We recently caught up with David Jenyns, serial Internet entrepreneur, SEO guy and infrequent seller on Flippa.com. Dave tells us how he’s been cleaning out his website portfolio – selling his websites on Flippa and some great selling strategies.

How did you come across Flippa.com?
I actually started to hear about Flippa through a few channels – the main one I can recall was Ed Dale (thirtydaychallenge.com).

Tell me about the sites you’ve sold.
Quite a few years ago I purchased a whole bunch of domain names to test out my SEO skills on. These were niche sites that I never had any interest in other than just for testing purposes. I ended up developing a few of these sites into Clickbank products (which are still doing quite well) while the vast majority I’ve done nothing with after the initial testing was complete.

Even though some of the sites ranked quite well and received a lot of traffic, most of them haven’t been maintained since testing was completed – they’ve just been sitting there. As part of my New Year’s resolution I decided to clear them out so I can put more time and energy into my new SEO company called MelbourneSEOServices.com.

One of my most recent successes on Flippa was selling one of the sites that has great potential (currently ranking on page #1 for “woodworking projects”), but again, I have never had the time to develop the concept further. The site was www.woodworkingprojects.org

What inspired you to sell your websites?
To give myself a new focus, I decided to offload all the projects that were sitting dormant. www.woodworkingprojects.org was one of those projects.

Can you tell us about the strategies you used when auctioning your sites?
First and foremost, I always ensure my listing is well-written. I like to tell my prospective buyers the complete story so they can understand why I’m selling the website. I also like to write listings in a way that I would like to read them if I were a potential buyer.

I think one of the key characteristics that makes my auctions stand out from the rest are our walk-through videos. In these videos we walk the potential buyer through everything from the stats behind the website to exactly what’s included when they win the auction.

As for other strategies, I personally always like to start the auction at one dollar with no reserve. My goal here is to get as many people bidding as possible, this is ultimately what will drive up your auction price. We are also currently testing a few strategies on when to add a BIN price. At this stage we don’t have anything conclusive.

What background checks did you do on bidders before accepting their bid?
Typically speaking the last few sites we’ve sold have been valued at under $2000. For this reason we haven’t really done much of a background check. We might look at the user’s profile, ensuring that they’ve done some transactions successfully in the past, but that’s about it.

We’ve found the Flippa.com market place to be a safe one.

What payment process did you use?
We like to make the experience for our clients as easy as possible. Accordingly we offer as many payment methods as we can — PayPal, escrow, direct deposit, credit card and even cheques in some circumstances.

Can you tell me about your experience in transferring the site to the new owner?
To date our transfers have been quite simple. Typically the site is a HTML or PHP-based website and it’s just a matter of zipping it up and e-mailing it over to the auction winner. We suggest that they set up a domain name with their hosting account, unzip the files and only then initiate the transfer.

We also suggest that minimal changes are made to the website within the first month or two from purchase/transfer. Once the website has demonstrated that it is remaining solid and keeping its rankings in the search engines, then and only then, should changes be made.

Overall, how was your experience selling your website on Flippa?
Overall the experience of selling our websites on Flippa.com has been nothing short of excellent. The marketplace has been fantastic in finding buyers for the many websites within our portfolio. Additionally, having contacted customer support a few times, the team behind Flippa.com has also been excellent.

About David:
David Jenyns is a serial internet entrepreneur with many successes under his belt. To find out more, and download a recent interview David did with Ed Dale.