What is domain parking?

When we refer to domain parking we are talking about monetising domains through platforms that create advertising pages displayed to search or direct type in traffic (for example see www.newyorkbroadway.com). Providers differ: some offer single page advertising, while others have two-click implementations, showing a keyword that re-directs to a secondary page of ads.

How many domains are parked?

In 2009 Verisign (2009, p5) found 24% of domains were single-page websites, which included construction banner sites, brochures or monetised parking pages (based on a study across 92 million .COM and .NET domains). Verisign (2006, p5) found this number decreased by 2% between 2006 and 2009 based on a 2006 analysis across 57.37 million .COM and .NET domains.

Parked Domains

Looking at unique domain name server records (where domains are directing traffic) for .COM domains we can estimate each parking providers relative inventory size (Flippa, 2015)

[ip4]{ “template”: ip4.barChart(), “parentElement”: “#kcal”, “data”: { “reader”: ip4.dataReader() .data([ {“x”: “Sedo”, “y”: 1215413 }, {“x”: “DNS”, “y”: 1151170 }, {“x”: “GD CashParking”, “y”: 912864 }, {“x”: “DomainSponsor”, “y”: 622329 }, {“x”: “ParkingCrew”, “y”: 397487 }, {“x”: “Fabulous”, “y”: 387690 }, {“x”: “Rook Media”, “y”: 266728 }, {“x”: “Afternic”, “y”: 154980 } ]) }, “d3”: { “yLabel”: “Unique Records” } }[/ip4]

Full list? download raw csv

Who is the best provider?

We were curious as to which parking platforms our domains audience trusted and utilized the most. Can these providers be deemed as the best domain monetisation providers? Our results are as follows:

1. Sedo Parking (example parked page)

2. Go Daddy CashParking (example parked page)

3. DomainNameSales (example parked page)

4. ParkingCrew (example parked page)

5. Bodis (example parked page)

6. Voodoo (example parked page)

7. DomainApps (example parked page)

8. DomainsSponsor (example parked page)

[ip4]{ “template”: ip4.pieChart(), “parentElement”: “#survey”, “data”: { “reader”: ip4.dataReader() .data([ {“x”: “Sedo Parking”, “y”: 22.83 }, {“x”: “GoDaddy”, “y”: 22.04 }, {“x”: “DomainNameSales”, “y”: 11.02 }, {“x”: “ParkingCrew”, “y”: 6.29 }, {“x”: “Bodis”, “y”: 5.5 }, {“x”: “Voodoo”, “y”: 5.5 }, {“x”: “DomainApps”, “y”: 3.93 }, {“x”: “DomainSponsor”, “y”: 3.93 }, {“x”: “Other”, “y”: 18.11 } ]) }, “d3”: { “yLabel”: “Flippa Users (%)” } }[/ip4]Don’t agree?  Have a question? Leave a comment below


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