Writing the perfect mobile app listing description may seem daunting for new sellers. This blog post will provide new sellers tips on how to best structure your listing description for a mobile app, as well as the do’s and don’ts associated with selling your app on Flippa.


The structure of your listing is one of the most crucial parts of setting up your listing for success.

Since establishing the Apps marketplace, our account management team has refined a listing structure which is easy to follow, and reduces the amount of questions buyers ask sellers during the auction process.

The following has been identified as the best structure for an app listing description:

  • About the Seller – Briefly describe yourself and your role in the app.
  • App Description – Describe what the application does. This should be similar to the app’s description on the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Reason for Sale – Briefly describe why you are selling the app. 
  • Development – Briefly describe how the application was developed. This should include the programming language and any frameworks used.
  • Operation – Briefly describe what is required to keep the app operational. This should include an average time spent per week.
  • Monetization – Briefly describe how you generate revenue through the app. Any peaks or troughs in revenue should be explained.
  • Marketing – Briefly describe what marketing initiatives you have used to establish the app.
  • Included in Sale – List the items included in the sale. This would include any associated website or social media fan page. It is also customary, but not required, that sellers provide post-auction support to the new buyer if they were to have any questions.
  • Future Opportunities – Briefly describe what a buyer could potentially do to improve the app.


A few good examples of app listing descriptions can be found here:

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t lie

When selling your mobile app, lying or omitting items will almost always hurt you, as it is sure to come out in the due diligence process. It is crucial that all information you provide in the listing is accurate for the app you are selling. All claims should be able to be verified by potential buyers on request.

Attach proof

Any revenue claims need to be supported by proof. This proof can be in video or image format. We also suggest providing proof of downloads and other claims you make on the listing.

Provide as much information as possible

Buyers want to have access to as much information as possible about the app before they place a bid on it. Providing as much information as possible will allow buyers to have access to this, and also reduce the amount of questions you will be asked throughout the auction process.

Don’t be rude

Respecting potential buyers and the questions they submit is important to ensure buyers want to work with you. To ensure the auction process is smooth, ensure that you assist and support buyers during the auction period when they are deciding if the app is right for them.

Be clear

Potential buyers don’t want to be searching through your description for specific information about your app. Using the structure provided above (with correct grammar) will dramatically improve the quality of your listing.

By following this structure, not only will it help establish trust between you and other buyers, but it will also help reduce the amount of questions you receive.


To get started selling your mobile app here: https://flippa.com/sell


Alex Walton

Alex Walton is a Product Manager at Flippa's Melbourne office.