Founding Story

Wynnchester is a 4-year-old eCommerce business selling a select range of high-end adventure camping products direct to customers and across the globe. Founded by Kevin Ruston, Wynchester began with Kevin carefully selecting and ‘upcycling‘ the very best military vintage outdoor gear. 



Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality and environmental value. The original gear that was upcycled included classic military canvas rucksacks, camp beds, wool & wax-cotton clothing as well as other classic gear that “deserved” to be remembered. 


Present Day Team

These days Wynnchester Outdoors is run by Mike & Lee and has evolved to include an expansive range of products. These are all based on tasteful, functional updates to classic designs that Kevin began upcycling many moons ago. The original upcycled Recon range remains available for purchase on a limited-edition basis via Kevin’s new venture Hawkfield Vintage. Customers love that the business pays homage to the original product offering. Mike and Lee continue to place a high value on heritage when developing products and brand identity, with strong echoes of the past in materials, form, and construction. This ensures the robust gear is both elegant and fit for modern adventure camping.

Why Should You Buy This Business?

  • NOT an opportunity for a passive investor. Needs time & energy invested
  • We bought this as a distressed business in 2015.
  • After successfully turning it around, we have since focused on other ventures.
  • Right now this business ticks over with very little work. Everything is set up with our supplier who manufactures, stocks and despatches goods on our behalf.
  • With our custom built admin panel, we simply log in and press one button!
  • There remains massive potential for an incoming buyer to grow revenues and profits by:
  • investing in marketing: the vast majority of our sales are entirely organic and we do very little outbound / paid marketing
  • expanding the product range: we currently sell only 3 SKUs (products), with the majority of sales coming from one item (our Adventurer bedroll)
  • cutting costs: we have a great relationship with our UK supplier, but also have contacts in China who can produce in larger quantities for a far lower cost price


What Buyers Like

Age. Price. Brand. And clear upside. Strong brand equity built over many years in the market is a strong motivating factor for buyers to acquire this business. As well as the devout customer base. In addition, the business has been significantly under-resourced in recent years, so there is some immediate upside for a new buyer.

If you would like to learn more about this listing, visit the listing page for more information here.