Last April, a Bardnominium Blog successfully sold on Flippa for $23,995. Here’s how the sale played out.

From the date it listed on 1 April 2020, our auction for this Barndominium Blog immediately caught the attention of the Flippa audience and within days had received multiple bids. The auction ended unsold after 30 days after it failed to meet reserve. The listing had, however, received 3,251 views, had 125 watchers and the seller had engaged with more than 25 buyers. Negotiations were subsequently halted for several days following the auction while the seller pondered his intent to sell. The temptation to sell for the soon-to-be retired seller re-emerged a week or so later and incredibly the site sold within 3 days of being relisted. The final price for the successful sale was $23,995. 

About the Site 

This Barndominium Blog was started in June 2018 and is, as you may have already guessed, a blog about barndomiums. You would certainly be forgiven for not knowing what a ‘barndominium’ is. We hadn’t seen this topic before on Flippa! A barndominium or ‘barndo’ for short, is a metal barn which has been converted into a living space — naturally, a combination of a barn and a condominium.  The blog was designed by the seller as a means to celebrate the barndo lifestyle and to provide good, solid and unbiased information about barndominiums as well as pictures and videos. Visitors to the site will find articles such as “Building a barndominium — 5 things you need to know before you start” and “51 of the best barndominium pictures on the internet”.  The seller was responsible for creating the majority of content but did outsource to freelance writers on occasion which added to the site’s success of ranking on Google and other search engines. 

Key Facts and Figures That Led to Success

At the time of listing, this Barndominium Blog was receiving 25,026 average page views and 14,095 average unique visits each month. 65% of visitors were sourced organically and the majority were from the United States. The site was generating $363 per month via the Mediavine advertising network, having switched from Ezoic in February 2020. Its affiliated Pinterest page was receiving 260,600 monthly visits per month with 2,332 followers, its Facebook groups had a combined membership of about 32,000, its recently monetized YouTube channel had 1,500 subscribers and its email database totaled 300. 

Why Was This Site So Appealing to Prospective Buyers? 

This Barndominium Blog was so appealing to prospective buyers, quickly leading to a successful sale, first and foremost for being a top authority in the alternative housing/barndo niche. As noted above, after only 1 year, it was already receiving high, consistent traffic from mainly organic sources and had an engaged social following. There is no doubt that the barndominium and barndominium lifestyle has grown in popularity in recent years. While it hasn’t yet surpassed the tiny house/home as the most popular alternative housing option in the world, it sure is coming close! They have evolved to become luxury homes and vacation rentals, especially in rural areas in all corners of the globe. Incredibly, the word ‘barndominium’ is searched approximately 74,000 times per month on Google! 

This Barndominium Blog was certainly a unique acquisition opportunity and was well-positioned for growth having spent its first year establishing itself as an authority site in alternative housing and the barndo niche.  The site was low maintenance with the seller only spending 1-2 hours per week on the site and social media. The site was also supported and monetized by a soon-to-be released eBook. Essentially, this listing was success waiting to happen.

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Jane Ingram

Jane Ingram

Amongst other titles, Jane is a superstar account manager here at Flippa. She has been instrumental in driving sales for some of our most exciting listings, consults with our corporate team on legal matters, and has even dabbled in running a few online businesses herself.