AYUR Bottle was listed for sale on Flippa on October 10th, 2019 and sold through auction just 21 days later for $38,000! While it generated considerable interest from a number of buyers, it ultimately sold to a partnership well versed in digital marketing who have already worked to expand the product range. 

About the business

AYUR Bottle is a retailer and wholesaler of pure, solid copper water bottles, silicone bottle sleeves, and bundles. The seller started the business in 2017 with the intention of spreading the word about the benefits of consuming water via copper bottles. The handcrafted, leak-free and easy-to-clean bottles are sold at ayurbottle.com, through a dedicated wholesale website and also via Amazon FBA. At the time of sale, 20% of sales were retail, 62% were wholesale and 18% were from Amazon FBA. All bottles were designed in Ventura, California and made in India.

At the time of sale, the seller had a patent pending for her products and was in the process of securing Amazon brand registry. She was spending 32 hours per month on the business and was processing 40 orders per month with an AOV of $42.  Her customer base was primarily US-based and she had a strong social following with over 9,000 Instagram followers, 365 Facebook followers and 1,200 email subscribers. With a small child already at home and a new baby on the way, the seller listed the business for sale as she no longer had the time or resources to continue operating and growing the business.

What was particularly appealing about AYUR Bottle for a buyer?

AYUR Bottle is a well-run e-commerce business with a small but thoughtful and functional product range which took months to develop. From skin health and anti-aging to improved digestion and immunity, the benefits of drinking water via copper are known to Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional science of holistic medicine used to bring the body back into balance. Water is said to absorb copper and its nutrients, thereby balancing the three doshas in the body while the antimicrobial properties of copper banish any bacteria or impurities in the water. With people spending more and more on their health and with the health and wellness industry continuing to grow, 2019 was a great time to acquire a business operating in the space.  

Alongside it’s website, AYUR Bottle had secured a presence on Amazon and had a strong wholesale arm. The social responsibility aspect of the business was also a unique selling point. Importantly, the seller had spent little on paid advertising and was able to generate a following organically through social media and email marketing.

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Jane Ingram

Jane Ingram

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