Case Study: Why I Chose Flippa For My Domain Sales
Case Study: Why I Chose Flippa For My Domain Sales

Flippa specialises in established web businesses, but we also sell many domains each week — here’s a list of our most recent domain sales. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that many of these were sold by one Flippa user: Federer, known in the wider world as Luc-André Biggs, a 31 year-old self-taught entrepreneur, living in Portugal. I asked Luc a few questions about his experience in buying and selling domains, and why he’s chosen Flippa for his most recent sales.  Here’s his story!

About 7 years ago I stumbled upon some articles relating to domain names, what there are created for, the benefits of owning a great domain for your business etc. I found the information fascinating and spent hours, if not weeks, researching domain ownership, reading articles, sales reports, forum posts and so forth. Each week, I was becoming more of an “expert” on the matter and decided after a few weeks to swim in the deep end. My first purchase was a 3-letter .COM domain name with 2 decent letters, a so-called double premium After negotiating, I landed the domain for around $7,000. According to my research and analyzed sales reports, the domain was worth at least $10,000.

12 days later, I had found a buyer at $11,500.

And then I went full-onboard and have been on cruise-control ever since. I have been investing in keyword-rich internet domains since that day, and with each year that goes by, the quality of my domain acquisitions rise. For many years, I invested mainly in .COM/.NET/.ORG domain names, but am now also investing in .INFO as well as some ccTLDs (country code top-level domains).

.INFO is a fantastic extension for information-related sites (ex. Travel, Sports, Health, Finance) and we have recently acquired a wealth of awesome names under the extension. Most of these domain names have fantastic development potential and that is where fits in. I have never seen so many web entrepreneurs and developers all united under one auction platform. Many of these investors have the resources and dedicated teams needed to take high-category domain names to the next level and build upon their premium brand value.

Instead of selling my properties simply to resellers, I use the Flippa platform to sell domain names to web developers and eagle-eyed entrepreneurs who can spot an unforgettable online brand when they see one. I see domain names being snapped up by investors and transformed, sometimes in a matter of days, into profitable web portals.

Life is being breathed into more of our web names with each week that goes by. These domains are finding buyers due to the sheer quality of the domains up for auction – not to mention the sheer search volume of our keyword(s) among the major search giants.

Here’s a sample of the sales I’ve made on Flippa: for $20,300 for $11,650

Right now, I’m auctioning & Both are past reserve, and both auctions end this week!

Photo Credit: Spreng Ben

  • Bryan O’Neil

    That’s an interesting read. Quick question for you, Luc (assuming you’re reading these comments) – since you have been in the domaining business for quite some time, you have probably also tried other, domain-oriented marketplaces, such as Sedo, Afternic and others. How would you compare these to Flippa?

    I haven’t bought or sold too many domains myself but that side of the industry has always interested me somewhat. A few years ago when I looked closer into it, it appeared that the majority of Flippa buyers were interested in established websites, rather than domains, and as such many quality listings went unsold or got bids far lower than the actual value of the domains probably was. This seems to have changed recently, though, and domains seem to have started going for more realistic prices over here.

    Would I be correct assuming that, for premium domain names, you are still likely to get a better price through Sedo, however the average time it takes to find a client and complete a sale is many times longer, making Flippa the more attractive option if you have a small portfolio / are in need of liquidity?


    • From observation, that’s correct. An average end user is less likely to be browsing domain-only marketplace than to look at website listings on Flippa. That means that your buyer most likely won’t be making an addition to their portfolio, but also means that it’s likely to be a quicker sale.

      • Luc

        Posted a lengthy reply a few days ago and it seems it didn’t get published (?)

        • Sorry Luc, I had a look through our comment queue and I couldn’t find it, it’s not in spam either.

  • Jay Gunther

    I have for sale on Flippa. I am not asking much so hopefully I get a buyer.

  • Speedy retweet

    Hi there,
    What would be the best time and day of the week to get more exposure to list a domain? thanks