa Escrow.


* Flippa Escrow does not accept credit cards from Pakistan, India and Indonesia. However, you can continue to use Flippa Escrow using international wire transfer.

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