Pricing Change to Domain Classified Listings

With the launch of our new listing builder, we’ve made a few changes to how our platform operates, and made a few changes to domain classified listings. Domain classified listings now have the ability to purchase listing upgrades, have increased search visibility, and the ability to add descriptions.

For the full list of changes, you can read the blog post here.

With these changes, we decided to implement a $1 domain classified listing fee, which will take place starting today.

Why $1?

Prior to this, domains classified listings were free, but with the new changes to classified listings, we believe it’s in the best interest of our users (both buyers and sellers) to add this $1 fee. This fee will help improve trust in the marketplace and will make sure more quality listings appear in front of buyers. These changes will not effect domain portfolios, which will remain free.

  • Gene Geiger

    So, I can add names to my portfolio without needing to pay $1 per name ?

    • Chris Holle

      If you’re selling domains individually as a domain classified listing, then each domain costs $1 to list. Domain portfolios on the other hand, are free.

  • fahad hanif


  • Chris Holle

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