We’ve updated the Post-sale page for website auctions to improve how paypal transactions are done.

Website buyers can now go to the post-sale page and simply click on the “Pay with PayPal” link – so long as the seller accepts paypal payments of course!

Clicking the link will take the buyer to PayPal with seller details and website price all predefined by the auction details.

Sound familiar? Well so it should for anyone who has won an auction via Buy It Now where PayPal has been required. It is effectively the same idea tailored to suit a post-auction scenario.

Why The Change?

Before this change, buyers who won an auction that allowed for paypal payment had to go through a few hoops. They’d need to contact the seller to obtain the paypal details then manually enter this and the amount into paypal. This feature streamlines this process for website buyers to expedite the website transaction.

Note that we still strongly encourage buyers and sellers to go via an escrow service for website transactions beyond $500. A link to Escrow.com is provided from the post-sale page that gives users a discount on Escrow.com transaction charges.

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