Untitled is an iOS app that was designed by the former lead UIUX designer at Vimeo. The app, which previously reached #6 in the top paid productivity app section in the Apple Store, has over 1,100 active users. It recently sold on Flippa



What is the app?

Untitled is a screenwriting, and note-taking app, that can turn what you write into a fully formatted screenplay. 



What makes this such a popular app?

The app works very well for professional screenwriters as it automatically capitalizes scene headings, characters names, etc. The app allows the writer to immerse themselves in the story and characters.. The app also has a separate section for notes, outlines, and screenplay drafts. 


It has an autosave function as you type and the font is a customized version of Graphik. Other features include a one-touch reorder to quickly rearrange your scenes and PDF preview 


Untitled is a paid app — at $4.99 the app currently has over 106 reviews in the Apple app store. It’s available on both iPhone and iPad.  



Who uses the Untitled App?

Untitled is used by current and aspiring screenwriters and those are looking for a smarter/faster way to write scripts. 



What made this business so appealing to prospective buyers?

The app is 3-years-old and generates over $1,610 in revenue per month. To date, the app has had more than 6,300 paid downloads and is consistently featured by Apple. 



How can you find a similar site?

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